Zebra Print High Heel Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

The Perfect Cake For A Diva Glam Party!

The Perfect Cake For A Diva Glam Party!

The high heel is made from gum paste then painted. The swirls are made from metal decorative wire. Cake is fondant covered then hand painted with zebra strips.

This is a great cake for a diva or fashionista party. Let the diva in your life express her fashion sense and style with unique decorations for this party. Perhaps you can make your party colors to be black and turquoise, which would be very dramatic.

Another idea is to hire some beauty school students and have them do makeovers on your guests--hair, nails, facials--the works. Then perhaps they could all dress up, take some glamour shots, and go out for a nice dinner. Then come home and enjoy the High Heel birthday cake.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

If you’re looking for teen party ideas for a teen girl, a makeover themed party is sure to be a big hit with your daughter and all of her friends. As suggested by Mae-Lan, black and turquoise would definitely be wonderful party colors for a makeover or fashionista themed party. Another option would be hot pink and black. Choose your color scheme based on your teen’s color preferences. Zebra print party decorations are fairly easy to find, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding great decorations to make the party venue look incredible.


The high heel cake submitted by Mae-Lan is a perfect cake idea to go along with a makeover theme. What a fabulous cake and a lovely contrast in colors!

If you aren't up to making this type of cake yourself, here's an idea that you can use to make your own high heel cake that won't require near the skill or time that Mae-Lan's cake did. Start by making a rectangle cake and covering it with frosting or fondant. Download a picture of a high heel to use for creating a template. Cut the high heel shape out of turquoise fondant and place it on the center of the cake. In the alternative, you could pipe out the shoe shape directly onto the cake and fill it in with turquoise icing, sprinkle a bit of edible turquoise glitter onto the shoe, and lightly sprinkle black, white and turquoise edible confetti onto the cake top.


One of the best teen party ideas for a makeover party is to create various makeover stations around the party area where girls can enjoy being made over. If you decided not to go with hiring some beauty school students as Mae-Lan suggested, have the girls make each other over or have some experienced adults on hand to help with makeup, hair and nails. For a makeup station, you’ll need to have different shades of blush, eyeshadow and mascara. Have the girls bring their own foundation, since it would be hard to find the right foundation for every skin type.

For the hair station, you’ll need a blow dryer, curling iron, hair straightener and other hair supplies. You can also have a nail station where girls can choose from various polishes for their fingers and toes.

Of course, don’t let that high heel cake go to waste. At some point during the makeovers, make sure your teen guests take time to enjoy some refreshments.

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