Write Amigo/Amiga Game

Cinco de Mayo Party Game Idea

Cinco de Mayo Party Game Idea

Have all your guests get in a circle and then write something about the person to their right, fold up the paper and put all the papers in a bag and mix them up.

Then pass the bag around so everyone can pull out a slip of paper leaving it folded.

Then everyone takes turns reading what their slip of paper says and all the guests try to guess who the comments are about.

The winner is whoever is the fastest to say that person's name with amiga or amigo according to sex, and correctly identify the person the slip of paper refers to.

This Cinco de Mayo party game idea is so much fun and you can add to this fun "Write Amigo Amiga Game" by using a vibrant sombrero instead of a bag to place all the papers in. Usually you can find festive sombreros at a local party or online store.

If you decide to use this game for younger kids, it is important to start with a few ground rules. First, make sure that the kids are instructed to only write nice things about people on the paper. You don’t want to end up with someone reading a slip of paper that says, “they have a big nose.” No one should have to worry about being embarrassed with this game, so focus your guests’ attention on writing something positive and nice about the person on their right.

Keep track of who wins each time a slip of paper is read. At the end of the game, award a nice prize to the guest who had the most correct guesses. For prize ideas, consider giving the sombrero used as a prize. Another fun idea is to give a nice box of Mexican candy as a prize to the winner.

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