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If your little one is about to celebrate his or her first birthday, a Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party would be an adorable 1st birthday choice. Of course you will want to incorporate a little bit of game time to entertain all of your little Pooh guests.

I have put together several games that are great for toddlers and keep the focus on your Winnie The Pooh birthday party theme. They are perfect great for young kids, as they are all geared toward these small learners. Some of the games focus on eye-hand coordination and others allow for parent-child interaction. So, if you have decided to have a fun Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday Party, here are some exciting games and activities to check out:


ROO ROO POOH GAME – This is a fun twist on the old favorite, “Duck, Duck, Goose.” Kids are going to have fun working off their energy with this game. Start by having all your guests sit down in a large circle. Let the birthday child start the game, walking around tapping each guest saying “Roo.” When the birthday child taps someone and says “Pooh” that person has to stand up and start chasing the birthday child all around the circle of kids. The goal is for the birthday child to get around to the person’s empty seat and sit down without being tagged. If the child isn’t tagged, then the person who was “Pooh” starts the game all over again.

HONEY POT TOSS – Take a big planter and paint it to look like a honey pot. Then, you’ll need some stuffed toy bees that will be used to toss at the pot. Make sure that the planter you choose is pretty big to make it easier for all the kids to get some bees in the pot. Give each child a chance to toss three bees into the honey pot. You can make three different lines to stand at when tossing, giving one point for bees that go in from the closest line and three points for bees that go in from the line that is furthest from the pot. See who can rack up the most points.

Winnie The Pooh Games

TIGGER BOUNCING MUSIC GAME – Kids have plenty of energy, so they’ll love this game. Play some fun music and when the music starts, have all the kids bounce around like Tigger. If they stop while they music is still playing, they are out of the game. Stop the music from time to time. Whenever the music stops, everyone has to stop bouncing. Anyone who continues to bounce is out of the game. The child left last wins the game.

WINNIE THE POOH PAWS #1 – You can either buy some hand print making kits which could get expensive, or opt to invest in a bit of plaster or clay and make "paw" prints of all your little guests. Parents, especially Mom, will certainly appreciate these little paws down the road as their little tykes grow up.

WINNIE THE POOH PAWS #2 – Using a smooth rock, make a Winnie the Pooh paw print onto the rock using black paint. The kids can dip a finger in paint and then put them on the rock. In the center, paint a circle in black for the pad of the paw.

Winnie The Pooh Games

POOH PINATA - It's never too early to introduce a pinata to the kids, just be sure it is a pull-string version for the little hands that will be tugging away trying to empty its contents. Instead of candy, why not opt to fill it with fruit snacks, mini cookies, and little child-safe favors.

PIN THE TAIL ON EEYORE - Get a poster of Eeyore and make enough tails as there are guests and put a piece of double-stick tape on the back of each one. There's no need to blindfold the little ones as they will be doing good to just get the tail onto Eeyore's body. Nonetheless, let them have fun trying to pin a tail on Mr. Eeyore's little bum. The child who pins their tail closest to Eeyore's rear wins.

Winnie The Pooh Games

BUBBLES – Using lots of bubble wands or bubble guns, put on a big bubble blowing show for all the kids. They’ll love watching the bubbles or trying to pop or catch the bubbles.

BOX RACE – Take some large boxes, they need to be big enough for the young ones to sit in, and decorate them. Paint with the colors you are using for the party, adding pictures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends to the sides. Add a pillow to every box to keep the kids comfortable. Put the little ones in the box, then have their parents start pushing them from the starting line to the finish line.

first birthday party gamesAdditional First Birthday Party Games - If you would like to check out some other games that aren't Winnie the Pooh specific, but are geared toward 1-year-olds, then here's a page to check out.

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