Winnie The Pooh Cake

by Tiago Amaral
(Costa da Caparica, Portugal)

Anyone For A Swim -- Honey Style?

Anyone For A Swim -- Honey Style?

The cake is a chocolate cake with a butter cream and fresh strawberry filling. It is covered with sugar paste and the Pooh characters are made out of modeling paste.

This is one of the funniest Winnie the Pooh birthday cakes I’ve seen. It just makes me giggle to see all the 100 Acre Wood characters having such a fun time in a jar of honey. Not only does this cake make me smile, but it makes me think of some other cute and funny Winnie the Pooh birthday ideas you can use at your party.

Do you remember the old Winnie the Pooh story when pooh gets the jar of honey stuck on his head? Why not use this for a cake idea. It would be so cute to make a birthday cake that featured pooh with his head stuck in the honey jar. Another cute idea would be to bake a round, double layer cake and use icing to decorate it as a pot of honey. Then you could use a 3D cake mold to make a Pooh-shaped cake, but only from the waist up. Then, use icing to secure the 3D Pooh to the top of the pot of honey. What do you have? Pooh sitting in his pot of honey! Hilarious and oh so cute.

Another fun idea for Winnie the Pooh birthday cakes is to put Pooh right in his element – in the 100 Acre Wood. Use a sheet cake for the bottom, decorating it to look like the 100 Acre Wood. Then, you can use a cake pan to bake your own 3D Pooh cake, adding him right on top of the big sheet cake decorated as the 100 Acre Wood. Keep in mind, you may need to add some wooden skewers to the 3D Pooh cake to keep him sitting upright on top of the sheet cake. While this cake will definitely take some work, it is sure to turn out amazing. If you try it, be sure to snap a picture and post it!

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