Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party

Fun And Fabulous Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Ideas
For A Pooh Perfect 1st Birthday Party!

If you are looking to plan a honey of a party for your Pooh-loving child's first birthday, then you have come to the right place. Let's hike on over to 100 Acre Wood and start the party planning process.

To help you bring that silly old bear to life, you will want to center the party's theme in all areas around that lovable Pooh bear. This means your invites should tell all your guests that 100 Acre Wood is the location of the party and that their presence is requested in appropriate Pooh attire. This will make for great group photos and set the stage for fun, fun, fun! To help you figure out what might work for your grand affair, I have put together numerous party ideas from the sending of the invitation to saying your good-byes, along with everything in between. Scroll along, peruse, pick and choose, and of course remember to take lots of pictures!


HONEY BEAR INVITATIONS – Purchase some of the small honey bears, which are bear shaped jars of honey. Then, make some small cards out of off-white colored card stock. On the front of the card write, “You’re Invited for a Hunny of a Time!” Then, on the back write, “It’d be sweet if you attended our Winnie the Pooh birthday party! Then, include all the party details below, including the location, date, time and contact information. Attach the card to the honey bear with some pretty ribbon. Hand deliver these honey bear invitations for a sweet invite that guests will appreciate.

STUFFED POOH CHARACTER INVITATIONS – Purchase some small stuffed Pooh character invitations, such as Pooh Bear, Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Rabbit or Owl. Using some cardstock, write the party information on one side and on the other side write “You’re Invited to Join Us for a Pooh Party in the Hundred Acre Wood!” Punch a hole in the card and tie to the Pooh character using some matching ribbon. Kids will enjoy playing with the toys as they await the big day for the party.

WINNIE THE POOH COLORING PAGE INVITATIONS – If you’re looking for fast, cheap and easy invitations for your Winnie the Pooh birthday party, consider making these cool Winnie the Pooh coloring page invitations. Find some free printable coloring pages on the internet. Print off enough pages so you can give one to each of your guests. Don’t color in the coloring page, but leave it blank for your young guests to color. On the back of the coloring page, write:

“Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too,
Will be at the party and we’re inviting you!>br> Come along and help celebrate (Name of Child)’s birthday, With fun, food and cool games to play!”
Include all the party information beneath this cute verse, including your contact info for RSVPs as well.

More Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Invitations

WINNIE THE POOH BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS - Cut card stock (8.5x11”) into 2 pieces and fold in half. Download some Winnie the Pooh characters onto a piece of cardstock or print them out separately and then glue them to the front of the card stock. On left side type or handwrite in calligraphy:

Option #1:
Let's have fun,
Cuz' I'm turning one.
Come be a part of my splendiferious birthday fun!

Option #2
Pooh & Tigger both agree,
The House at Pooh Corner is the place to be.
Come be a part of my splendiferious birthday fun!

Option #3
Winnie the Pooh & Tigger too,
Want to invite you to my debut.
I'm turning one,
So come have fun.

Type or hand write onto scrapbook paper all the party info and glue to the right side of the cardstock. Decorate the invite corners with Winnie the Pooh stickers.

RED BALLOON INVITES - Make your invite as noted above or below, and attach them to single red balloons and hand-deliver.

HONEY POT INVITES - Print out or copy a picture of a large honey pot and write on the front, "It Would Be So Sweet If You Will Celebrate My 1st B-Day With Me!" On the reverse, give everyone all the info about the party. Glue a small plastic spoon to the side of your honey pot. Put a sticker on the oval spoon and glue a small bow around the handle.

POOH BEAR INVITES - Make an invitation as noted above or below. Hole-punch the upper left-hand corner and string a ribbon through it. Tie it to a small stuffed or beanie type Pooh bear. You could also tie a small red balloon to the bear's wrist. Hand-deliver your invites.

WINNIE THE POOH BIRTHDAY PARTY PHOTO INVITATIONS - Take card stock (use 8.5x11”) and cut into 2 pieces, then fold in half. Take pictures of your little one wearing an adorable Winnie the Pooh costume. Cut it out with some decorative scissors, making sure it is just a little smaller than your card stock invite. Using double sided tape or glue, attach it to the invitation’s front. Put "Come To My Splendiferious 1st Birthday!" above the photo. Use pretty textured white paper, writing down the party information and gluing to the inside of the invite.


To make the party extra fun, it’s nice to have some costume items on hand for your little party guests. Have the supplies needed to turn your party guests into their favorite Winnie the Pooh character. You’ll simply need some face paint, plastic headbands, construction paper, tape and scissors. Here are some fun tips for transforming your young guests:

-- Piglet – Use face paint to give the child a pale pink face and a brilliant pink nose. Make pink pointy ears, attach them to the headband and allow the child to wear the ears headband for a perfect Piglet look.

-- Pooh – To create a cool pooh costume, use yellow face paint on the face and black face paint for the nose. Cut out Pooh ears from yellow construction paper and attach to the headband before placing the headband on the child.

-- Tigger – For Tigger, start with yellow face paint around the mouth and black for the nose. Then, add black and orange stripes to the rest of the face. Top with orange Tigger ears. You can turn your guests into other Winnie the Pooh Characters using the same ideas, such as Eeyore, Owl, Kanga or Roo.


  • To add a retro feel to your Winnie the Pooh birthday party, use cream, pale yellow and red for the party. These colors will help tie the party décor together and can be used for table settings, tablecloths, balloons, streamers and more.

  • Use a honey pot, or make your own honey jar from a gallon jug covered with yellow construction paper. Add flowers to the “honey pot” for a pretty centerpiece.

  • Place some Winnie the Pooh books around the party area to add to the décor. You may be able to find some vintage Winnie the Pooh books by heading to a used bookstore or a thrift store. They will add something special to the party and can be placed on tables around the party area. Your guests can even enjoy looking at the books during the party as well, or you could read one of the books to your guests.

  • Create a pretty red balloon walkway for all of your guests to walk through (or be carried through) when they arrive at the party. Use helium to fill a few red balloons and then use a string to tie them together. Then, place stakes along the walkway to the party and attach the string of balloons to the stakes.

  • If you are artistic, take a large piece of butcher paper and draw a lot of trees on the paper to make it look like a forest. After drawing the trees, paint the trees with green and brown. Place the “forest” on one of the walls of the party area. You could even write “100 Acre Forest” on the top of the “forest” using some red and yellow paint as well.

  • To add to the forest feel in the party area, add some fake birds’ nests and some fake leaves to the party area. You could even find some old branches outside to add to the party area, making it feel like you’re inside the 100 Acre Wood. Just keep small items out of the reach of the little ones so they don’t pose a choking hazard.

  • Make your own birthday banner. Cut a long piece of butcher paper into the length and size of a banner. Print out two different Winnie the Pooh scenes from the internet. Color them if they are black and white, or print out scenes with a color printer. Add one scene to each side of the banner. In the middle of the banner write in big letters, “Happy Birthday From Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too!”

More Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Decorations

  • Decorate some sturdy boxes to look like tree stumps and place them around the party area for guests to sit on. You could also find real stumps for guests to sit on at the party.

  • Use some die cuts of the Winnie the Pooh characters as confetti. Sprinkle them on the food tables to add some color to the tables.

  • Have some printed images of Winnie the Pooh characters enlarged so they are poster size. You can always color them in and then hang them on the walls of the party area. You could even place one on cardboard and make a stand so it stands upright, placing it outside of the party area at the entrance.

  • Use balloon clusters and streamers twisted together in Pooh colors to decorate walls and ceilings.

  • For wide walkways, put up sheets in Pooh colors, tying them back with pretty curling ribbons.

  • Make your own signs that say, "Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Oh, dearie, dearie, dear!", "That's Re-dikorus", "Think, Think, Think", "Silly Old Bear", It's so Much More Friendly With Two!", "Oh, Bother!", and "Tutt! Tutt! It Looks Like Rain".

  • Use red and white checkered tablecloths or other colors that go with the theme to cover the tables. Use a bit of curling ribbon to tie the corners of the tablecloths.

  • Add some party signs that say something like, "Welcome to Pooh Corner" or "Welcome to the 100 Acre Woods."

  • Tie Winnie the Pooh Mylar balloons the high chair of the birthday baby. Tie a helium-filled balloon to each of the high chairs of all the other baby guests.

  • Create a centerpiece by cutting off top of a clean 1/2 gallon milk carton. Cover with red and white checkered paper or solid red, yellow, blue, or green paper. Decorate with Winnie the Pooh stickers or download pictures of Winnie the Pooh characters and glue to sides. Fill with weighted bouquet of Mylar Winnie the Pooh balloons and colorful tissue paper.

  • Make paper bees from construction paper and hang from ceiling with curling ribbon or use fishing line if you want it to look like they are flying.

  • Make "Hunny" jars by painting round vase brown and painting yellow paint around rim and let it drip down sides to look like honey spilled over. Paint "HUNNY" in cream paint.


This page is paced with incredible Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Games and Activities which includes all of the following:

  • Roo, Roo PooH Game
  • Honey Pot Toss
  • Tigger Bouncing Music Game
  • Winnie The Pooh Paws #1
  • Winnie The Pooh Paws #2
  • Pooh Pinata
  • Pin The Tail On Eeyore
  • Bubbles
  • Box Race


Tigger & Pooh Wall Decorating Kit
HONEY TOAST – Make some toast and butter it, cutting each piece of toast into four triangles. Top each piece with a bit of honey for a tasty treat that goes along with your Winnie the Pooh birthday party theme.

RABBITS FRUIT AND VEGGIE TRAY – Rabbit always loves to grow fruits and veggies in his garden, so it’s a fun idea to make a fruit and veggie tray calling it, “Rabbit’s Fruit and Veggie Tray.” Add delicious fruits and veggies that can be eaten with the fingers, such as baby carrots, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, apple slices, pieces of broccoli, etc.

TIGGER TOTS – Bake up a batch of tasty tater tots in the oven (don’t fry them). Serve them up on a big platter with some ketchup on the side. Kids love tater tots and they’ll be extra special when you call them “Tigger Tots.”

HONEY DEW DRINK – For a fun drink that goes along with your Winnie the Pooh theme, serve up some tasty cream soda. Place it in sippy cups for your young guests or put it in cups with some silly straws. Call the drink “Honey Dew” to make it special.

FOREST FRENCH FRIES – Most young kids also enjoy eating French fries, so they make a great addition to any party menu. Make them go along with your theme by calling them “Forest French Fries.” Serve with some ketchup.

More Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Ideas For Food

TIGGER TAILS – Bake corn dogs in the oven according to the directions on the package. Use some dark blue food coloring gel to create stripes on the corndogs. The stripes will make the corn dogs look like a striped tiger tail. Serve them up and label them as “Tigger Tails.”

POOH BEAR BISCUITS – Start with some refrigerated biscuits that you bake in the oven. Place biscuits on the pan and then add eyes, mouth and nose with raisins. Bake the biscuits according to package directions in the oven. When you serve them, call them “Pooh Bear Biscuits” since they’ll have a Pooh face on them.

TEDDY GRAHAMS – Teddy grahams make the perfect snack food for your party. They are small bear graham crackers. Place them in a bowl and let your young guests enjoy munching on them.

WINNIE THE POOH JELL-O - Make red, blue, green, or yellow Jell-O in pans and add one extra envelope of gelatin to each pan to ensure that it holds together without a problem. When set, cut with Winnie the Pooh cookie cutters.

WINNIE THE POOH SANDWICHES - Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut with Winnie the Pooh characters with cookie cutters.

TIGGER-RIFFIC TREATS - Animal crackers, teddy grahams, Chex cereal, Honeycomb cereal, or Cheerios.


BEEHIVE POOH CAKE – A beehive cake is a perfect choice for your Winnie the Pooh birthday party. Purchase a beehive shaped cake pan and use it to bake a cake that looks like a beehive. Alternately, you could bake round cakes in a variety of different sizes, stacking them so they get smaller at the top. Decorate to look like a beehive and be sure to add some icing honey bees as well.

WINNIE THE POOH FACE CAKE – It’s easy to make a Pooh face cake by starting with a round cake and use two cupcakes to make Pooh’s ears. Start by using yellow frosting on everything, then draw in Pooh’s face using some black decorator icing.

HONEY POT CAKE – Make your own Honey Pot cake by baking three round cakes. Using icing, stack the layers, making sure you have enough icing to make them stick together. Use a knife to trim the top at an angle so it has the shape of a honey pot. Use blue icing on the cake’s sides to look like Pooh’s honey pot. Then, add yellow icing at the top to make it look like honey, allowing some to drip over the top and down the sides so it looks like honey is dripping down the pot. Using black icing, write “Pooh’s Hunny.”

WILTON POOH CAKE – You can make a gorgeous cake for your Winnie the Pooh birthday party by using the Winnie the Pooh Wilton pan. It looks best if you make a 13x9 sheet cake and then add the Wilton cake on top, giving the Wilton cake a great background. Follow the instructions for icing the Pooh cake and use white and red on the sheet cake for a great display.

WINNIE THE POOH SHEET CAKE - Make a white sheet cake and frost white. Add an edible sugar cake art image of Winnie the Pooh to make your cake look spectacular.

WINNIE THE POOH CUPCAKES - Make some white cupcakes and frost them with yellow, red, blue, or green frosting and add plastic Winnie the Pooh party pics.

If you would like to see some darling WINNIE THE POOH CAKE IDEAS, then click on over and check out these cake photos.


Create favor bags out of cellophane or use various colored paper bags and add a few Winnie the Pooh stickers for decoration. Fill them up with Winnie the Pooh stickers, puppets, bubbles, small stuffed animal, Play-Doh, or bath crayons. Paint "Hunny Pot" on empty baby food jars and fill with Teddy Grahams.

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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