Wild West Costume Ideas

by Joy Rollins

Cowboy Cutie!

Cowboy Cutie!

My son is fascinated with horses and basically all things western, so I decided to let him be a cowboy for Halloween.

The chaps and vest are made out of a faux suede fabric. I liked this because there was really no needle and thread sewing involved. I just cut the size for the chaps then frayed the sides. I tied some of the strands together to hold them into a pants shape. They are held onto his blue jeans by simply tying them into a belt loop.

The vest was made practically the same way except I added fringe to it by hot gluing an additional piece of suede on the top. The buttons and button loops are made from a hemp craft string that I braided together and then glued on.

I bought the cowboy hat, guns, and sheriff’s badge at retail store and the bandanna is from my husband’s drawer. This costume took very little time to make and turned out so adorable.

Reply: Great Costume Idea, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Joy's son is absolutely adorable; he certainly is a cowboy cutie! That sweet little face is full hope, promise and innocence, so here are a few ideas to help that little wild west wrangler have a great time at a cowboy party.

Start by capitalizing on the cow print by using black and white as the party colors and whenever possible use the infamous cow printed spots to accent the room.

  • Create bouquets of black and white balloons and throw in a few cow printed balloons to bring barren corners to life. Keep a bouquet on hand to accent a photo area.

  • Don't forget to hang a fun birthday banner on the wall and be sure to use a font that looks like the old west.

  • Place a few hay bales around the room for seating.

  • Create a pennant garland to hang around the perimeter of the room, to accent the top of a fence, string between trees, accent doors, windows and mantels, etc. You can make it out of cow print fabric or paper. If you want to bring a little color onto the scene, you could also opt for using red, white and blue printed fabrics or papers.

  • The cake is a perfect opportunity to bring the cow print to life. Make your child's favorite cake and cover it with either white frosting or fondant and then place black fondant cow spots on top. Top it off with fun star candles and a birthday message.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started creating your own cowboy atmosphere. Feel free to comment below and offer your two bits.

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