Wild Jungle Tag

by Amanda Davis
(Addison, Mi, United States)

I'm Going To Get You...!

I'm Going To Get You...!

This would be like regular tag. Someone would have to be it. When a child is tagged, they have to pretend to be a jungle animal like a monkey, lion, etc. The other children have to yell out what animal he or she is being. After that, the child can enter back into the game, but they are now it.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Wild jungle tag is a fabulous game idea for a jungle themed toddler birthday party. It’s sure to have all your little guests laughing and having a great time. This fun game gave me some more ideas you could try for fun games and activities to keep all your guests occupied.

What Animal Am I

Another exciting game to play is the Which Animal Am I game. Use several foam visors, gluing a picture of a jungle animal to each visor, making sure you use all different animals. Sit all the kids in a circle. Have one player wear a visor that has an animal on the front, but don’t let that child see what animal is on the visor. The rest of the kids have to make animal gestures and sounds to help that child guess what animal he or she is wearing.

Peanut Relay Race

A peanut relay race is another fun, easy games that toddlers can play at a jungle themed toddler birthday party. Have two tables that are about 15 feet apart. On one table, have two big bowls of peanuts. The other table should have two bowls on the table as well, but they should be empty. Break up the kids into two teams. Players on both of the teams have to grab a peanut, running to the other table to fill up their team’s bowl. The team that fills the bowl up first will win the game. Make sure you have plenty of peanuts on hand for this game. You can make it more complicated by having kids drop peanuts into cups on the ground.

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