Whipped Cream Fun & Other Cool Party Games!

by Amanda

Whip Cream & Gum = Double Yum!

Whip Cream & Gum = Double Yum!

First, everybody gets a partner. Then one person out of each pair goes in the other room and gets blindfolded by somebody. Then their partner puts a piece of bubble gum somewhere on a paper plate and fills the plate with whipped cream. Whoever finds the gum and blows a bubble first wins.

After, take pics and shove whipped cream in each other’s faces. :D

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Teen games involving whipped cream are sure to be awesome fun for all your guests. Most teens just love those messy games, especially the guys. If you need some more cool games for teens that won’t bring any eye rolls, I got to thinking of some more fun options to try.


One idea is to play the Freeze Dance game. You’ll need a nice playlist of party songs. Pick some peppy songs that are fun to dance to, asking your own teen for some helpful advice. Have someone control the music. When the music plays, everyone is supposed to dance, having fun and shaking it on the dance floor. As soon as the music stops, all the teens are supposed to freeze immediately. Those who do not freeze when the music stops are eliminated. Have an adult or two serve as your judges. The person who is last on the dance floor wins the game.


Another of the teen games that will have everyone laughing is the “Honey, Do You Love Me” game. Have all of your guests sit in a big circle. Then, choose a person to start the game by being “It.” That person will pick someone in the circle, go up to them, sit on their lap, and say, “Honey, if you love me, smile.” The person they chose has to respond to them, “Honey, I love you, but I just cannot smile.” Of course, they "CANNOT" smile or laugh when they say this.

If the person smiles or laughs, they are the next one to be “It” and the current "It" receives a point.

If the person doesn't smile or laugh, then they receive a point and the current "It" continues on to the next person in the circle and repeats the process.

If the person who is "It," is able to say his or her phrase to each person in the circle and not make anyone smile or laugh, when "It" gets back to his or her seat, the person on "It's" right shall become the new "It."

To make sure everyone gets a turn, have people work their way systematically around the circle rather than allowing them to jump from one person to the next at will. Whoever gets 25 points first wins; however, depending upon how many people are playing the game, you might need to increase the points to 50, 75 or 100.


If your natives are restless so to speak, a great way to burn off that excessive teen energy that never seems to run low is with a scavenger hunt. If you're fresh out of ideas, here's a bunch of options to get your creative juices flowing. Just click on the pic below!

Treasure Hunts at Riddleme.com
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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