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Fun And Fabulous Whale Party Ideas
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If you are looking to host a party for your little one's first birthday that is guaranteed to be a whale of fun, then you will certainly want to consider a whale birthday party. It's a perfect choice and it will make for an adorable 1st birthday party for either a girl or a boy.

Before I get into all of the ideas that I have for your youngster's whale party, I just want to give you a few party planning pointers. As you plan your "soiree" you will want to take into consideration certain factors when dealing with little ones. Sometimes in planning a party for younger children we tend to forget they do have their limits and need extra help and attention. As a friendly reminder from someone who may have let this little details slip their mind...

  • Take care when selecting the time that the party will be held, along with its length. Try to schedule it right after nap time so good dispositions come ready to party.

  • Be sure to select food that is appropriate for the age group. Also, make sure none of your guests have any food allergies.

  • Be sure you have sufficient assistance, especially if you're planning to invite lots of tots. You'll need those extra hands, especially during game time.

Now, on to the party ideas for creating a party with a whale theme. Aside from whales being a lot of fun to watch, they are also a very popular party theme for little ones. There are lots of fun options to consider incorporating and I have set forth some ideas for you to consider that will take you from the invites to the good-byes. Swim on over and check them out!


READY-MADE WHALE INVITATIONS - Whale invitations abound in all types of stores from party to grocery to gift. All you need to do is embellish them a bit with some glitter and googly eyes and they become a personalized one-of-kind invite.

GRAY WHALE INVITATIONS - If you prefer to make your own invites, it's easy using card stock in a grey color. Cut out a whale from the card stock and glue it to a bit of blue card stock that is cut into ocean waves. Then print on the front, “JOIN US FOR A WHALE OF FUN” and on the reverse side write out the details of the party. Once again, glitz them up a bit with some glitter and seal the envelope with a whale sticker.

Alternative: Cut the whales out of blue or pink and prepare the whale invitations as noted above. Just be sure when selecting your card stock colors that there is sufficient contrast between the blue whale and the blue water.

Whale Party Ideas For Whale Invitations

T-SHIRT INVITES - Either buy or have some t-shirts made that have a whale printed on the front. Then have the party details printed out on the back. This little invite will serve several purposes. It will be an attention-getting and unique invitation, a keepsake, an early party favor, and great for group pictures. Just be sure to request all your little guests wear their whale best!

WHALE INVITATIONS SCRAPBOOK STYLE - Using some cute scrapbook printed papers create your whale invitations. Start by cutting out a pink or blue whale and glue it to some ocean water printed scrapbook paper. Add a yellow sun, perhaps a little sailboat in the background, etc.


Finding a whale costume for a toddler might be a bit of a challenge. Perhaps your local costume shop might be of assistance.

Therefore, in the alternative you could of course roll up your sleeves and get to work if you know how to sew and enjoy the challenge of creating something out of nothing. Use the whale costume pictured ath the left as a guide.

To simplify this task, start with a long sleeve, hooded black sweatshirt and sweat pants. Cut out fin-shapes from black felt and sew them to the arms and pant legs as pictured above. Be sure to add a fin on the back. Then sew some white felt to the front of the shirt and pants.

Whale Party Ideas For Whale Costume

The easiest thing to do is to have everyone wear a whale-printed t-shirt. Hand these out as guests arrive and be sure to snap the photos before any food is served. You might also pop a whale-printed hat on each little mug right before the pictures are taken. Be sure to have plenty of extra helping hands available as this will take some doing to get everyone simultaneously adorned in their whale best.


Selecting and placing the decorations can be the best part of a party, especially when it comes to planning the party room and table transformations. Here are a few ideas that are sure to help you create an atmosphere that will be a swimmingly good time:

Whale Party Ideas For Whale Party Decorations

  • Begin by hanging a whale welcome banner across the front entry way with Mylar balloons attached at both ends.

  • Add some crepe paper streamers in ocean shades of blue and light green.

  • Open the door and greet your guests dressed like a fisherperson and ask them if they are ready to have a “whale of a good time.” Then escort them into the party room.

  • Set up an area for a helper to paint a little whale on each of the babies' face or hand. Be sure to use washable paint.

  • Fill the ceiling with floating blue and white balloons to create the look of the sky.

  • Accent corners with a bouquet of balloons, each containing a whale shaped Mylar balloon. Tie the balloons at different heights for added eye-appeal.

  • Add streamers hanging from the ceiling of varying lengths in shades of blue.

  • In the alternative, hang ocean blue and some green streamers of various lengths from the ceiling.

  • Weight the balloons with a small bean bag tied to the bottom of each of the bouquets.

  • Create a sea wall atmosphere by hanging a piece of ocean blue butcher paper on the wall. Glue or tape various fish onto the ocean. Two-sided tape works great. Be sure to have a few whales, perhaps some starfish, and other various shaped fish and seaweed in your scene.

  • Another option would be to hang a fishing net on the blue wall attached with removable hooks that are found in the hardware section of K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. Then attach some plastic fish to the net.

  • Collect as many pictures of sea animals as you can find. Cut them out and mount them onto card stock. Add a touch of glitter around the edges of each fish to accent and bring them to life. Punch a hole in the center of the picture and run thread through the hole and tie them to the netting. Place the pictures at random on the net. Also include pictures of items that might be found nearby on a beach.

  • Hang a whale party banner across the top of your sea wall with a group of 3 balloons green, blue and white at each end of the banner.

  • Place the party table against the wall and hang a whale piñata over the center of the table. Cover the table in a beige cloth to simulate a beach and sprinkle it with a light dusting of brown sugar {using a flour sifter} for an illusion of sand.

  • Create a candy island by arranging small plastic buckets in a circle. Place a whale sticker on the front of each bucket and fill them with Goldfish crackers, gummy worms, Swedish fish, candy rocks and whale kisses {Hershey kisses}. Toy shovels can be used as serving implements.

  • Distribute the candy rocks randomly on the table. Add some sea shells and streamers of ocean blue and white or green. Use whale pattern tableware, cups and napkins.

  • Use your birthday cake as the focal point. Set it in the center of the table and decorate around the cake with the sea shells and candy rocks.

  • Make tissue paper bows and embellish with whale stickers and pin to the corners of the table.


TREASURE HUNT - No party is complete without a treasure hunt. Purchase small bags of gold coins that are made of chocolate and wrapped in gold foil usually there are about 6 coins to a bag. Hide the coins individually and the hunt is on. Reward the hunters and their helpers with homemade whale shaped cookies.

BUBBLE FUN - After the hunt try a bubble blowing contest were the babies try to catch the bubbles before they burst. This is fun for both the little guests and their parent helper who blow the bubbles. Another version is to rent a bubble machine and have the babies chase the bubbles. That will produce a good deal of laughter and fun for all.

Whale Party Ideas For Games & Activities

GO FISHING - A fishing contest is only possible if you have an area that can be set up with a small wading pool. Place small squirt toys in a shallow filled pool. Have the guests scoop out a toy (using a large strainer] which they keep as their prize. Helpers will be needed on this one.

In the alternative, you can always opt for creating a fishing pole which could be fashioned from a sturdy stick or pole with string tied to it. As the each tot casts their line into the pool, a helper can quickly tie a prize to the end--the catch of the day.

WHALE PINATA - The final game before leaving for home would be the pull-string whale pinata filled with edible goodies which can be shared by all the guests.


WHALE-SHAPED SANDWICHES - Use a whale shaped cookie cutter to make your whale sandwiches. Fill them with cream cheese and jelly, chicken salad or tuna salad.

MAC & CHEESE - Mac and cheese topped with tiny bites of hot dogs will be a sure winner with your 1st birthday crowd.

WHALE OF FUN MUNCHIES - Goldfish crackers are a must along with string cheese, Teddy Grahams, and Animal Crackers.

Whale Party Ideas For Food

CUT-UP FRUIT - Remember to add fruit such as cut-up watermelon, strawberries seedless grapes and Mandarin orange slices.

COOKIES - Sugar cookies made in the shape of whales can be used as a cupcake decoration. Cover them with frosting and decorate with sprinkles, colored sugars, edible glitter, etc.

SEA JUICE - Serve apple juice, fruit juice or strawberry flavored milk.


WHALE CAKE #1 - For a quick and easy home baked cake use a Betty Crocker white cake mix baked into a sheet cake. Frost the cake light blue with a darker blue piping around the edges. Arrange an odd number of your decorated whale cookies on top of the cake. Outline the cookies with blue frosting and complete the cake with Happy 1st Birthday written through the center of the cake. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Whale Party Ideas For Whale Cake

WHALE CAKE #2 - Make your favorite cake in a rectangle pan. After the cake has cooled, cut it into the shape of a whale using a coloring book whale picture as a template. Frost it black and white, gray, or opt for blue and white, or pink and white. Pipe out a decorate edge around the cake, along with giving your whale a cute little face. Conclude with a birthday message.

READY-MADE WHALE CAKE - Looking for a real outstanding one of a kind cake that is very easy visit, then visit your favorite bakery and have one made to order.


Everyone likes to take home loot from a birthday party regardless of their age and 1 year olds are no different. High on the list are squirt toys, especially whales. Other items to consider are whale-shaped foil balloons, plush whales, inflatable whales, whale stickers, candy of all types, and whale printed party hats and t-shirts.

You could also make some whale-shaped cookies and bake them onto a stick. Then cover them with frosting and decorate with sprinkles, colored sugars, edible glitter, etc. Wrap them in colored cellophane, add a whale sticker, and tie them off with colorful curling ribbons.


Before your little party guests leave for home, be sure to take group pictures of everyone with and without the parents and helpers. Enclose copies of the pictures when you send out your thank you cards. This will be a nice memento for everyone to have of the party.

As your guests leave, pull down the Mylar whale balloons that have been floating around the ceiling as an added favor gift and hand them out to the little tykes.

This will be a milestone in your child’s life, so you'll want to be sure to record the day and events in a memory book. This way you can both look back one day and explore that wonderful together time you shared on your baby’s first birthday.

YOUR Favorite Whale Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite whale party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your whale cakes and costumes.

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