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Fun And Fabulous Western Party Games
The Perfect Choice For A Wild, Wild West Party!

So I hear that you've decided to host a party that provides a heap load of fun and that a Western Party is the way that you plan on going. To help you make sure that your guests don't decide to run a country mile in the middle of your festivities, you'll need to plan activities and games that will keep your hayseed guests entertained so they don't leave the home front.

To throw a helping hand into the ring, I've created this page of games that all have a western theme that would complement your party nicely. So round up your adult friends and get ready to party western style. Use any or all of my games to help bring the wild, wild west to your home on the range for a great birthday party. Be sure to let everyone know that they are "wanted" for a chuck wagon load of fun!


HORSESHOES - Set up a horseshoe pit or two depending on space and number of guests.

WESTERN MOVIE CHARADES – Charades is always a party favorite and you will delight your guests by adding Western Movie Charades to your list of western party games to play. To play this exciting game, break your guests up into several teams. Before the party, write down a list of western movies on pieces of paper. Have one team pick a slip of paper and have them act out something from the western movie that they select. Then, the other teams have to try to guess the movie. The team that guesses the movie gets a point. However, if no teams can guess the movie, the team acting out the movie gets a point. Continue playing until all teams have several teams acting out the movies. Everyone will have a fabulous time, since this is a game that is sure to bring lots of laughs from your western party guests. Some great western movies that you can use for this game include the following:

- Django Unchained
- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
- High Noon
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
- True Grit
- Unforgiven
- Once Upon a Time in the West
- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
- Blazing Saddles
- Shanghai Noon
- The Horse Whisperer
- Appaloosa
- Tombstone
- The Lone Ranger
- Wild Wild West
- Texas Rangers
- American Outlaws
- The Magnificent Seven
- My Darling Clementine
- Stagecoach
- Red River
- The Searchers

Western Party Games

LASSO THE COW COMPETITION – Of course, when you think about the west, you probably think about cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and of course, lassos. This means that having a fun lasso competition is sure to be tons of fun for everyone at your western birthday party. Before the party, you can set up an area where guests can practice their lasso skills. You can get a cow dummy that cowboys use to practice lassoing, and you’ll also need a couple good lassos. Give guests time to practice throughout the party. Later in the party, you can start the competition. Each guest is given three tries to see if they can get the cow using the lasso. Each person is given a point for each time they lasso the cow during their three tries. The person with the most points will be declared the winner. Of course, you could end up with a tie. If you have a tie, doing a final, head-to-head round to see who wins.

WESTERN TV TRIVIA - Give all your guests paper and a pencil/pen. Then read the following western TV trivia questions. Give everyone a bit of time to write down their answers as you read each item. Whoever comes up with the most correct answers at the end of the game will wear the title of most knowledgeable about the Old West.

Western TV Trivia Questions

1. The longest running western of all time.

2. Who played Ben Cartwright?

3. In what year did Gunsmoke air?

4. What is the funniest western that ever ran on TV?

5. Who did the intro for the first Gunsmoke?

6. Who played Hoss?

7. In what year did Bonanza air?

8. Name the western that had a character named Paladin?

9. Who played Tonto?

10. Who played Little Joe?

11. Who played the part of Paladin?

12. What part did Clayton Moore and John Hart play?

13. Who played Maverick?

14. Who appeared in over 100 films?

15. Who starred in the Rifleman?

16. What is the theme song for The Lone Ranger?

17. Who played Matt Dillon?

18. Who is the only man inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame twice?

19. Two Secret Service agents worked for President Ulysses S. Grant on what show?

20. How many fan letters per month did Roy Rogers peak at receiving?

21. Who played Davy Crockett?

22. What was Roy Rogers' real name?

Western TV Trivia Answers

1. Gunsmoke

2. Lorne Greene

3. 1955

4. F-Troop

5. John Wayne

6. Dan Blocker

7. 1959

8. Have Gun Will Travel

9. Jay Silverheels

10. Michael Landon

11. Richard Boone

12. The Lone Ranger

13. James Garner

14. Roy Rogers

15. Chuck Connors

16. William Tell Overture

17. James Arness

18. Roy Rogers

19. Wild, Wild West

20. 75,000

21. Fess Parker

22. Leonard Slye

Western Party Games

MECHANICAL BULL - Rent a mechanical bull to create some bucking good times and add to the western atmosphere.

WESTERN DANCE - Hire a caller and have him teach your guests simple square dancing, line dancing, or contra dancing moves. Then have him call out the moves during the music to lead your guests in organized dancing.

Western Party Games

SACK RACES - Divide guests into teams; give each team a burlap sack. Players race to designated point in sack and return to their team, and pass off sack to their next teammate. The first team to finish wins.

SQUIRT GUN SHARP SHOOTING - Set-up empty plastic bottles on a fence or table. Take turns shooting the bottles off for points.

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