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If you are interested in creating Western Firefly theme costumes, it is quite likely that you are a fan of the American television series, “Firefly”.

Western Firefly Theme Costume – Create Your Own Costume From The Space Western TV Series

The story line of the space western drama is set in 2517, immediately after people arrive within a star system that is new to them. It documents the adventures and stories of the crew that is aboard a spaceship called, “Serenity”. This ship is considered to be a “Firefly-Class” unit. There are a total of nine characters that live on this ship, and each of them sees things in their own way.

Since the show, “Firefly” first aired on television in the year 2002, it has had nearly 5 million viewers. After just eleven episodes were shown to the public, the show was cancelled. However, it continues to have a huge following, based on DVD sales, support campaigns, and the release to the corresponding movie called, “Serenity”. The franchise associated with the original western, “Firefly”, has expanded immensely from the television series into various other types of media, such as comics. In addition to this, it has been transformed into a popular role-playing game.

If you are interested in coming up with Western Firefly theme costumes, you should search through the pictures that we have posted on this page. Each of them shows unique ways to create the various types of attire worn by the actors and actresses within the television series.


firefly costume images
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firefly costume images
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firefly costume images
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firefly costume images
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firefly costume images
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firefly costume images
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In creating western Firefly costumes, you may also search these forms of media that the original television series expanded into in order to experience more inspiration on developing your ideas. If you still need a little assistance, we have included instructions below that are sure to help you in creating your costume:

Instructions for a Simple “Doctor Simon” Costume from “Firefly”

Items Needed:
  • White Dress Shirt with Collar
  • Gold Button up Vest
  • Black Dress Pants
  • Black Shoes
  • Hair Mousse

Step 1: First, put on the long-sleeve white dress shirt with a collar and tuck it in the pants. Which, you should put on, as well.

Step 2: Put on the gold vest and button it up.

Step 3: Next, put on the shoes.

Step 4: Use the hair mousse in order to fix your hair like Doctor Simon does on the series, “Firefly”.

If you use the above instructions, you will find that it is simple to create western Firefly costumes. The easiest method is simply to take the character that you like the most, study their habits, and study their attire. In doing so, you will be able to put together clothing and fabric pieces, as well as accessories that will help you transform yourself into that character.

If you create western Firefly costumes, we would absolutely love to see your pictures, and hear how you created the costumes. Please take the time to upload your pictures and/or instructions of your western Firefly costumes through our submission form today!

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