Western Firefly Costume - The Weapon Costume

by Kyra S.
(Anchorage, AK)

River Tam: The Weapon Costume

River Tam: The Weapon Costume

I love the sci-fi Western Firefly, tragically canceled by FOX way too early, and the movie Serenity that functions as essentially a sequel to it. River Tam, the damaged young girl who also happens to be psychic and God knows what else, ends up being triggered in the movie and unleashing an impressive display of martial arts that ends with everyone in the room incapacitated except her; later, she manages to take control of this ability to wipe out a horde of Reavers determined to kill her friends.

I decided to dress as River for a local anime convention this year, with the idea that since there are now Firefly comics it totally counted to dress as her. The outfit was pretty simple--I'd already found some giant black combat boots at Value Village a couple years ago, and I had a brown mesh shrug that was somewhat similar to what River wore during her original trigger scene. The dress I also found at Value Village; it was a bit too big, but safety pins fixed that. Overall it's a decent approximation of River's outfit. I completed it with a Halloween weapon I'd picked up cheap after the holiday last year, similar to one River uses to take out the Reavers.

Reply: Great Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This is a great costume that Kyra create and now all she needs is a party to go to. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Since the TV series took place in the year 2517, you could create a futuristic setting for your party. Adding fun lighting with the use of colored strobe or laser lights, along with a fog machine will certainly add to the atmosphere.

You can also add fabric or gossamer to the walls to create the outer space look. For a little for party pizzazz, you could use glow-in-the-dark fabrics, which would certainly create a truly cool look, especially with special lighting. If you're up to the task, cover your ceiling with the fabric also to give the entire party room a real Western Firefly face lift.

Hang glow in the dark stars and moon shapes from the ceiling using fishing line.

You'll want to be sure to serve up a Firefly Serenity cake, aka a spaceship-shaped cake. You'll want to make it silver in color. You can download a picture of it so you can create a template for its shape and use the image to assist in your design.

If you have a few ideas to help create this futuristic party atmosphere, be sure to add a comment so our readers can take advantage of your brilliance!

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