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Western birthday cakes are very popular with those who have an appreciation for elements of the Wild West like cowboys, the desert, horses, wagons, guitars and more. If you are searching for innovative ways to create a birthday cake that has a western twist to it, you are sure to benefit from exploring the information on this page. If you scroll down the page, you'll soon discover all the western theme cakes that I've posted on the page.

Western Cakes – Creating a Western-Themed Boot Cake

If you have decided that you do indeed want to make a cake with a western theme, then take a look at the following pictures. You will see that you can create cakes that look like those that we have shared, or you may elect to take certain aspects of the designs that you see here and combine them to create your own unique cake! The choice is yours!


western cakes images
Photo courtesy of: CakeFreak


western cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Leckie Anne


western cakes
Photo courtesy of: Emily Jones


western cakes
Photo courtesy of: Wilton


western cakes
Photo courtesy of: Wilton


In looking at all the pics of western cakes, you likely experienced the inspiration that you needed in order to come up with some for creating your own western-themed birthday cake. One of our favorite types of western cakes is a boot cake. While we do have pictures posted of this type of cake, we want to include a set of simple instructions that will permit you to make this birthday treat with a great deal of ease:

Instructions on Creating a Western-Themed Boot Cake

Items Needed:

  • Boot Cake Pan by Wilton
  • White Cake Mix
  • Yellow Cake Icing
  • Chocolate Cake Icing
  • Black Gel Paste
  • Flat Desert Cake Toppers (Cactus, etc)

Step 1: Make up the batter using the white cake mix.

Step 2: Prepare the boot cake pan in accordance with the cake box instructions.

Step 3: Bake the cake and once it has cooled, ice the round section with yellow icing and place the flat desert cake toppers in the circle region of the cake.

Step 4: Separate the chocolate icing into two bowls. In the first, add black gel paste to create a dark colored icing for the bottom of the boot design and for the inside design of the boot. The remaining chocolate cake icing in the second bowl should be used to color the rest of the boot.

Creating a cake with a western theme can be a fun and the resulting creation will surely enhance the look and the appeal of a western birthday party. Now that you have seen some pictures of these types of cakes and have some instructions to work with, the time has arrived for you to make your western birthday cake! Of course we would all like to see your pictures of the creation process and what the completed cake looks like, so pull out that phone or camera and start snapping lots of shots! Once everything is a lovely memory of the past, I'd appreciate you coming back to our page and uploading all of your pictures, along with any info you might want to impart to our readers using our simple submission form!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Western Cakes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade western cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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