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And You Thought Eggs Were Only For Eating!

And You Thought Eggs Were Only For Eating!

If you know how to play Simon Says you can play Water Simon Says. All you need is a hose or some water balloons. To play the game you need at least three people. One person has to be Water Simon Says and if the other people move when you don't say Water Simon Says, you spray them with water or hit them with a balloon; either way they are out and the last person standing is the winner and gets to be Water Simon Says next.

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Teens just love getting wet and getting each other wet, so this is one of the teen games that is sure to be a hit at your party. Another of the simple games for teens that allows everyone to get wet is the good old game, Balloon Toss. It’s a classic, but teens still love it. Get plenty of balloons for the occasion. Fill them up with water and tie them off, placing them in buckets out of the sun before the party. Break up the teens into two teams. Each team gets the same amount of balloons. Then, play the game like dodge ball. See who can dodge the water balloons the best. The team that is driest at the end of the game wins. Of course, all the teens are going to think they won after this hilarious, water filled game.


The old egg toss game is another of the fun teen games that are messy, which means teens will love it as well. You’ll need plenty of eggs for this game. Divide your crew into pairs. Have each pair start out at only 3 feet away from each other, tossing the egg back and forth without breaking it. If the egg breaks, they are out. If they toss it and it doesn’t break, they back up a foot and continue tossing. See who can get the furthest away from their teammate without breaking the egg.


Prior to the party, write down one word on index cards that is a common word that is found in popular songs that your guests will know. For example, heart, broken, reason, hold, dark, etc. When it's time to play the game, you can split everyone into teams or make it every man for himself. Start by flipping over a card and whoever can think of a song that has that word in it, shall receive one point. To make it more fun/interesting, you could require that person who names the tune, to sing a portion of the son that uses that particular word.


After everyone is "sung-out" from playing "Sing On", you could send them out for a scavenger hunt. Here's a fun site that has almost unlimited options for scavenger hunts.

Treasure Hunts at Riddleme.com
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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