Valentine Party Game Ideas To Make Your Guests Coo With Delight!

Fun And Fabulous Valentine Party Game Ideas
For A Heartfelt Good Ole' Time!

Whether you are hosting a Valentine Birthday Or Valentine Theme Party, the bottom line is that you are having a party and that means that you need to be sure to have plenty of games!

To help you figure out what you might like to include, I have created this page of Valentine game ideas that would be suitable for any Valentine-related party. A quick review will reveal that these games are just what cupid ordered. They are sure to be a hit with not only love birdies, but also great for friends and family to play.

SHOE GAME - Tthis game will reveal whether your partner pays attention to what you are wearing, namely your shoes. All the women will remove both of their shoes and place the right shoe in the center of the floor and hide their other one out of view of their partner. Then the men will search through the shoes and attempt to find their partner's shoe. Whoever does so first shall be the winners.

Valentine party Game Ideas

MATCH MAKER - Cut out a construction paper a bunch of small hearts. Write on each heart half of a famous pair. For example, Romeo on one heart and Juliet on another heart. You can also use famous pairs of food like, peanut butter on one heart and jelly on another heart. Have each of your guests draw a heart and on "Go" everyone tries to find their match. Whoever finds their match first are the winners.

FEED ME - All the men will sit on one side of a table and the women on the other. The women will be blindfolded and have a small bowl of pudding, along with a baby spoon. The object of the game is for the women to feed their partners the pudding while blindfolded. The men must keep their heads steady and are only allowed to speak directions to their partner in an attempt to help them know where to direct the spoon. Whoever finishes their pudding first will be the winners.

Valentine party Game Ideas

VALENTINE BIRTHDAY SCRAMBLE - Give your guests five minutes to come up with various words using "Valentine Birthday". Whoever comes up with the most in the allotted time, shall be the winner.

ROMANTIC CHARADES - This game is played like regular Charades except all of the options will be Valentine's Day related. For example, going with romantic movies is a great way to get the ball rolling. To get you started, here are a few movies that you might want to include:
  • The Wedding Planner
  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
  • The Princess Bride
  • When A Man Loves A Woman
  • The Notebook
  • On Golden Pond
  • Top Gun
  • Save The Last Dance
  • Message In A Bottle
  • Prelude To A Kiss
  • while You Were Sleeping
  • You've Got Mail
  • Sleepless In Seattle

Valentine party Game Ideas

CHOCOLATE HEART HUNT - Hide foil-wrapped chocolate hearts in a wading pool filled with pink, red, and white shred. Then let your little ones cut loose. Whatever they find, they keep.

PASS THE VALENTINE - Place a prize in a small box and wrap it up in red, pink, or Valentine paper. Then place the prize box into a slightly larger box and wrap it up. Continue doing this several times. have all of your guests sit in a circle and pass the box around the circle while music plays in the background. When the music stops, whoever is holding the box shall then unwrap one layer of paper and remove the next smaller box from inside. The game continues and the kids pass the box around until they get to the prize box. Whoever ends up unwrapping the box that contains the prize, is the winner and gets to keep the prize.

Valentine party Game Ideas

SHOOTING HEARTS - Hang five different sized heart shapes cut from posterboard or foam-backed posterboard. Hole-punch at the top center and run a piece of string through the hole. If you have a long tree branch, hang the hearts off the branch. If not, attach them to a long board and hang the board off a tree branch or create a tall saw horse to hang the board on. Each heart will have a 1-5 point value. Each player will throw 5 balls and try to achieve as many points possible. Whoever has the most points shall be the winner.

HEART RELAY - Prior to the party, create two sets of red and pink hearts from construction paper. Write action words on each heart. Examples: walk, run, skip, hop, crawl, jump, walk backwards, jog, cartwheel, etc. At party time, divide the kids into two teams and give each team a stack of red or pink hearts. On "Go", the first player from each team grabs a heart from their pile, proceeds to do whatever the heart tells them to do all the way to the finish line, and then runs back to their teammates. The game continues and whichever team gets through all of their teammates first are the winners.

Valentine party Game Ideas

HEART BEAN BAG TOSS - Cut a large red heart out of red posterboard and place a large "X" in the center. To create three bean bags, cut six heart shapes out of red felt. Then sew around the edges leaving a small opening, fill with beans or split peas, and sew up the opening. Line the kids up an appropriate distance for their age from the heart and give them each three chances to toss bean bags and hit the target. Each hit gets a point. Play until someone reaches 5-10 points and that person shall be the winner.

HEART TARGET - Create a large, heart-shaped target by starting with a piece of pink posterboard. Then make a smaller heart-shape inside of the large heart using a red marker. Then allow some of the pink posterboard to show through to create the next heart. Alternate back and forth between using a red marker and the pink posterboard. Each section of the heart target will be worth various points. Use a suction-type bow and arrow.

Valentine party Game Ideas

MUSICAL HEARTS - Cut out large pink, red, and white hearts from felt (one less then the number of children you plan on having) and lay them on the ground in a circle. As music plays in the background, have the kids circle the hearts. When the music stops, everyone must find a heart to stand upon and whoever fails to get onto a heart is out. The game continues until only one person remains, who shall then be the winner.

STACKING SWEETHEARTS - Divide your guests into two teams and give each team an equal number of Sweetheart candies. On "Go", the first player of each team tries to stack the most Sweethearts in allotted time (30-60 seconds). Whichever teammate stacks the most, gets a point. Game continues until everyone has had a turn. Whichever team has the most points, shall be the winners.

Valentine party Game Ideas

HEART HUNT - Prior to the party hide red and pink hearts throughout the house or yard and have the kids go on a heart hunt. Whoever ends up with the most hearts, shall be the winner.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Print and play party games would be a perfect add-on to your Valentine birthday party. Here's an entire page with nothing but a wonderful batch of Printable Valentine Games to also consider.

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