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by Erica

Too Pretty To Stay All Wrapped Up

Too Pretty To Stay All Wrapped Up

1. Make sure you have lots of newspaper, wrapping paper, and any other paper that is handy.

2. A box
3. A cheap prize
4. Music

Now put your prize in the box then wrap it up many times. Put your kids in a circle. Then put on the music and have the kids pass the gift around the circle. When the music stops, the kid with the gift in their hand unwraps ONE LAYER of paper. Then the music starts again and the kids keep passing the gift around. Keep doing this until the gift is unwrapped and the kid who ultimately unwraps the gift gets to keep it.

Erica submitted one of the coolest, inexpensive kid party game ideas I’ve seen. Kids just love tearing off wrapping paper, so they are sure to enjoy playing this exciting game. If you have a lot of kids at the party, you may want to make the game even more interesting for the kids by using two gifts. Both gifts can be passed around, which means that two of the kids will end up with a prize at the end of the game. More gifts is sure to equal more fun in the eyes of kids.

Another idea to try if you’re looking for cool games for 5 year olds is to play a version of musical chairs. However, instead of using actual chairs, consider using beanbags. If you have several kid size bean bags around or you can borrow some more from your other moms, this game is sure to be a blast. The great thing about it is that the bean bag chairs are nice and soft. If kids are scrambling for a seat, the bean bag chairs offer more cushioning than regular chairs. After the game is over, you can always keep the bean bag chairs out so the kids have chairs their size to sit in while enjoying the party.

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