Two Pool Party Games

by Sarah Jennings
(San Diego, CA)

Climb Aboard For Fun In The Sun!

Climb Aboard For Fun In The Sun!

We recently had a swim party for the kids and the two pool party games that they liked best are:

Wet T-Shirt

Divide the kids into two teams and give each team a t-shirt. When the whistle is blown, the first player from each team has to put on the T-shirt and swim across the pool and then back to their teammates, take off the T-shirt and give it to the next person in line, who then puts it on and repeats the process. The team who gets through all of their players first wins the T-shirt!

Musical Pool Floats

This game is played like Musical Chairs except it is played in the pool and you use tubes and floats. As the music plays everyone swims around the pool. When the music stops, everyone should grab a float or tube and sit upon it. The one who fails to get one is out of the game. Remove one of the floating devices for each round. The last person who remains in the pool is the winner and shall win a prize. :D

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Sarah submitted some great games that you can use if you’re throwing a teen pool party. Pool parties are tons of fun, but you want to make sure you have plenty of games to keep all that teen energy going in the right direction. These exciting games reminded me of a few more game ideas that you may want to try.

Pool Noodle Jousting

One idea is Pool Noodle Jousting. Have guests break up into teams. One teammate shall sit on the shoulders of the other, using a pool noodle as a “weapon.” The team faces off against another team, using the pool noodle as a jousting stick to try to knock each other off the “horse,” or the bottom player. The winner can then go up against the next team. See who comes out as the champion pool noodle jouster.

Fun Scavenger Hunt

Take a break from the pool and send your "drowned rats" out on a fun scavenger hunt. Create your own custom hunt in 60 seconds or opt to use one that's ready made. Click below to check it out!

Treasure Hunts at
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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