Two Fat Gorillas

by Susie V-S
(El Paso, TX)

This was made for a couple of brothers. According to the customer that ordered it, they are big hairy guys so they wanted two gorillas on it. The rest of the design was up to me.

It is and 8 inch round cake covered in green fondant. I made vines, leaves and bananas out of fondant as well and piped Happy birthday in buttercream. The gorillas were made out of fondant as well.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

If you’re throwing a monkey themed toddler birthday party, this cake would be a perfect choice to recreate for the party. It’s adorable and toddlers are sure to love the cake. If you need a few fun ideas for your monkey themed party, I have a few ideas that were inspired by the adorable monkey cake.

Monkey In The Middle

Keeping those toddlers busy is important, so you need to be sure to have some fun game options at the ready. One classic game to try for a monkey toddler birthday party is Monkey in the Middle. You’ll just need a rubber ball for this game. Break up the party guests into two teams, choosing one person to be the “Monkey” who will be in the middle. Have teams go on each side of the yard, placing the person who is It right in the middle of the two teams. The teams will then throw the ball back and forth, trying to keep it away from the one in the middle. If the “Monkey” catches the ball, the person who threw it goes into the middle.

Hungry Monkey Game

Another fun monkey themed game is the Hungry Monkey game. Cut a monkey head shape out of a large piece of foam-core or cardboard. Create a cone that goes in the area of the monkey’s mouth. Give each of the kids some peanuts that have been spray painted yellow to look like mini bananas. Then, have them stand about 10 feet away and try to toss the “bananas” into the mouth of the monkey. The child who gets the most “bananas” into the monkey’s mouth will win the game.

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