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For A Swimmingly Good Time--Dive Into Fun With Finding Nemo!

For A Swimmingly Good Time--Dive Into Fun With Finding Nemo!

Turn your TV screen into a beautiful aquarium with one of those Ocean Aquarium DVD's. It will instantly create a great underwater atmosphere for a Finding Nemo party or any other under the sea adventure.

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Finding Nemo is always an adorable theme for any toddler birthday party. What a fun idea to use an Ocean Aquarium DVD to make it seem like you have an incredible aquarium at your party. If you have a big screen TV--Wow! the kids will be mesmerized!

If you’re throwing a Finding Nemo birthday party, you're probably on the look for some fun ideas that will help to make your party a perfect success.


Of course you'll want to start with a fun invite and who better to make his debut and let everyone know about the party, but Mr. Nemo himself. Download a picture of this darling little clownfish and glue him to a piece of blue cardstock. for added interest, you can use decorative scissors to jazz up the edges. You can also accent Nemo with a bit of glitter if you find your invites are still calling fout for a little more fun!


If you’re trying to decide on some food options, using Squirt the turtle to create some cupcakes would be an adorable and tasty choice. In fact, you can make the cupcakes and then let your toddler guests decorate their turtles with candy. Gummy candies can be cut to shape to create turtle legs and the turtle’s head. Let kids eat the cupcakes at the party or pack them up in cupcake boxes for a fun favor.


When you’re decorating for the Finding Nemo toddler birthday party, have fun making the party area feel like it’s really under the sea. Hang up fish, jellyfish, turtles and other sea creatures to make it seem like they are swimming around the party. You can also hang a fish net on a large wall and attach some of your sea creatures to the net. This would create a great backdrop for photos. A Finding Nemo party banner will also really add to your main party wall as well.


For some fun games and activities, consider printing out some coloring pages that can be used as placemats. Place them at the tables so your young guests can have fun coloring their placemats while enjoying their snacks at the party. Put crayons in a small fishbowl so kids can grab them and use them. Another cute game is to let kids go fishing for prizes. Fill up a wooden tub or a bathtub and fill it with prizes. Use toy fishing poles and let each child take a turn fishing for a prize.

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