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If you have been blowing smoke about creating a great Train Birthday Party but have yet to figure out your games, then get ready to toot your own horn as I have lots of options from which you may select.

To help you create a fun-filled train theme party check out the following games and see if there is anything that will make the "Big O" happy. I think you will find that you will have all your little conductors hopping on board and celebrating in style!


MAKE A TRAIN #1 - Have enough empty shoeboxes as you have children. Punch a hole at each end of the box. Give each child a box and let them decorate their "train car" with paints, markers, buttons, stickers, pom poms, glitter, etc. While kids do another activity, have a birthday helper thread string or twine through the holes, tie a knot at each hole, and string all the cars together. Once this is done, the kids may then take turns pulling the train.

MAKE A TRAIN #2 - Cut out train shapes from construction paper ahead of time. Give a train car to each child to decorate. When they are done, glue the cars to a large piece of butcher paper and then have the kids draw train tracks, trees, grass areas, etc.

STATION MASTER SAYS - This game is played like "Simon Says..." except all requests consist of train-related actions. Birthday child, adult or older child starts by saying, "Station Master Says go choo-choo. The kids would then say "choo-choo" while making train-moving motions. If Station Master doesn't preface the request with "Station Master Says" and only says to choo-choo like a train, the players would not say "choo-choo" nor would they move like a train. Other requests could be whistle like a train; make a chuga-chuga sound like a train does when it pulls away from the station; screech your brakes like a train; say "All Aboarrrrrd!"; give the conductor your ticket, etc. It is the player's goal to stay in as long as possible.

TRAIN GAMES - TRAIN BIRTHDAY PARTY RACE - Get 4 moving-sized boxes. Cut tops and bottoms off the boxes. Paint and decorate them to look like train cars. Attach 2 boxes together with a piece of rope. Punch holes into each box and knot rope on inside.

Divide kids into pairs. 2 teams will race at one time. One child stands inside of each train car and the 2 teams race to the finish line and back to the starting gate. They then jump out of their boxes and the next team of 2 jumps in and the race continues until everyone from 1 team finishes.

The kids will quickly learn that they must work together as a team in order to succeed. They must run at the same speed and in step with one another.

TRAIN GAMES - COAL TOSS - Make a train "firebox" by sealing a cardboard box and cutting a hole in the center that is large enough to throw bean bags through. Make black bean bags (pieces of "coal") by cutting pieces of black felt, sewing two pieces together on three sides, fill 3/4 full with beans, and sew remaining side closed. Let kids take turns throwing bags into hole.

TRAIN GAMES - PIN THE CABOOSE ON THE TRAIN - Game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Make a train using various colors of poster board except for red. Attach to a wall. Make several red cabooses. Blindfold each child, spin them around, and have them try to pin the caboose onto the train. Use double stick tape. The child who gets the caboose closest to the end of the train wins.

TRAIN GAMES - FIND THE TRAIN - Attach various colors of yarn to toy trains. Hide the trains throughout the house winding the yarn around your furniture. Have all the ends of the yarn start in one location. Give each child a piece of yarn and tell them to follow their yarn to their prize. By using different colors of yarn, it is easier for each child to follow their piece of yarn and not get it confused with their neighbor's yarn.

TRAIN GAMES - RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT - Each of the kids are a train and the parent is the train engineer. The engineer has two large "lights" made from card stock. One is red and the other is green. all of the trains line up at the starting line. The train engineer holds up the green "light" and all of the trains move forward while mimicking train sounds and moves toward the engineer. When the engineer holds up the red "light", the trains must stop making train sounds and moving. If anyone moves forward or makes a sound, they must return to the starting line. the first train to reach the engineer wins.

TRAIN BIRTHDAY PARTY PINATA - Wrap bat with streamers and curling ribbons in party colors. Blindfold kids, spin them around, and let them take a hit or two at the pinata.

TRAIN BIRTHDAY PARTY ACTIVITY STATIONS - Set-up stations with an adult or teenager monitoring each station. Hang a sign by each station announcing the activity.

Station 1: Train Puzzles - Provide age-appropriate train puzzles that can be completed in the allotted time.

Station 2: Train Building - Provide Lego trains or wood-type trains for the kids to build.

Station 3: Train Coloring - Provide train coloring books with crayons and markers.

Station 4: Train Creations - Provide Play-Doh with tools and train-shaped cookie cutters and molds.

Station 5: Train Tattoo - Provide various train tattoos for the kids to select from. Provide washcloth and bowl of water for your helper to use for application purposes.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games that would be a perfect party game add-on: Printable Birthday Games

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