Train Cake Ideas That Are "Choo-Choo" Fun!

Fun And Fabulous Train Cake Ideas
All Aboard For "Choo-Choo" Much Fun!

Train birthday cakes will bring a new level of excitement to any birthday celebration. These cakes are perfectly suited for “foamers”, “train buffs” or that special youngster in your life who loves to play with trains.

Train Cakes – Bringing the Railway to Your Next Birthday Bash

These individuals – regardless of age – are those that have a true passion for watching, collecting, and even riding trains. In addition to this, they are fascinated by the railway. Trains often include many types of vehicles that are propelled on a railroad track that specialize in moving specific types of cargo, or even people. A main locomotive – which often induces a high level of appeal among enthusiasts – is the product that most often moves the entire system.

By scrolling below, you will find that we have posted many pictures of various train cakes that our readers have submitted. If you are searching for train cake ideas, we recommend that you spend a few moments reviewing each of these pictures for inspiration.


train cake ideas images
Photo courtesy of: Cakes By Mylene


train cake ideas images
Photo courtesy of: Elsharooni


train cake ideas images
Photo courtesy of: The Symmetric Swan Cakes


train cake ideas images
Photo courtesy of: Bassetts Farm


train cake ideas images
Photo courtesy of: Leah @ Flickr


As you can see from the images on this page, there are many creative ways to create a train birthday cake. You may create a single car cake or a multi-car cake that is three-dimensional in nature. You may use frosting sheets and cake toppers of trains and railroads. You may also use cake pans that are designed to create both one-dimensional and two-dimensional works of art. The choice is yours! However, it is important to consider your artistic abilities and your comfort level when it comes to cake decorating and design. If you are new to the task, you may benefit from utilizing the instructions that we have posted for you below:

Instructions on a Single Car Stand Up Train Cake

Items Needed:

  • Wilton “Choo Choo” Train Cake Pan
  • 6 Decorating Icing Bags
  • 6 #3 Decorating Tips
  • Small Cake Tray
  • 2 White Cake Mix Boxes
  • White, Black, Green, Orange, Red, and Blue Icing
  • Gold Fondant

Step 1: Make the cake batter and put it in the prepared Wilton “Choo Choo” train cake pan and bake.

Step 2: Cover the cake tray with gold fondant.

Step 3: Fill the decorating bags with the white, black, green, orange, red, and blue icing and color the cake based on the instructions on the cake pan kit, using the #3 cake decorating tips. These are also referred to as “Round Tips”.

Creating train cakes is a fun activity – regardless of age. Now that you have some train cake ideas, you may start on the task. As you work to create the birthday cake, be sure to jot down any steps that you took and the types of supplies that you used.

Once the cake is finished, take a couple of pictures for us. Then, come back here to our submission link and submit your images and instructions. If you would like to share stories about the birthday bash that the cake was presented at, you may do that, as well! In sharing your experiences, you will help our subscribers create their own magical memories!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Train Cakes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade train cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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