Tin Foil & Toilet Paper & Other Fun Games!

by TIffany

If you're looking' for some great games for teens, here's one that is always fun.

Split your guests into even teams. For each team, give them a bag that contains a roll of tin foil and toilet paper.

When the judge says GO, the teams will have a limited amount of time to choose one person to be the "model" in their group and everyone else on the team will make an outfit using only TIN FOIL AND TOILET PAPER!

The group with the best outfit wins!

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Playing this game is sure to have all your teens laughing and having a blast. You’ll be surprised at the creations your teen guests will come up with when using toilet paper and tin foil. After checking out this hilarious game, it inspired a few more ideas for teen games that you might want to consider. Check out this fun game; it involves candy and tons of fun.


One of the great games for teens to try is the game "I Never...". Have all of the guests sit in a big circle. Each guest should have 15-25 pieces of candy in their lap or in front of them. Start with one person in the circle, having them say something that they have never done. For example, “I’ve never eaten snails.” After one person makes an “I never” statement, anyone in the group that has actually done that thing has to eat a piece of their candy. Since they may be eating a lot of candy quickly, make it something they can eat fast, avoiding hard candy. M&Ms, gummy savers, gummy bears, Hershey kisses and similar candy options will work best for this game. Keep going around the circle until one person eats all of their candy. The person to eat their candy first will win the game.


Everyone is going to ultimately impersonate someone that (hopefully) everyone knows. Have your teens decide upon a celebrity, teacher, friend or sibling, or perhaps a parent that they want to impersonate and write that person's name on a slip of paper and put it in their pocket. As each person does their "stick", the others try to guess who they are impersonating. Whoever comes up with the right person first, receives a point. Once the right answer has been guessed, the impersonator will pull out their slip of paper to confirm the correct answer. At the end of the game whoever has the most points wins.


If you need a little time to yourself, you could send your troops out on a scavenger hunt. Teens love to go through the neighborhood hunting up things, and the best part is it can give you a little time in between activities to get set-up for the next fun event. To help you quickly pull together a fun hunt, click on the pic or link below to develop a scavenger hunt that ties into your theme.

Treasure Hunts at Riddleme.com
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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