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If you're throwing a Thomas The Tank Engine Birthday Party then you will want to be sure to plan lots of fun games and activities to keep all your little conductors smiling so you don't end up in the "hopper".

Hop on to the "hotshot" as it is now time to go full steam ahead. Don't lollygag or you might end up in some "Jerkwater" town. To help you create that fun-filled Thomas theme party, here are some dynamite games that will compliment your Thomas the Tank Engine party nicely:


FOLLOW THE ENGINEER GAME – Have all of the party guests line up in a line. Allow the birthday child to start as the leader of the line, naming the leader the “Engineer.” Turn on some fun Thomas tunes and have the birthday child be the leader, making everyone else follow where they go and how they move. This is a lot like follow the leader, but it has a fun train twist that goes perfectly with your Thomas the Train birthday party. Make sure you play this several times, giving several kids a chance to play the Engineer in the game.

MUSICAL TRAINS GAME – Print out some Thomas the Train coloring pages. Color them nicely and then laminate them. For the Musical Trains game, you’ll want to tape the trains pictures to the back of chairs that are set up in a circle. Have kids sit in the chairs to start the game. Start the music and remove one chair from the circle. When the music stops, kids have to sit in one of the “trains” you have created with the train pictures. The child who doesn’t get a train seat is out of the game. Keep taking away a “train” for each round until you only have one child left. The child left at the end wins the game.

Thomas The Train Games

THOMAS PHOTO AREA ACTIVITY – Set up a Thomas the Train photo area where all of the kids can have their photo taken. Use a big Thomas the Tank poster or other train posters for the backdrop. Take pictures using a digital camera. Then you can print them out during the party and place them in cute little frames to hand out as party favors at the end of the party. This is an activity and favor combined and kids are sure to love taking home a photo that will remind them of all the fun they had at the Thomas the Train party.

THOMAS THE TRAIN BIRTHDAY CARD COLORING ACTIVITY – Take construction paper and fold in half to create cards. Then, print out coloring pages online. Glue coloring pages to the front of the construction paper cards. When kids arrive at the party, have a table with plenty of crayons and colored pencils. Allow them to sit down and color a birthday card, that they can give to the birthday boy or girl later. It’s a fun way to get the party started and it allows the kids to make something special that they can give to the guest of honor.

Thomas The Train Games

HOT THOMAS THE TRAIN GAME – Get a plush Thomas the Tank train to use for this game. Then, have all of the kids sit in a circle. Play some fun music, such as music from the Thomas the Train show. When the music stops, have kids start passing around the Thomas the Train plush toy. Stop the music from time to time. When the music stops, the kid holding on to Thomas is out of the game. The last person left in the game wins the Thomas the Train plush toy.

THOMAS THE TRAIN BEAN BAG TOSS – Use a large cardboard box for this game. On the front of the box, draw a Thomas the train face. Cut out the eyes of Thomas, making sure that the holes are big enough for a bean bag to fit through. Set up the Thomas box. Have kids line up and give them each 4-5 bean bags. Allow them to try to throw their bean bags into the Thomas the Train. You can even assign points to different holes and keep track of the points as kids enjoy tossing around the bean bags.

ENGINE TO CABOOSE MESSAGE GAME – This is one of the most hilarious Thomas the Train games and kids are sure to love it. Start with all your party guests sitting in a circle on the floor. Starting with the birthday child, give a train message to the child, sending the message from the Engineer (the first child) to the Caboose (the child at the end of the circle). The child you whisper the message to has to whisper the message to the next person and the message continues to be passed around the circle. When the message finally arrives at the “caboose,” have that person say the message out loud. You’ll be surprised at the way the message changed along the way and everyone is sure to be laughing. Play several rounds of this game, since kids will find it entertaining.

Thomas The Train Games

TRAIN ENGINE OBSTACLE COURSE – Create your own Train Engine obstacle course. Make the course outside using hula hoops, hay bales and other obstacles that guests can have fun climbing over, going through or crawling under. See who can score the best time on the obstacle course. To make it harder, you could make kids go through holding the hand of a partner as if they were a train.

MAKE A CHOO CHOO TRAIN - Gather as many empty shoe boxes as you have children. Punch a hole at each end of each shoe box. Give each child a box to decorate to create their own "train car." Have available various paints, markers, glitter, tickers, buttons, pom poms, etc. for embellishing the cars. After the cars are dry, have a birthday helper tie all the boxes together to create the train. They can use string or twine to join the boxes by tying a knot through each hole. Once this is done, let the kids take turns pulling the train. They can also fill the cars with small stuffed animals.

TRAIN ACTIVITY STATIONS - Create various activity stations and have a teenager or adult monitor each station. At each station place a sign identifying its respective activity.

Station 1: Train Tattoo - Have available several different tattoos of trains and let each of the kids select one to have placed on their arm, hand, etc. Be sure to have a helper or two at the ready with a container of water and a washcloth to help achieve a great tattoo application.

Station 2: Creating Trains - Give everyone some Play-Doh and have them each make a train. You can also provide some molds and cookie cutters that are in the shape of trains.

Station 3: Train Coloring - Provide train coloring books with crayons and markers.

Station 4: Train Building - Provide Lego trains or wood-type trains for the kids to build.

Station 5: Train Puzzles - Provide age-appropriate train puzzles that can be completed in the allotted time.

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