Thomas the Tank Engine & Fat Controller

by Ria at Ria's Cakes
(Waterlooville, Hampshire)

One Terrific Thomas The Tank Cake!

One Terrific Thomas The Tank Cake!

The cake base consists of a vanilla sponge cake that has a vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam filling. Before I filled the cake, I cut it up into the train shape. Once I was satisfied with its shape, I then covered the "train" with sugarpaste. The Fat Controller was made from modelling paste a few days in advance to make sure it dries in time and was completely edible. The birthday boy (and his Mum) absolutely loved it!

Reply: Great Cake!--I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This Thomas the Train cake looks too incredible to think about cutting. With vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam inside, it was no doubt as tasty as it is beautiful. This delicious cake brought to mind some fun food ideas for your Thomas the Tank party.

A fun idea is to purchase some cookie cutters shaped like a train. Use them to cut cheese slices or sandwiches for your party. They can also be used to make some cutout cookies. Let kids help decorate the cookies and allow them to box up the cookies to take home as an edible party favor.

Another great food idea is to use some engineer hats as a bowl for snacks like popcorn, pretzels or chips. You could even make up a delicious train themed pasta salad, using rotelle pasta for the salad, since they look like cute wheels. Add plenty of train themed items to your food table, such as some toy train engines. You could even create train cars out of cardboard and use them as serving dishes.

Once the party is over, be sure to give some fun favors to all your guests to thank them for attending the party. Toy trains are a cute option. Plastic or wooden train whistles also make fun favors. Thomas the Train coloring books are also fun, as are Thomas stickers or tattoos. If you're pressed for time, you can even find pre-filled Thomas the Tank Engine party favor bags that will make your life a bit easier.

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