This Is Your Life Party - A Great Theme For A Milestone Birthday!

Fun And Fabulous This Is Your Life Party
A Nice Way To Honor That Special Someone In A Memorable Way!

Planning a This Is Your Life Theme Party is a wonderful idea for not only celebrating a milestone birthday, but also for celebrating the birthday of an older friend or family member. This type of party allows you to highlight some special events from the guest of honor's life by reuniting the those people in the honoree's life and bringing to his/or her remembrance those special events that took place over throughout their life.

As you begin planning the party, take inspiration from the This is Your Life television show, which actually started out as a radio show back in 1948. The show was known for presenting guests with a presentation of their past read by host Ralph Edwards. In addition, special friends, relatives and past people of significance in the honoree's life would speak out something to trigger a memory and the guest of honor would try to identify the person based upon the clue given and the sound of their voice.

For some help in being able to pull off this party theme, be sure to talk to friends and family members, who can assist you in coming up with the pictures, video and memories needed to make the party a huge success. Try to ensure the party, particularly the theme, is a surprise, which will make it extra special.


PERSONALIZED MASK INVITES – Get some photos of the guest of honor in different stages of their life. Have them enlarged to real face size and print them out. Glue the photos to pieces of cardboard and then cut the photos out. Glue to large paint sticks to make masks. On the back of the masks, write out all the party details. Be sure to let guests know that they should bring the masks to the party so they can put them over their face as they enter the party to surprise the guest of honor.

PHOTO ALBUM INVITATIONS – Another fun idea is to make invitations that are shaped like photo albums. Use cardstock in the color of your choice, making it look like a book on the outside. Across the front write “(Guest of Honor’s Last Name)’s Photo Album.” On the inside, include a couple photos of the guest at different times in their life. You could also ask guests to bring any fun photos they have of the guest of honor. Be sure to include all the party info on the inside of the photo album invites.

This Is Your Life Party Invitations

VINYL RECORD INVITATIONS – Find out the favorite song or band of the guest of honor. Then, using black cardstock, cut out large circles, making them look like vinyl records. On the front, write the name of the guest of honor’s favorite song or band. You could even include a picture of the band printed out from the web if you want. On the back, use some silver or gold glitter gel pens to write all the info for the party.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATION - Cut from a piece of high-quality, white card stock into 2 pieces. Secure an old school picture or baby picture of the honoree and glue copies to the top portion of the card stock. All the party details should be placed under the picture; you can use your calligraphy skills or opt for one of those fabulous computer fonts.

REMEMBER WHEN INVITATION - Select items that coincide with your honoree's past interests. For example, if he or she was a dancer, then attach a decorative piece of cardstock that contains all the party info to something that symbolizes that memory. For example, you could download some songs that they used to dance to and make a CD. If sports was their thing you could attach the invite to a sports ball or go all out an make a magazine cover invite commemorating that infamous sporting event that they hold near and dear to their heart.


If you're doing a traditional This is Your Life Party based upon the old television show, no costumes would be necessary. However, if the focus of the party is upon a certain era of the honoree's life, you could certainly invite everyone to dress up in a costume that coincides with that time period. Another idea would be for everyone to just plain dress up, after all it is a party!


Traditional party decorations should be used to make the party rooms festive and inviting. Select from the following ideas to create perfect This Is Your Life Party ambiance:
  • Create a timeline of your guest of honor’s life. Start with a long length of white butcher paper. Get pictures from the guest of honor’s life, starting back when they were born. Have friends and family members help you with the dates for the pictures. Get copies of pictures so you don’t damage the originals, then attach copies to the butcher paper in chronological order. Add dates next to the pictures and beneath the date, have friends and family members help you come up with a couple sentences about the picture. Not only will this look great at your party, but the guest of honor can take it home as a keepsake as well.

  • Make centerpieces to represent different decades of the honoree’s life. For example, if they were alive from the 1040s until the present, you could make a 1940’s centerpiece using things from that era. You could make centerpieces from other decades as well, making sure each centerpiece uses items from that specific era.

  • Go to a thrift sale and purchase old vinyl records of artists from the past. Hang the vinyl records from the ceiling around the party area to add to the décor. You can put the album covers up on the walls as well.

  • Create a large banner that says, “This is Your Life” and hang it somewhere prominent in the party area.

  • Find old books at a thrift store or at yard sales. Stack them in small stacks of 3-4 books. Place them around the room to add to the “vintage” feel of the party. You could even use a stack to help you create a nice centerpiece for your tables, stacking up three books and placing an old photo of the honoree in a nice frame on top of the stacked books.

  • Use vintage vases around the party area, filling them with your guest of honor’s favorite flowers to add to the overall décor.

This Is Your Life Party Decorations

  • If you can, find an old Victrola for the party. Place old records on it. It will add nice music and will look amazing at the party.

  • Make your own vintage looking posters. Start with cream cardstock. Dye pieces of the cardstock with tea to make them look old. After they dry, carefully burn the edges to make them look uneven and old. Add fun facts about the guest of honor to the posters and hang them up around the party.

  • Let your guests know the location of the party with a fun sign that says something like "The Party's This way" with an arrow pointing toward the house.

  • Create a special chair for the guest of honor. You can make it throne-like to accentuate the place of honor. One way to turn an ordinary chair into a throne would be to cover a tall piece of plywood with purple fabric and decorate it in a Queen/King For A Day style by gluing some jewels to it, along with a bit of glitter and sequins. Then affix it to the back of the chair. Cover a nice comfy cushion in the purple fabric and your throne is ready to go by attaching a piece of plywood to a chair. Cover with purple velvet or satin fabric. Decorate with jewels, sequins, glitter, etc.

  • Have guest of honor sit in a wheelchair or rocker and put a shawl around their shoulders and a plaid throw across their legs.

  • Hang either dark fabric or drapes to create an area to hide guests who are the blast from the past, from the honoree.

  • Have special pictures turned into poster-sized photos and decorate your most prominent party walls with them.

This Is Your Life Party Decorations

  • Designate an area for everyone to have their picture taken with the guest of honor. Make a fun backdrop for the photos; perhaps you can make it coincide with a time of remembrance in the honoree's life. This way you won't miss out on creating some new and wonderful memories for everyone to garner.

  • Dress up your party room in a colorful way by placing some vases of fresh flowers throughout. This will not only add to the visual appeal, but everyone's smeller will enjoy the "scentsational" aroma.

  • Jazz up your tables with some colorful tablecloths. If you want to give them a little extra oomph, then add an overlay of fabric that contrasts.

  • Place balloon bouquets with curling ribbons in party colors throughout party room.

  • Twist streamers in party colors throughout party rooms.

  • To party up your doorways hang a foil fringe curtain in your doorways.

  • Light up the room with lots of white Christmas lights.

  • Hang the net style of mini white lights onto your party walls and cover the light with sheer fabric. This will hide the wires, but allow the ambiance of lighting to shine through.

  • Transform your party room instantly by covering your party room walls with a fun backdrop. This will help you easily create a festive environment.

This Is Your Life Party Decorations

  • Intertwine white Christmas lights in plants and on stair railings.

  • Accent your table tops with a sprinkling of confetti in colors to accent and/or coincide with those used on your table and/or throughout the room.

  • Decorative paper lights are always a nice addition to a party. Hang them around the perimeter of the room or use them to accent specific things like a fireplace mantel for added party ambiance.

  • A fun and inexpensive way to decorate and engage the remember when concept is to use various photographs of the honoree that spans from the time they were born up to the present. Attach them to a clothesline with clothespins and hang the line around the entire room.

  • Leave disposable cameras around party room for guests to take pictures.

  • Place lighted candles and floating candles in party colors throughout party room.

  • Create signs and hang on the walls that say, "This Is Your Life", "Coming Soon...Blasts From Your Past", "Remember When...", "Coming Soon...Moldy-Oldies", etc.


This is a theme that cries out for everyone to enjoy playing some fun games. So, click on over to my This Is Your Life Party Games and Activities page and check them out. They're all geared toward this theme and are sure to be a hoot!

  • This Is Your Life
  • Remember When...Memory Book
  • Roast Your Honoree
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Memory Tape
  • This Is How I Honor You
  • Honoree Trivia
  • Wall Of Remembrance

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Parties and food go together like salt and pepper. They are so much a part of one another that I'm sure that you can't imagine hosting, let alone going to a party that would be void of food. In fact, part of the reason so many people remember a party is because of all the yummies that are served up. To help you select some A-1 party food options, be sure to check out the following ideas:

COCONUT SHRIMP AND DIP – Coconut shrimp are delicious and crunch, making an elegant, tasty dish to serve up at a this is your life party. You can make them yourself or buy them pre-made and simply bake them in the oven or fry them up in a fryer. Don’t forget a fruity and spicy dip for the shrimp, like an orange marmalade dip.

PIZZA - Small slices of various pizzas.

CHICKEN BREAST - Chicken breast strips with dipping sauces.

CHICKEN PARMESAN – If you want an elegant main dish that is easy to make for a crowd, make chicken parmesan for everyone to enjoy.

This Is Your Life Party Food Ideas

CHICKEN WINGS – Depending on the crowd your are serving, you can personalize chicken wings for a delicious appetizer. If your guests like hot foods, then go with hot chicken wings, such as traditional buffalo chicken wings. Of course, you can try other recipes for chicken wings as well if your guests don’t go for hot stuff. You could even make a couple different kinds of chicken wings for the this is your life party.

FRUIT KABOBS - Create colorful skewers of grapes, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and sliced bananas dipped in lemon juice. Then arrange them on a decorative bed of lettuce.

CHEESE & BREAD/CRACKER TRAY - Serve buttery crackers, sesame and onion flavored crackers, and mini slices of bread with soft and spreadable flavored cheese.

CAVIAR AND CRACKERS – If your guest of honor likes caviar, serve it up with crackers at your party. It’s a wonderfully elegant choice and you can find reasonably priced caviar that still tastes wonderful.


TASTY TACO SALAD BUFFET – Tacos are a universal favorite that all your guests probably like. It is easy to set up a tasty taco salad buffet, which takes all the fixings for tacos and turns it into a salad. Start with a base of tortilla chips, add various taco meats like shredded chicken or ground beef, top with lettuce for the salad and then add toppings like tomatoes, olives, cheeses, sour cream and salad dressings. The best part is that everyone can customize their salad to their own taste.

FINGER FOOD BUFFET – A finger food buffet is a perfect, easy way to please a large group of guests. Use favorite finger foods like stuffed cherry tomatoes, vegetable sticks, fruit trays, potato skins, home fries, chicken tenders and other finger food favorites. For desserts, you could serve up sweet finger foods like chocolate covered nuts, cookies or chocolate brownies.

FAVORITES FROM THE GRILL – To please your guests, consider making up favorites from the grill, including hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled sweet corn, grilled bratwursts and other favorites that taste great on the grill. If you have a particularly big crowd, ask to borrow a grill from a friend so you can have two grills going to grill up all the favorite dishes. Serve these dishes with fries, potato salad, macaroni salad and other favorite sides that go well with grilled foods.


CHOCOLATE FONDUE - Melt chocolate and have angel food cake cubes for dipping.

AGE COOKIES – Make sugar cookies, cutting them into round shapes. Decorate them in a color of icing that goes with your party colors. Then, write the age of the guest of honor (or their birth year) on each of the cookies.

SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE – Sparkling grape juice or sparkling cider will be the perfect, elegant drink solution for your party. It’s perfect for toasting too.


THIS IS YOUR LIFE BIRTHDAY SHEET CAKE - Start by dividing a sheet cake into sections and decorate each section with cake toppers and/or decorations depicting various events in the honoree's life. For example, a photo of the honoree's kids; honoree constructing dream home; cake topper of a police officer depicting honoree's profession, etc.

MEMORY CAKE - Take several photos of honoree, from birth to present that depict various ages or events, and have them put onto a cake.

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS CAKE - Think about what the honoree likes in life and create a cake in that shape. For example, if golfing is their favorite pass-time, then make a cake in two large bowls and frost them together to look like a golf ball. If they like guitar music, then make a cake in a guitar cake pan and decorate it accordingly.


Of course you'll want to bring your one-of-a-kind This Is Your Life party to a memorable close by sending your guests home with personalized favors to commemorate the celebration of your guest of honor. If you're scratching your head for ideas, here are a few to get you started:
  • Fill small glass jars with mints and attach a photo remembrance to them

  • One special favor idea is to send guests home with a small photo frame that includes a photo of the guest of honor posing with each guest.

  • Another idea is to make a CD of the guest of honor’s favorite tunes so guests can each have a copy.

  • A personalized frosted votive candle that includes a decorative, personalized design to commemorate the occasion, along with the name of the guest of honor and their birth date will be a fun memento to keep.

  • Personalized tin of mints, pastry box of cookies, or candy bar

  • Decorative favor container filled with Jelly Belly's

  • Mini mason jar filled with nuts

  • Mini bag of coffee, loose tea or a variety of flavorful tea bags

This Is Your Life Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite This Is Your Life Party Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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