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If you have decided to take the plunge and are going to work on creating a fun-filled This Is Your Life Party then you will certainly want to be sure to plan some games and activities to keep everyone engaged and enjoying themselves. And if you can get your guests to start remembering when...then you will have done your job properly.

With this type of a party, you will generally want to keep the focus on your honoree rather than diverting your guests' attention outward. Therefore, To help get you going in the right direction, I have put together a few ideas that will compliment your party nicely.

Create a fun-filled This Is Your Life party and you'll have all your guests remembering when....! Here's some games with a This Is Your Life flavor to consider:


THIS IS YOUR LIFE GAME - The party host should read from a big red book labeled, "This Is Your Life" all about the honored guest's life in a chronological format covering the high points in their life. Periodically a voice from behind the curtain should say something into a microphone so all can hear. The guest of honor should try to guess whose voice they hear, which might be a long, lost relative, high school friend, pastor, teacher, business associate, old girlfriend, etc. The guest then comes out from behind the curtain and shares some funny or touching experiences they had with the honoree. The process continues until all of the surprise guests have been unveiled.

REMEMBER WHEN...MEMORY BOOK - Have friends, family, and party guests contribute photos prior to the party and create a memory book in advance in scrapbook form by adding colorful borders, captions, etc. Leave some pages blank and place on a special table with lots of pens and markers and a sign inviting people to write a special message to the guest of honor.

ROAST YOUR HONOREE - Hold a roast and let all your guests have a chance to poke fun at the birthday honoree with funny stories.

POWER POINT PRESENTATION - Have friends, family, and party guests contribute photos prior to the party. Create a Power Point presentation using these photos set to music, with funny caption slides, periodic tongue-in-cheek commentary, etc.

MEMORY TAPE - Hire a photographer to video tape while strolling through the party and interviewing guests, then play the tape at the end of the party.

THIS IS HOW I HONOR YOU - Ask guests ahead of time to come prepared to offer the honoree a toast, tribute, song or dance, poem, Power Point presentation, video clip, etc.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE GAME - HONOREE TRIVIA - Send out a list of questions to all the guests prior to the party and have them send their written answers back to you by a specific date. Compile all of the answers to create a trivia game by adding false options to each question.

Give guests paper and pens. Call out the trivia questions about the honoree, one at a time, and have your guests write down their answers. The person who answers the most correct, wins. The following are some sample questions:

1. What was the most memorable moment you had with (Honoree's Name)?

2. The funniest thing I ever saw "Honoree's Name) do was _____.

3. (Honoree's Name) drives me nuts when he/she does _____.

4. The dumbest thing I ever saw (Honoree's Name) do was _____.

5. The thing I like best about (Honoree's Name) is _____.

6. (Honoree's Name) favorite color is _____.

7. (Honoree's Name) favorite movie is _____.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE GAME (ACTIVITY) - WALL OF REMEMBERANCE Cover a wall with sheets of butcher paper and have guests write out messages, draw pictures, or whatever they want to do for the guest of honor.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun print and play adult party games that would be a perfect party game add-on!

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