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If you are preparing to host a Thanksgiving Birthday Party or a family and friends get together, you gotta have some activities and games to bring people together in a fun way. Games of course are a great way for people to get to know one another better or perhaps get acquainted for the first time, along with breaking down barriers and keeping everyone occupied in a fun way, especially if you have children on board.

To help get you started planning your Turkey Day activities, I decided to create this page of activities and games that all have the Thanksgiving Day theme; also, as you will soon discover a lot of them are geared towards the kids. If the adults are too full of turkey to participate in everything, try to have a teen helper on hand to assist in this regard.

You will also find some great print and play printable games that everyone will enjoy playing. There is no limit on the number of people who can play these games so if you have a large gathering, these will work out great for you. Also, they are more laid back and a perfect choice for those full tummies that don't want to move around a lot.

Thanksgiving Party Games

DO THE TURKEY WADDLE RELAY RACE – If you’re looking for Thanksgiving party games that will have all your party guests laughing, you’ll love this fun turkey waddle relay race. You will need to have a 2-3 inflatable turkeys, ensuring that you have an inflatable turkey for each of your teams. Create a start line for the game, as well as a finish line. Have teams line up in a line at the starting line. The first team member has to place the turkey between the legs, holding it their only with their legs – not their hands. When the game starts, the first member of each team has to do the turkey waddle all the way to the finish line without touching the turkey with their hands or dropping it from their legs. If they drop the turkey, they have to start all over again. The team that goes through all their players first will win the turkey waddle relay.

THANKSGIVING DISH MEMORY GAME – This is another fun game that you can play for a Thanksgiving party or with the family on Thanksgiving day. Have everyone sit down in a circle. Have one person start the game by saying, “At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey.” Then, the next players have to repeat what the first player said while adding another Thanksgiving dish of their own. For example, the second player might say, “At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey and cranberry sauce. As you go around the circle, each player adds a Thanksgiving dish to the list, but they have to remember to say all the other dishes in the right order as well. If a player misses a dish or gets them out of order, they are out of the game. The winner is the one able to stay in the game the longest.

Thanksgiving Party Games

CREATE A THANKSGIVING ART MURAL ACTIVITY – This activity is perfect for the beginning of the Thanksgiving party, since guests can start as they arrive. You’ll need to hang up a huge piece of butcher paper somewhere around the party area. Give guests plenty of crayons, colored pencils, markers or other items they can use to help decorate the Thanksgiving art mural. They can draw turkeys, pilgrims, pumpkins and other Thanksgiving related items on the big mural. You could even provide some Thanksgiving themed stencils for guests to use as well.

MAKE A PLACEMAT ACTIVITY – Another fun activity for your Thanksgiving party is the make a placemat activity. Start by finding some Thanksgiving themed coloring pages online or from a coloring book. Make plenty of copies so all guests get a coloring sheet. You can make them all the same or offer several different options. Allow guests to color the coloring page. Then have the supplies on hand to laminate their Thanksgiving placemat. They can use it during the Thanksgiving party and then they can take it home as a fun memory when the party is over.

Thanksgiving Party Games

PUMPKIN THANKSGIVING BOWLING GAME – This is one of the simplest Thanksgiving party games to prepare for and you’ll only need a few things. You’ll need a couple small bowling ball sized pumpkins as well as some two liter bottles that are half filled with water. You can cover the bottles with paper in Thanksgiving colors if you desire. Have guests line up at the bowling line (change the distance based on the age of your party guests) and have them try to knock down the bowling pins using the pumpkins. You can score the game in the same way that bowling is scored. Of course, since the pumpkins are not completely round, the game is sure to get interesting.

GOBBLE GOBBLE TURKEY TAG – Gobble Gobble Turkey Tag is another fun game for your Thanksgiving party and you won’t need a thing for this game. You play this game much like the party favorite, Freeze Tag. Have one person be “it” and then they have to try to tag other people playing the game. If a person is tagged, they have to freeze and “gobble” until someone shows up to tag them so they are no longer a “turkey.” Play until everyone has been tagged and if you want to continue, pick a new person to be “it” at this point and continue for some more Gobble Gobble Turkey Tag fun.

Thanksgiving Party Games

THANKSGIVING NECKLACE - Have the kids create necklaces using a needle and a piece of string. Have them thread cranberries and popcorn onto the string.

HOT PUMPKIN - Have the kids or perhaps the adults too, sit on the floor, a pillow or ottoman to form a circle. Give someone a mini pumpkin and have them start passing it around the circle while music plays in the background. Periodically, stop the music and whoever is left holding the pumpkin shall be out. The game continues in the same fashion until one person remains, who is then the winner.

FLOATING PUMPKIN RELAY - Prior to the party, blow up orange balloons and draw pumpkin faces using black markers on each of them. At game time, have everyone separate into teams or divide them up, whichever is appropriate. Give each team an orange balloon (pumpkin). When the game starts, the first person in line from each team will begin to run towards the finish line and return to their fellow teammates while batting their "pumpkin" in the air with their hands. If a "pumpkin" touches the ground, that player must return to the start line and begin again. If a balloon breaks, that player must return to the start line and obtain another "pumpkin" and begin again. Of course, the winning team is the one who is able to finish first--everyone on that team has to have a turn.

PIN THE FEATHER ON THE TURKEY - Put a large poster of a turkey on the wall. Make colorful feathers out of construction paper, enough for each guest. Blindfold a guest, spin them around, and let them attempt to pin their feathers on the turkey. Tape curls or double-stick tape works great for the pinning portion of the game. Whichever guest gets the feather the closest to the tail feather is the winner.

Variations: - Pin the hat on the pilgrim or pin the nose on the pumpkin.

Thanksgiving Party Games

TURKEY RELAY - This is another game that requires teams. Once you get your teams figured out, you'll need to give each of them an inflatable turkey. When the game starts, everyone will take a turn at putting the turkey between their legs and waddling their way to the designed spot/finish line and then waddle their way back to their team. The first team done wins!

PUMPKIN BOWLING - Line up some plastic bowling pins or you can use plastic water bottles partially filled with sand. Use mini pumpkins as your bowling balls.

Thanksgiving Party Games

LEAF TREASURE HUNT - Rake up gigantic piles of leaves and hide small toys in the pile. On "Go," the kids can jump into the leaves and whatever they find they get to keep.

Variation: - Only allow the kids to find a specific number of items to insure everyone has an opportunity to find some toys.

TURKEY HUNT - Prior to the party, affix turkey stickers to index cards and hide them around your party room. Have all your little guests (the hunters) then proceed to hunt for the turkeys. Whoever finds the most turkeys shall be the winner.

Thanksgiving Party Games--Printable

When creating a fun-filled Thanksgiving birthday party or Thanksgiving theme party, you'll want to factor in game time. Here's some dynamite printable games with an emphasis on Thanksgiving games for adults and kids alike that will provide hours of fun for a successful party.

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