Thanksgiving Birthday Party Ideas For Great Family Fun!

Fun And Fabulous Thanksgiving Birthday Party Ideas
You'll Be Talkin' Turkey In No Time!

This happens to be a holiday birthday that is near and dear to my heart. My son was born on November 25th, so every seven years his birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, it does require extra effort to insure your loved ones or friends' birthday doesn't go by unnoticed. Plan ahead and let the Thanksgiving birthday celebration kick off the festivities in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

So, if you happen to be in the same boat as I was, here are some fun birthday party ideas that are intertwined with the theme of Thanksgiving. These ideas can also easily be adapted to Thanksgiving party that is not birthday-related or a Thanksgiving get together.


TURKEY INVITES - Cut out the shape of a turkey shape from a piece of brown card stock using a turkey cookie cutter as a guide. Glue some wiggly eyes, and tail feathers of red, orange, and yellow to one side. On the reverse side write out your party details using a white gel pen.

PUMPKIN INVITATIONS - Cut out a pumpkin shape from a piece of orange card stock. Create a face by either drawing it onto your pumpkin or glue some wiggly eyes on instead. The other side is where you will need to write your party details.

More Thanksgiving Birthday Party Invitations

MINI PUMPKIN INVITES - Give guests everything they need to know about your party by creating an invitation out of some pumpkin-themed scrapbook paper, a piece of cardstock, or perhaps a combination of the two. Then attach your invite to a mini public and hand-deliver.

INDIAN CORN INVITES - Create an interesting invitation by starting with a piece of cardstock that is cut in the shape of Indian corn. Provide your guests with the party info on one side of the corn and then attach it to an actual Indian corn. Of course you will need to hand out your invites rather than mailing them.

AUTUMN LEAVES INVITATIONS - Cut out various leaf shapes from green, yellow, and red construction paper. Lay three leaves on top of one another to create a leaf cluster. Put something like, "Come To My Thanksgiving Birthday Party" on one side, along with a couple of Thanksgiving stickers. Party details go on the other side.


To keep the theme alive and add a bit more fun to the party, you might like to ask guests to come dressed wearing a fun Thanksgiving-themed costumes, like pilgrims, Indians, pumpkins, turkeys, etc. or give your guests pilgrim hats and Indian headbands as they arrive.


Traditional Thanksgiving colors of brown, rust, yellow, red, and orange should be the options you select for a Thanksgiving birthday party. Here's some Thanksgiving decoration ideas to consider:
  • Give your front door a fall-themed facelift and cover it with a fall-themed door cover. Add fall leaf window clings to your windows to give your home an instant feeling of fall and begin to get your guests in the party mood.

  • Create a scarecrow by filling an old pair of jeans and flannel shirt with newspaper. Add a straw hat and set your friend on a hay bale at the front door. You could also add a sign that says, "Happy Thanksgiving Birthday (Name!)"

  • Create a leaf garland and hang throughout your party room along the ceiling, mantel, door frames, wrapped around banisters, etc.

    Draw your leaves onto various colors of construction paper. Spray water onto the papers and crumple them into a ball. Open them up and let them dry completely. Fold stems over a piece of twine and tape into place.

  • Place some Mylar birthday balloons and helium balloon bouquets throughout the party room to give it an instant look of fun and theme.

  • Liven up your ceiling with twisted streamers in fall colors.

  • Hang cut-outs of Thanksgiving theme items like pumpkins, turkeys, the Mayflower, pilgrims, Indian corn, gourds, etc. on your walls.

  • Hang leaf garlands around doorways, banisters, windows, etc.

  • Hang fall wreaths on your doors.

  • Add clusters of balloons in the shape of leaves and pumpkins to add to the Thanksgiving feel.

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

  • Hang a personalized banner on the wall that has both a Thanksgiving feel coupled with a birthday message.

  • Hang fall leaf garlands from your ceiling. You can cut them at different lengths to add a bit of variety. You can also tie some curling ribbons that have been curled slights from the garlands at different locations to add some more color and breakup the flow of the leaves.

  • Create a centerpiece using an upside down pilgrim hat. Fill it with yellow and orange flowers, Indian corn, gourds, and add a bouquet of birthday balloons.

  • Create a cornucopia (Horn of Plenty) centerpiece. Fill it with nuts, fruits, fall leaves and flowers, and attach a bouquet of birthday balloons with a fun wired plaid bow.

  • Gossamer is always a favorite party decoration. Cover tables, walls, ceilings, swags, make fantastic bows, and lots more! It also comes in all the different fall colors in case you really like this decorating option and want to mix and match.

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

  • Cover your tables with solid colored tablecloths and add festive fall print table runners.

  • Place small mirrors on your various table tops and then put a Thanksgiving theme candle or votives in Thanksgiving colors on top of each of the mirrors. Sprinkle some confetti to bring a little more color and interest to your arrangement.

  • Accent your dining room chairs with large plaid bows, gossamer bows, or fall printed fabrics tied around the backs.

  • Scatter Thanksgiving confetti or gold confetti on your tables.

  • Scatter candy corn on the table tops to add Thanksgiving color in an edible confetti form.

  • Add vases of fresh flowers in your Thanksgiving colors.

  • Use hay bales for your guests to sit on.

  • If your party is going to go into the night, you might consider lighting up some outdoor fire pits.


Of course you will need to have some game time planned, especially if you have kids. I have several games that I've created and placed on a separate page. To check out my game options that all have a Thanksgiving twist, visit my Thanksgiving Party Games page. The games that you will find on that page include:
  • Do The Turkey Waddle Relay Race
  • Thanksgiving Dish Memory Game
  • Create A Thanksgiving Art Mural Activity
  • Make A Placemat Activity
  • Pumpkin Thanksgiving Bowling Game
  • Gobble, Gobble Turkey Tag
  • Thanksgiving Necklace
  • Hot Pumpkin
  • Floating Pumpkin Relay
  • Pin The Feather On The Turkey
  • Turkey Relay
  • Pumpkin Bowling
  • Leaf Treasure Hunt
  • Turkey Hunt

In addition, here's several fun Thanksgiving games that you can print out. They work great for large groups of people and a lot of them are perfect when you have different age-ranges that are playing. They're appropriate for a Thanksgiving birthday party or a Thanksgiving get together.



CRANBERRY SALAD - There is nothing like fresh mixed greens topped off with yummy cranberries, Feta cheese, walnuts, and tossed with a great balsamic Dijon mustard vinaigrette.

CORNISH GAME HENS - Roast up these babies to a golden brown and serve them up on platters. Garnish with limes, oranges, pineapple, sliced red peppers, sweet potatoes, wild rice, or anything to add color and pizazz.

STUFFING - The perfect add-on to Cornish game hens or just as a side dish, since just about everyone loves stuffing.

CORN ON THE COB - For added yum-appeal, grill ears of corn on your bar-b-que and break or cut the cobs into three pieces to create mini cobbetes.

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE - Another holiday favorite, that affords everyone the opportunity to get a serving of veggies. Use the recipe on the back of French fried onions or modify to create your own delectable delight.

MASHED POTATOES - Cut loose, use real butter (lots of it), and half and half and you will have quite a rich batch of yummy mashed potatoes. These taste so wonderful, they don't even need gravy.

Great Munchie Options For A Thanksgiving Birthday Party:

All you need to do is a quick search of your favorite recipe sites and you'll come up with lots of great recipe options for party munchies and appetizers. If you're feeling a bit stumped for ideas, I've listed below a few of my personal favorites that have always been a hit at parties:

VEGGIES & DIP - Beau Monde dip is one of my favorites and it's easy to make. Just add some fresh veggies and you're ready to go.

7-LAYER DIP & CHIPS - If you like bean dip, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa, olives, and onions, then you're going to love creating a "pie" of these ingredients. Just dip your favorite tortilla chips or make them and you'll have a mouth-watering homemade treat.

DEVILED EGGS - Deviled eggs are always a welcome appetizer. Go the extra mile and pipe the filling back into the whites. The piping gives an instant look of elegance. Top it off with a sprinkling of paprika and they will look like you spent all day creating these yummies.

CHEESE BALL & CRACKERS - Make or buy a couple of cheese balls and serve with a variety of crackers.

CHEESE FONDUE - If you think fondue is so yesterday, then just make up a batch of your favorite fondue cheese, add some French bread cubes and crackers and you'll have everyone hanging out at the fondue table.

MINI CORNUCOPIAS - Bugles of course.

PUMPKIN COOKIES - Cut these cookies into the shapes of turkeys and pumpkins and pipe on "Happy B-Day Name!"

NON-ALCOHOLIC "CHAMPAGNE" - Mix together 32 ounces of chilled club soda and 12 ounces of frozen white grape juice concentrate, thawed. Serve immediately to retain that "champagne" fizz.


TURKEY CUPCAKES - If you're thinking about serving individual turkey cupcakes, here's a cute little option from Family Fun to consider.

turkey cupcakesTURKEY CUPCAKES - Everyone will gobble these little turkeys right up!


To make each turkey, press the lower portion of a Nutter Butter cookie into a frosted cupcake for the bird's head.

Use tiny dabs of frosting to stick on mini-chocolate chip eyes and a red fruit leather wattle.

For each turkey's tail cut out a dozen feather shapes (about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide) from fruit leather.

Lay 6 of the feather shapes on a flat surface and place a wooden toothpick lengthwise atop each so that one end of the toothpick extends about an inch below the feather. Layer another fruit leather feather layer atop each of the 6 shapes, sandwiching the toothpicks between them.

Press the 2 layers together to make them stick, then fringe the edges of the feather with a butter knife. Now your child can stick the colored feathers into the cupcake behind the cookie head.

TURKEY CAKE #1 - Make your favorite cake in a turkey-shaped pan and just follow the instructions provided with the pan to create a colorful feather array, a silly turkey face, and a Happy Thanksgiving Birthday message.

TURKEY CAKE #2 - After you create one of your favorite cakes in a 3-D turkey cake pan, then all you will need to do is follow the pan's directions and decorate it accordingly. The cake can also be used as a centerpiece during your party.

AUTUMN LEAVES CAKE - Cover a rectangular-shaped cake with brown frosting. Scatter orange, yellow, red, and green leaves made from fondant upon your cake. Add your birthday message and you're good to go.


Fill some lunch-sized brown paper bags that are decorated with any combination of fall leaves, berries, Thanksgiving stickers, and raffia with your party favors.

Thanksgiving Birthday Party

Do you have some favorite ideas for a Thanksgiving birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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