Teen Pool Party Ideas Sure To Make A Splash!

Fun And Fabulous Teen Pool Party Ideas
The Perfect Party For Your Super Teen!

A pool party is a great way to soak in the sun, beat the heat, and have a rockin' good time. It's also one of the easiest theme parties to put together on short notice. Teens love to while away the hours poolside and the best part is you'll know exactly where your clan is at all time.

Whether you want a fun summertime party or you need a great way to celebrate a special birthday, a pool party will surely make for a big ol' party splash! To assist you in pulling it all together, the following pool party ideas will take from invite to handing out the party favors.


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To create pool party excitement, be sure to send out invitations. Dive into the following ideas to start the party buzz among friends.

WATER DROP INVITATIONS – Take pieces of blue construction paper or cardstock, cutting out pieces in the shape of a large water drop. You can find a template of a water drop online and use it as a template to make your water drops. After cutting out your water drops, use glitter pens to write the party information on your water drip invite. Have fun decorating your raindrop with fun glitter, pool themed stickers or other embellishments. Slip into envelopes and send out to all your guests.

SQUIRT GUN INVITATIONS – Squirt guns are tons of fun at a pool party, so squirt guns will help you make great invitations. You will need some cardstock in the color of your choice. Cut each piece of cardstock into four pieces of equal size. Then, write or print the party info on the cardstock. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the invite, using some string or ribbon to tie the invite to a squirt gun. Make sure every guest gets a squirt gun invitation and make a note that guests should bring their squirt gun to the party for plenty of wet, water fun.

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Invitations

BEACH BALL INVITATION – Take a beach ball and write all the party information on the ball with a sharpie. Hand deliver the balls to guests. You could also deflate beach balls after writing the info on them, then mail it to party guests, letting them know they need to inflate the ball for party information.

FRISBEE INVITATION – Buy Frisbees and use a sharpie to write the party info on each Frisbee. Hand deliver to party guests.

SUNGLASSES INVITATION – Write party information on small pieces of cardstock. Punch a hole in each small invite, threading a piece of ribbon through the hole. Use ribbon to tie invites to a pair of sunglasses, then deliver these to guests by hand.

BOTTLE INVITE - Start by getting some clean, empty Coke bottles or any other bottles that you think fits the bill of a note in a bottle concept. Then get some pieces of paper and give them a weathered look with torn edges, wad them up and straighten them out a few times, and tea stain portions of the paper or the whole thing. Then write out all of your party particulars onto the pieces of paper, roll them up and insert one into each bottle. Then add a bit of sand and tiny seashells to the bottle and close off the bottle either with a piece of cork or wad up a piece of water and tuck it into the neck of the bottle. Decorate the bottle neck with colorful ribbons and add a fun and colorful tag that has a fun catch phrase like: "Swim On Over For A Day Of Fun", "Let's Splash Away The Day", "Dive Into A Day Of Pool Pleasure", "Splish-Splash Let's Have A Blast", etc. Then hand out your invites and get the party started!

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Invitations

SUNBLOCK INVITATION – Take a piece of 8.5x11” card stock and use decorative scissors to cut it into four equal pieces. Write or type all the party information on each piece. Laminate the invites, then punch a hole in the left, upper corner. Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole, using it to tie the invite to a small bottle of sunblock. You’ll need to hand deliver these.

FLIP-FLOP INVITE – Prepare just like the sunblock invitations. Instead of tying to a bottle of sunblock, tie the invite to either one flip flop or a pair of tiny pair of flip flops and then hand deliver the invites.

CARD STOCK INVITES – Cut card stock into the shape of tropical flowers, flip flops or board shorts. Then write or type out all the party details onto the invitations. Place them into envelopes and send them on their way.


Set the tone for your teen pool party using some of the following ideas for decorations:
  • Make or buy a personalized yard sign to let your guests know where the big Par-Tay is being held. Add a picture of a pool, beach ball, or a surfboard to the sign.

  • Place bamboo torches along walkway to light the pathway and get everyone in the party mood as they approach your house. You can then move them to the back yard around the pool or food area.

  • Put a gossamer palm tree in the back yard to help you create a fun photo op corner. As guests arrive, be sure to take their pictures around the trees.

  • Put up some inflatable palm trees around the front door or pool area to create tropical ambiance.

  • For added color, theme and fun, decorate the party areas with beach ball Mylar balloons.

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Decorate fences with fish nets. You can take it a step further by adorning the nets with plastic fish, seashells, sea horses, etc.

  • If you have access to real or artificial palm tree or silk plants, use them to decorate the party area.

  • Hang surfboard wall decorations on your party room walls.

  • If you can get your hands on a surfboard, hang it over the food table or prop it inside of the entryway.

  • Cover the floor with bamboo matting or use some bamboo printed gossamer to create a fun backdrop or place on the floor.

  • Grab some clean and/or new beachcomber type of hats, turn them upside down and fill them up with various munchies like chips, nuts, crackers, cookies, etc.

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Teen Pool Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Hang lights around door frames, canopies, ledges, decking, porches, etc. If you can find some that have a tropical theme or perhaps the paper lantern style, these would work great.

  • Hang inflatable beach balls around the party area and be sure to several in the pool for all your teens to enjoy.

  • Add some jumbo sand castle balloons, crab balloons, seahorse balloons, and flip flop balloons to the party décor.

  • Be sure to have some fun umbrella coverings available so your guests can escape the sun, cool down a bit, or just enjoy a bit of shade.

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Hammocks are always a fun addition to any kind of a backyard party, so if you can get your hands on one or more that would be great.

  • You can use some cool rippling water patterned gossamer to transform cement into the look of rivers and streams or you want to cover up anything that just doesn't fit into your pool theme.

  • Gather some river rocks and place them in a decorative container. Then add a tea light or two to create a bit of ambiance and light.

  • Tiki torches are always a fun addition to a pool party and they not only provide a great lighting option, but also add to the mood.

  • If you're having a party outside, then citronella candles are a must to insure the bugs down's drive you buggy! You can either get the kind that you place on tabletops or go with the yard stake option.

  • Go retro and add a yard stake of a large pink flamingo.

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Hang beach-theme lights or strings of white lights around fence line or porch cover.

  • Hang some fun pool party cutouts on your fence or walls.

  • Lay out beach towels and sun umbrellas around the yard to create conversation areas.

  • Have floats, beach balls, and water soakers, and squirt guns for guests to use.

  • Use tropical centerpieces, napkins, cups and plates.

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Cover tables with colorful beach towels to use as tablecloths.

  • Fill buckets with sand and tie helium balloons to the handles.

  • Use a fun inflatable pool/beach-themed cooler to house your drinks. For example, a palm tree shape or a beach ball shape would be a fun add-on.

  • Decorate tables with seashells or confetti.

  • Adorn your toothpicks and straws with tropical toppers and flags. Give everyone a plastic pineapple-shaped or coconut-shaped glass to enjoy their beverages and then they can take them home at the end of the party as a favor.

  • Let your food do double-duty--serve as a centerpiece and feed your crowd in a fun way. Start by cutting off the bottom of a pineapple so it won't tip over. Then adorn your pineapple with cut-up fruit-filled skewers. You can use any of the yummy summer fruits like strawberries, melons, kiwi, pineapple of course, along with apples and grapes. If you want to give your centerpiece some added eye appeal, place a flower lei around the bottom of the pineapple.


I've put together a page of games that would be perfect for a pool party. To check them out, just click on over to my Teen Pool Party Games and Activities page which has the following ideas:
  • King Of The Island Pool Party Game
  • Pool Diving Contest
  • Pool Tug Of War
  • Doggie Paddle Pool Race
  • Don't Laugh Pool Game
  • Pool Noodles,Squirt Guns & Super Soakers
  • Coin Toss
  • Octopus
  • Water Tag
  • Watermelon Relay
  • Relay Races
  • 3-Way Volleyball, Badminton & Volleyball
  • Croquet
  • Wham O-Trac,Fling Toss & Paddle Ball
  • Ping Pong

PRINTABLE GAMES - When you're ready to have some dry fun so to speak, and put aside the pool for a bit, you might like to add some printable games that are sure to spout out a bit of fun. Any of the following options would be great for a group of teens to enjoy!

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For your teen pool party, you'll probably want to opt for easy to pick up munchies and finger foods rather than trying to have your teens sit down at tables. Create a big buffet table, letting teens pick the foods they enjoy.

BEACH BALL VEGGIE PLATTER – Make up a veggie platter that is arranged to look just like a beach ball. Use a circular platter, placing a small bowl of veggie dip at the very top, which will be the top of the beach ball. Use slices of red pepper to make the dividing lines between ball sections. Then, use a different vegetable for each ball section, such as celery, broccoli, cherry tomatoes or cucumbers. This will look amazing on your party table and kids will enjoy the refreshing, cool veggies as they enjoy the pool party.

HAMBURGERS & HOTDOGS - Of course a BBQ works wonderfully well with a pool party. It also provides a great cover for Mom and/or Dad to keep a watchful eye on the teen crew without appearing to be doing just that--it adds a "legitimate" reason to be in the thick of things.

MAKE YOUR OWN PARTY KABOBS - Thaw out some breadstick dough, chicken nuggets and pizza bites. Cut into pieces. Then, add veggies, cheese cubes and mini hotdogs. Allow teens to create kabobs on skewers, then grill or bake.

PIZZA - Either order some pizzas or have teens make the pizzas. Set out bowls of olives, pineapple, shredded cheese, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, pizza sauce, mushrooms, peppers, onions, ham and other pizza toppings. Give everyone their own individual crust and allow them to create a pizza to bake.

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Food

BAKED POTATO BAR – Bake potatoes. Then, offer bowls of shredded cheese, broccoli, sour cream, butter, chives and bacon bits.

TACO BAR – Have shells available, along with ground beef, shredded chicken, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa and other toppings.

NACHO BAR – Start with tortilla chips, then place out bowls of ground beef, salsa, jalapenos, olives, sour cream, melted cheese and salsa.

SNOW CONES – Snow cones are always a fun add-on so if you can rent or purchase a machine, your teens will love it!

DRINKS – Bottles of soda, juice, water and other teen favorites.

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WATER SLIDE CAKE – Make your own round, double layer cake according to box instructions. Use white icing on the sides and the outer 3 inches of the cake. Use blue icing to frost the middle of the cakes. Use a wafer cone decorate with white frosting on one cake, placing it upside down to be the base of the slide. Use a fruit strip in any color to run from the top of the slide to the pool (the other cake). Place little gummy bears on the slide to make it look like they are sliding down the water slide. Add a few more to the second cake that is the pool, making it look like the bears are taking a dip in the pool.

COOL ICE CREAM CAKE – Ice cream is going to be a huge hit at your pool party, so why not make an ice cream cake for your guests to enjoy. You’ll need a springform pan. Layer chocolate ice cream in the bottom of the springform pan, using enough to fill the pan halfway. Freeze. Then add a layer of crushed up Oreo cookies, topping with a layer of vanilla ice cream. Freeze until firm. Decorate the top with blue icing, adding cook pool themed decorations to the top to make it look like a swimming pool. Take out of the freezer for about 15 minutes before serving. Remove the sides of the springform pan, then slice the cake and serve immediately. If you are having a lot of guests, you may want to make two ice cream cakes to ensure you have enough.

Teen Pool Party Ideas For Cakes

POOL ON SHEET CAKE – Buy or make your own sheet cake and then frost it white. Draw a swimming pool on top of the cake with a toothpick and fill it in with blue icing.

ROUND POOL CAKE - Make a 2-layer round cake and frost it blue. Cover sides with long cookies to create sides of a doughboy pool. Create ladder with red rope licorice. Decorate pool with plastic pool people or plastic pool-theme cake topper.

"SUNNY" SHEET CAKE – Purchase or make a sheet cake, icing it with blue. Use a toothpick to draw a large, smiling sun on top of the sheet cake. Use a couple shades or yellow or orange to decorate the sun. Use black to frost sunglasses around the eyes of the sun, then use white frosting to create a smile.

FLIP FLOP CUPCAKES – Buy or make your own cupcakes, and then top cupcakes with flip-flop cupcake pics and decorative sprinkles.

FLIP-FLOP CAKES – Take a sheet cake and cut it into two flip flops. Use white frosting to ice each one. Create stripe designs on the flip flops with various colors of icing. To create the toe thong, use strips of rid licorice. In the alternative, you could just add an edible sugar art image of a pool theme to instantly achieve a cake that looks like it was professionally created.

BEACH BEAR CUPCAKES #1 – Buy or make your own cupcakes, and then ice with very light brown frosting. Top each one with a coconut made of tan frosting. Add a piece of candy leather to serve as a towel. Then place a Teddy Graham in the middle of the towel. Using icing, pipe out some swim trunks and a face onto the bear.

BEACH BEAR CUPCAKES #2 – Take premade cupcakes and ice them in blue. Use white frosting to pipe on a life preserver. Take a Teddy Graham and add a face and a bikini to it. Place in the middle of the life preserver.


Send guests home with some favors to help them remember your pool party. Below are some fun teen pool party ideas for your favors: Flip flop gummy candies, luau gummy fruit kabob, candy sand castles, flip flop straws, flip flop lip gloss, flip flop sandal soap, Hawaiian shirt key chain, tropical hair clip, beachcomber hat, beach ball stickers, flip flop stickers, flip flop notepad, Luau shirt notepad, sunscreen, beach towel, beach ball, squirt gun, tiny bubbles, Macadamia nuts, or sunglasses.

Teen Pool Party

Do you have some favorite ideas for a Teen Pool Party? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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