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Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just getting together for a fun summertime bash, a Teen Pool Party will do in a flash. To keep everyone engaged and entertained so the boredoms don't enter in, be sure to plan plenty of pool games for all to enjoy.

The best way to beat the heat and have fun too is to have everyone play some great pool-related games. To help get your wheels turning, here are some tried and true, and oh so fun games to check out:


KING OF THE ISLAND – This game requires an inflatable raft for the pool. Have one teen start as the “King of the Island.” That teen has to stand up and balance on the raft. Everyone else in the pool has to try to dethrone the teen by making waves to try to knock him off or by using pool noodles. They are not allowed to pull on the raft or use their hands to knock him off. When the “King” is knocked off, someone else gets to be king next. Try to play long enough to let everyone that wants to have a chance to be the “King of the Island.”

POOL DIVING CONTEST – Hold a pool diving content if your pool is deep enough and you have a diving board. Have everyone give their best dive and have some judges to help judge the contest. Have several prizes to give out to teens. Have judges pick several winners, including winners for the best dive, the most horrible belly flop, the biggest splash from a dive or cannonball and the most creative dive. You can come up with other categories as well to make sure you get to give out several fun prizes.

Teen Pool Party Games

POOL TUG OF WAR – Pool tug of war is hilarious and it is a bit different from regular tug of war. You’ll need to use a long rope that goes across the pool and still has enough room to let teams assemble on both sides. Divide your teen guests into two teams and place them on each side of the pool. Stretch the rope over the pool and have both teams pick up the rope. When you say, “GO” the teams start pulling on the rope. See which team can pull the other team in the water. They have to get everyone from the other team in the water to win.

DOGGIE PADDLE POOL RACE – For this race, everyone has to do the doggie paddle. Have them go across the pool instead of swimming lengthwise. This way all your teen guests can line up on the pool side and race at the same time. When you blow the whistle, everyone has to jump in and start doing the doggie paddle. The person who doggie paddles to the other side (no other swim strokes allowed) and who jumps out and barks will win the game.

Teen Pool Party Games

DON’T LAUGH POOL GAME – This game will have everyone laughing and it’s so easy that you don’t need any extras for the game. Have all the teen guests stand at the pool’s edge, making sure you are at the deep end. Have one person be “It.” That person has to do anything they can to get other players laugh. If a player laughs, the person who is “It” pushes them into the pool (gently of course). The last person left gets to be “It” next. Continue the game until several people get the chance to be it.

SUPER SOAKERS, SQUIRT GUNS & POOL NOODLES - Be sure to have these pool party staples available for everyone to enjoy. No need for explanation; your teens will know exactly what to do them.

Teen Pool Party Games

COIN TOSS - Toss a bunch of pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and half dollars into the pool. Create teams. The first person from each team jumps in on "Go" and proceeds to try and collect as much money as possible using only one breath. Add up the take, note it on a piece of paper, and then toss the money back into the pool and the next two opponents jump in and repeat the process. After everyone has had a turn, which ever team ends up with the highest amount collected shall be the winners.

OCTOPUS - The game starts by selecting one person to be "It". That person stands or treads water in the middle of the pool. Everyone else goes to one side of the pool. and on "Go" all of your guests shall try to swim to the opposite side. Meanwhile, "It" tries to tag as many of the swimmers as possible before they reach the other side. Everyone who is tagged then holds hands with "It" and joins forces to try and tag everyone else as they once again try to swim to the opposite side of the pool. When it comes down to having just 1 person who remains who hasn't become a part of the octopus, that person is the winner.

Teen Pool Party Games

WATER TAG - This version of water tag should be played like you would play regular tag except whoever is "It" will use a large sponge or a splash ball to try and tag his/her teammates. Select your "It" and have everyone swim for their life and try to avoid being tagged. Once a person is tagged they're out. The last swimmer who remains in the game is the winner and becomes "It".

WATERMELON RELAY - Separate everyone into teams and give the teams a watermelon that is well-greased with Vaseline. One person from each of your teams shall swim across the pool and back to their teammates while trying to push the watermelon in front of them, along with keeping their feet from touching the bottom of the pool. The game continues in this fashion until all the players from one team has had a turn and that team shall be the winners.

Teen Pool Party Games

RELAY RACES - Create the teams and have them compete against one another doing various swim/pool-related activities. Whichever team completes all of the activities first shall be the winners. Here are some relay ideas:
  • Ride a pool noodle across the pool like a horse
  • Float backwards across the pool
  • Push a beach ball across the pool with your nose
  • Twirl your way across the pool
  • Swim across the pool using only the breaststroke
  • Doggie paddle across the pool
  • Walk on your hands across the pool if the pool is shallow
  • Sommersault your way across the pool
  • Crawl on the bottom of the pool


To fill-in non-swim time at your teen pool party, have a few activities available for everyone to enjoy. You can set things up so everyone has to compete against one another or you can just let them just have a free play time to select what they want to do or not do. Here are some options to consider that have long been favorites among teens:

3-WAY VOLLEYBALL, REGULAR VOLLEYBALL & BADMINTON - Have a net or two set up so impromptu volleyball and badminton games can be played.

CROQUET - Have a game of croquet set-out in case some of the teens would like to hit a few balls.

FLINNG TOSS, WHAM O-TRAC, & PADDLE BALL - These yard games are great options whenever someone wants to play a little 1-on-1 with someone.

PING PONG - Ping pong is always a good choice when you're looking for competitive game that will also burn off excess energy.

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