Teen Games To Keep Those Raging Hormones Busy!

Fun And Fabulous Teen Games
To Keep Those Teens Occupied So They Don't Get Bored!

If you are having a gathering of teens, then you better have plenty of food and lots of games for teens to keep them busy so, heaven forbid, they don't become bored. Not only will the games keep them stimulated mentally, but they will also assist in wearing them out a bit which can always be an advantage, especially if you're responsible for any length of time. Lastly, having plenty of games at the ready will also serve to channel those raging teen hormones in a productive fashion that is safe and acceptable for all concerned.

I know it can be a bit challenging in trying to figure out which games for teens would be appropriate for your group, so I've put together some games that my son used to enjoy playing when he went to his church youth group. These games work great for a large group of teens as they help to draw everyone in so no one feels left out, create a sense of comradery and teamsmanship, while providing load of belly laughs and fun!

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20 QUESTIONS FAVORITE TEEN SHOW GAME – Write down some of the top teen television shows on cards for this game. Have the first person pick a card with a teen TV show on it. The rest of the group has to as, yes or no questions about the show to try to figure out which teen show it is. Only 20 questions can be asked and then answered. The teen that guesses correctly gets to go next, repeating the game all over again. You can also hand out small prizes to those who guess shows correctly. Good examples of top teen TV shows include the following:

- The Vampire Diaries
- Pretty Little Liars
- Good Luck Charley
- Teen Wolf
- The Secret Life of the American Teenager
- Sam & Kat
- Drake & Josh
- Big Time Rush

I’M HEARING CELEBRITY VOICES GAME – This game requires a bit of prep before you start playing it. You'll need to make a recording of different celebrity voices, something that shouldn't be too difficult with the help of the internet. Try to stick to voices that teens will probably recognize. The recording needs to be in a long stream of voices. Give each guest a pencil and some paper. Play the recording of voices and have the kids write down the voices in the order that they hear them. This will be tough. The person who gets the right order, or as close to the right order as possible, will be the winner of the game.

ANIMAL ANTICS TEEN PARTY GAME – This game helps you get the party started. Start with a list of animals that make unique sounds, such as cows, chickens, horses, sheep, pigs, etc. Write down a list of names and which animal you plan to give them. Tell each teen guest quietly what animal they have, but don’t allow them to tell anyone else. Have all the guests start making the sounds their animal makes, trying to find other similar animals. Have the animals get in a group. The first group of animals completed wins the game.

FIND MY CELEBRITY PARTNER TEEN GAME – Come up with celebrity couples, trying to choose younger couples that teens are familiar with, such as Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Write the couple’s names on labels. Give each teen a label, but tell them they can only try and figure out the name on their label by asking the other guests questions that can only be answered with a "no" or a "yes". Each guest has to figure out who they are. Once they figure out their identity, then they have to go searching for their celebrity partner. The couple that finds each other first will win the game.

More Teen Games

ANY-WEATHER SNOWBALL FIGHT – Who says you have to have snow to have a snowball fight? This game should be played outside, because it’s a bit messy, but it is so fun. You can make your own fun snowballs using flour and cheap pantyhose. Start by filling the toe of pantyhose with some flour, and then tie it off in a knot. Tie off the pantyhose again and create another flour ball. You should get about 6 snowballs out of every leg. Find cheap pantyhose at the dollar store and you can create a lot of “snowballs” without spending a lot of money. Send teens outside with the snowballs for a hilarious snowball fight. The balls should hold up for several throws before they break.

FIND THE BUBBLE GUM WHIPPED CREAM GAME – Give every guest a paper plate that has been filled with whipped cream. Before the game, make sure you place a piece of bubble gum (the kind for blowing bubbles) in the middle of the whipped cream. Holding their hands behind them, teens have to use their mouth to dig through the whipped cream to find their piece of bubble gum. The winner is the one that can find the gum, chew it up and then blow a big bubble.

STICKER STEALING GAME – When every guest arrives at the party, place 10 stickers on their back. During the party, teens have to try to steal stickers from the backs of other guests, adding them to their piece of paper. If they are caught, they don’t get to keep the sticker. See who is the sneakiest at stealing those stickers. By the end of the party, whichever teen has their paper filled with the most stickers wins.

DRESS UP HOT POTATO – Place all kind of weird clothing items and accessories in a garbage bag. Have all the teens sit in a circle. When the music begins, they all have to pass the bag around, just like the game hot potato. When the music stops, the person with the bag, has to reach in the bag (without looking) and pull out an item. The item they pull out has to be worn. When all the clothes in the bag have been taken, the game is over. The person who ended up with the least clothes will win the game.

More Teen Games

DO YOU TRUST ME? - Here's one of the teen games that involves trust that's an old favorite. One person stands with their back to another and falls backward into the arms of that person. Step it up a bit and have your teens stand on a picnic table and fall backwards into the arms of at least 4-6 teens, depending on their size.

THE HUMAN KNOT - Here's one of the teen games that requires everyone to work together. Have everyone stand in a circle and face each other. Then have them hold the hands of two other people in the group who are not standing to their immediate right or left. Once this is done, the object of this team-building activity is to figure out a way to make a straight line out of everyone without letting go of the hands they are holding.

STYLIN' - Guys with hair that is about 5"-6" long are the "models." The rest of the teens are the stylists. The models put a nylon stocking on their head. The stylists begin poking toothpicks through the nylon to grab small amounts of hair and pull it through the nylon. This process continues to create their new "do." Once this is done, they can add various temporary hair colors, barrettes, etc. Whichever team creates the best hairstyle wins. If you want to step it up a bit, add make-up, a dress, heels, etc. and make your "models" beautiful!

DRINK N' DRIVE TRIKE RACE - Some teen games require you to not act your age, this is one of those games. After separating your teens into teams or allowing them to create their own, give to each of the teams a tricycle. Create an obstacle course for your riders to follow. When they reach the end, have them drink something from a baby bottle and ride the trike back to all of their teammates. The next person on their team does the same thing. The team who is able to get through their teammates first will win the game.


Here's a fantabulous selection of printable teen birthday party games, which are a great party add-on to just about any theme.

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