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Fun And Fabulous Teen Birthday Party Locations
To Consider For Holding Your Next Par-Tay!

For many, the thought of holding a birthday party at home is a daunting task. You immediately think of having to do "the big clean" before the party, "the big clean" after the party, and then everything else in between. As a result, many businesses evolved into also being birthday party places by providing areas and/or party packages to eliminate "the big clean" for those seeking an alternative to a home party.


To help get you started in trying to figure out where you might host your teen's upcoming party, here are a few of the more popular teen birthday party locations that you might want to consider for your next party:

Amusement Parks & Theme Parks - If you live near any of the "biggies" like Disneyland, Disney World, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, etc. then you've got it made in the shade. If you happen to live in Canada and love roller coasters, Canada's Wonderland offers a whopping 16 of them as of this writing. You can be twisted, go upside down, whip around corners, go backwards, and take nose dives that'll make your toes curl, your heart stop, or your guts hurl. One of these amusement parks might just be the perfect party location to occupy everyone all day and night. So much to do and so little time. You'll certainly have no problem creating a great birthday memory!

amusement park  image

Arcades - If you opt for an arcade party, parents, be sure to prepare your ears ahead of time as they are loud--I mean extremely L-O-U-D! Between the music blaring, the arcade equipment making all sorts of bells, whistles, rings, sirens, etc. sounds, along with kids screaming, you will indeed be doing some hard time. I guess if this is what your teen really wants for their birthday party, then you can tolerate anything for a few hours.


Baseball Party - Two options. Take your clan to a professional or college game. If they're truly baseball fans they'll think this is really cool. Of course, everyone should have the infamous All-American fare while at the park--the hot dog. On the way home you'll surely have to stop somewhere to feed those teens as they do have hollow legs. Perhaps pizza and presents afterwards might be an option to consider.

In the alternative, you can stay closer to home and have your teens play a game of baseball at a local field which could be rented. This way you won't have to worry about others trying to horn in on your territory. After the game, everyone can enjoy pizza and birthday cake in the dugout or perhaps there's a BBQ handy and mom or dad can do their thing and serve up--you guessed it--hot dogs!

Basketball Party - This option might sound a bit familiar as it's basically the same as the baseball party option but you do it basketball style. Start by going to a college or professional basketball game. Afterwards you can stop and enjoy some pizza.

If your teens would rather be a part of the game, then you might want to rent a local rec hall and let them wear themselves out playing B-Ball. This is a great option if your teens are truly lovers of the game. Rec halls definitely have party areas for to serve up food, so you'll be able to break out the pizza and cake with no problem.


sand castle   image

Beach Party - Assuming the weather cooperates and you have access to a beach, this can be a great location for a birthday party. You can make it an all-day affair or if you're up for the challenge--start in the a.m. and go to the late p.m. All you have to do is put up a few canopies, add some deck chairs and towels, portable tables for food, and perhaps a few tiki lights for bugs and lighting. Add some music, good food, fun games, lots of sunscreen, and you've got a recipe for success!

Beauty Salon - Treat your guests to an afternoon of beauty. If you're contemplating whether this is a viable option since the plan is to invite a few guys--the answer is a resounding yes! Don't let their rough and tough macho exterior fool you into believing they wouldn't enjoy a bit of grooming and pampering. I know this firsthand as I happen to be a licensed esthetician.

Many times salons will offer special rates for reduced services to tweens and teens having a birthday party. For example, they might have a package deal where they can receive a simple manicure and pedicure, along with a half-hour facial. You can also lessen the expense by going to a local beauty school. They too will wheel and deal!


bowling alley   image

Bowling - Bowling alleys have become a "staple" for a lot of parties. They usually have a party room and offer various party bowling packages to select from, depending upon the age of the guests. When hosting a bowling birthday party, teens will enjoy an all-night affair where music abounds, dancing is an option, video games can be played, plenty of fun munchie type foods and pizza is served, and of course lots of bowling is available.

Some facilities even offer black light bowling with fluorescent pins, extreme bowling, or cosmic bowling, which are always fun options which will instantly add to the party atmosphere and kick it up a notch.

Community Center - Rent out your local community center and decorate it according to your chosen theme. You're only limited by your imagination, as these facilities are usually quite large and offer many built-in options. For example, ample dance floor, full kitchen, tables and chairs, easy parking, etc.


Concert - If your tween or teen has a favorite band and they are appearing at a nearby location, perhaps you could treat your teen's closest friends to the concert. Depending on the time you might consider having pizza and cake before or after it is over.

Cooking School - If your teen loves to cook or bake, and you live in an area where there is a local cooking school, you might see if your guests could take a cooking lesson and hold their party afterwards while enjoying their creations.


Craft Class - Check with your local fabric and craft stores to see what classes they might offer for birthday parties. The project will be one that can be completed in a few hours. In my area, they have several options from which to select, along with providing pizza after the class. All you have to do is add the birthday cake. The price includes basic party decorations, all the supplies needed to complete the craft project and the pizza.

Dance Studio - Find out what dance lesson options are available in your area. If you can get your teens to think outside of the box, they might consider a ballroom dancing lesson, followed by a proper tea party. If they'd rather get down and get funky then you could schedule a modern dance lesson. If they'd like to experience a blast to the past then perhaps the tango, cha cha, the stroll, disco--your options are endless. Obviously, this could easily spin into creating the theme of the party.


Football Party - Here we go again--deja vu--just like the baseball and basketball party options, a football party can be done the same way. Start the day out by going to a professional or college game and enjoying some pizza and cake afterwards.

In the alternative, you could rent a local football field and have those energetic teens suit up, grab that pigskin, and tame those raging hormones with a bit of physical activity. After they've had their fill of playing football you can serve up some pizza and birthday cake and send those stinky teens to the showers.

Gymnastics - This party is generally best for young children or perhaps tweens, unless of course there are options for an older audience. Things like bungee jumping will certainly get your teens excited in both directions. Yes they want to do it; no way will they do it. Either way, they'll all enjoy watching their brave friends take the plunge.

If there's an option for a cheer party available, your up and coming cheerleaders would probably enjoy receiving personalized instructions for cheerleading, doing basic stunts, and dance moves.


Horse Riding Party - Your guests can learn how to ride a horse and take a short, escorted guided ride to an area where a picnic could be held or a BBQ could be done.

IMAX - If there is an IMAX theatre nearby, you might consider taking the crew to the movies, followed by--you guessed it--pizza and birthday cake.


ice skating rink   image

Ice Skating Rink - This type of party is best for tweens and teens. If your group still can find enjoyment in roller skating, they may very well find a new love in ice skating. There is a bit of a learning curve in making the transition of going from roller rink to ice, but they'll have fun trying to make it happen. These facilities always have party rooms available so you'll easily be able to add the food element and party decor to make it a memorable day.

Indoor Sports Plex - Many of these complexes offer the opportunity to play an indoor game of basketball, football, soccer, flag football, hockey, lacrosse, skating, and more! They also have great party rooms and lots of birthday party packages from which to select.


Laser Tag Arena - This is one of the best options for many tweens and teens who love the thrill of the chase and some good old-fashioned competition. Laser tag facilities most definitely cater to groups and provide many birthday packages from which to select. If you have a competitive and energetic group that must be entertained, laser tag should probably be high on the list of considerations.

Magician - Everyone enjoys a good magic trick, especially when they are Las Vegas style. so, if you're thinking of taking your teens to this type of an event, be sure that it is age-appropriate and not geared toward a younger audience, otherwise you'll lose them very quickly. In other words, if the magician can't close the curtain and instantly reopen it and have an airplane sitting on the stage, perhaps you should take a pass.


Martial Arts - Check with your local martial arts studio and see what kind of birthday packages they offer. Larger facilities generally provide a lesson, followed by a pizza lunch in a party room that can be decorated. If you're entertaining a group of teen or tween girls, perhaps a self-defense lesson could be given--this way they learn a little bit about protecting themselves from someone other than mom or dad and have fun in the process.

Miniature Golf - If you teen is a golf enthusiast, they will certainly enjoy a birthday party at the local miniature golf course, which usually offer various party packages. Also, be sure to check to see if they offer glow or cosmic miniature golf at night, where everything glows under black lights. Obviously, this is the way to go--more fun to be had.


race car   image

Motor Sports - If you have any facilities in your area or nearly that offer Indy race cars, virtual race simulators, bumper boats, bumper cars, and Whirly Ball, which is a fast-paced game that combines lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and bumper cars, then you've got a lot of built-in activities from which to select. Teens will love it!

Movie Fest - Check with your local theatres to see if they offer any special birthday movie parties. For example, if you have a sufficient number of teens, they might allow you to have a private showing of a particular movie of your choice. You'll also want to find out if they offer any party packages where everyone gets popcorn, a drink, and a box of candy as part of their package.


Museum - If you live near a great museum, you might want to look into the packages they offer. You can combine an afternoon of fun learning followed by a fabulous birthday lunch and cake. Be sure to have everyone step it up a bit with their attire--they may complain, but deep down they'll all enjoy getting spiffed up a bit.

paintball   image

Paint Ball Facilities - This option is right up there with laser tag; it's pretty much a toss of the coin. If you have a group of teen guys, this is a great option for them to burn off excess energy and channel their little boy desires to play with guns.


Parks - The sky's the limit. Bring out the toys (volleyball, Frisbees, paddle ball, croquet, badminton, etc.), erect the canopies, add some food, and you're good to go for hours on end.

Planetarium - Plan a party so you can all enjoy a fun and educational show with scenes of the planets and stars from the past and present. Afterwards, everyone could go out for a nice lunch or dinner and finish off the birthday celebration.


swimming pool   image

Pool Party - This is a terrific option for tweens, and teens. Many public facilities rent out their pool and surrounding area for parties. This way, the only guests you see will be your own. Much easier to keep track of everyone. Some places offer food options for parties and others provide picnic tables and allow you to B.Y.O.F. (bring your own food). Either way all you need to do is be sure to bring plenty of pool "toys" like floats, noodles, pool basketball, pool volleyball, etc. and you'll be able to entertain the troops for hours on end.

Restaurants - Rent the party room at your teen's favorite restaurant and create a theme to coincide with their interests. This is a great way to have good food, contain everyone in a specific area, and enjoy one another's company. Be sure the room is large enough to engage in a few games to keep the troops interested and engaged.


Recording Studio - If your teen enjoys singing, perhaps an opportunity to record their #1 hit with their friends might be in order. If you don't have access to an actual recording studio, then karaoke is your next best option. Follow it up by having pizza at a local restaurant that has a party room, along with incorporating a few fun party games and you've got a memorable birthday on the horizon.

Rock Climbing - Hold your party at a specialized indoor gym where they offer indoor rock climbing. Just be sure the facility offers enough of a challenge for energetic teens. If it's too easy, you'll lose their interest quickly. Once again, these types of facilities usually offer party packages and have a room available for you to decorate and create your non-rock climbing party hoopla.


Rodeo - If you have cowboy and cowgirl teens to entertain, they'll love going to a rodeo. Combine that with some good old-fashioned BBQ and you'll have yourself one successful party.

roller skating rink   image

Roller Skating Rink - This type of party is great for young children, tweens, and some teens depending upon their interests. Of course, you'll instantly know whether this is an option or not. One thing that will instantly make this a more appealing option is to do it at night and the later the better. This alone will add teen appeal to the event. Also, be sure the rink offers special lighting effects--strobe, black light, etc. to keep teens interested. This is another one of those places that's geared towards orchestrating birthday parties. They should offer party packages so you'll have minimal party prep to do.


snow boarding   image

Snow Activities - Whether you opt for snow boarding, innertubes, cross-country or downhill skiing, you're sure to have a blast. It's next to impossible to take a group of teens to the snow with plenty of snow "toys" and not have fun. This is definitely at the top of the birthday list. It's also another all-day adventure, so you'll want to be sure to start early so you get the most bang for your buck.

Waterparks - If you are fortunate enough to be close to a waterpark, then you have built-in fun that will last all day and night. Most, if not all parks offer birthday party packages which include tickets for unlimited rides, plenty of junk and good food options, inner tubes, and a designated party area. This is a great choice for a tween or teen party. Just be sure you gear up mentally as you'll want to plan to get there early and stay until it closes. It's gonna be a long day for mom and dad, but time has a way of going rather quickly for teens and no one will want to leave early.


water slides   image

Water Activities - If you have a ski boat or can rent one, teens love to "play" on the water. Have a birthday picnic or BBQ on shore and you're good to go. Just be sure to have a few other boat "toys" aside from water skis like a ski tube, kneeboard, or wakeboard. This will not only offer a bit of variety, but if anyone is having trouble getting up on a pair of skis they might do better using a kneeboard or something else. This type of party is right up there in the top picks--it's a guaranteed success and everyone will want to do it again!

White Water Rafting - If you're looking to create not only a lifelong birthday memory for your teen, but host a unique, challenging and fun experience, a white water rafting trip might be the answer. No need to fear this excursion as the rafting companies offer trips that are designed for beginners. So if you need to entertain some thrill-seeking teens why not suck it up and take a romp in the rapids.


As you can see, there are lots of things that teens can enjoy doing in celebration of a birthday that will also serve to create some great memories. Hopefully, some of the above ideas have sparked your interest and you've zeroed in on a few options that you're considering for that upcoming teen birthday party. Now all you need to do is a little research so you can determine which one shall be the winner so to speak. Whatever you select, I hope it's the best party yet! Enjoy!

Teen Birthday Party Locations

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