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Fun 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Teddy Bear Party
A Great 1st Birthday Choice For A Fuzzy Wuzzy Good Time!

If you are looking for a theme that is sure to delight your beary special guests, a Teddy bear birthday party is a great selection. I personally used this theme for my son's first birthday and it worked out great! I also used his non-bear stuffed animals as party room decorations. I added party hats and bows to them to "party-fy" their appearance.

Anyway, you will find that you can easily create a beary special Teddy Bear Birthday Party for your little cubs that will be sweet, adorable and make for a perfect first birthday party to kick off all the parties to come. Below you will find ideas to help you host a memorable teddy bear 1st birthday celebration!


TEDDY BEAR PAW PRINT INVITATIONS – Start out with cardstock in the color of your choice, choosing a color that goes along with your party décor. Cut each piece of card stock in half to make two invitations out of each piece. Use a stamp to put bear paw prints all around the edges on the front of your party invitation, or you can use a stencil or draw them on yourself. In the middle of the front, write, “We’re “Beary” Happy to Invite You to a Day of Teddy Bear Fun.” Then, you can add all the party information to the inside of the invitations, adding more paw prints if you desire.

PAW PRINT SHAPED INVITATIONS – Another fun idea for your teddy bear party invites is to create invitations in the shape of a paw print. Use brown or black cardstock for these invitations. Online, find a paw print that you can use as a template, then cut your pieces of cardstock into the shape of the teddy bear paw print. Using a silver or white glitter pen, write “You’re Invited to a “Beary” Fun Birthday Party.” Use the glitter pen to write all the pertinent information on the back of the paw print. You can fold it to slip into an envelope or you can always deliver these cute invitations in person to your guests.

Teddy Bear Party Invitations

BEAR EARS INVITATIONS – Buy several pairs of bear ears headbands, which are easy to find online. Or, if you don’t want to spend the money buying the ears, you can always make your own. Once you have the ears, on small 3x5” pieces of cardstock, type out or write out all the important info for your teddy bear birthday party. Then, simply punch a hole in the little cards and use a pretty ribbon to tie the invite to the bear ears. Have fun delivering these by hand to guests. Make a note that little guests should wear their bear ears to the party.

HONEY JAR BEAR INVITATION – Everyone knows that bears love honey, so make a honey jar out of yellow or gold cardstock. You can find templates online to help if you don’t want to draw the jar by hand. After cutting out the honey jar, write “We’re Throwing a “Honey of a Birthday Party and Every Bear is Invited!” Don’t forget to make sure you add all the pertinent party information on the back of your honey jar.


Have your little bear cubs either wear teddy bear theme costumes or upon their arrival turn them into cute lil' bears and let your little guests be part of the decorations. Supply them with a big brown pompom that will be their “bear tail”--all you need to do is pin it to their cute little rears that will wiggle side to side when they walk. Too cute! Give everyone a pair of bear ears, the kind that are attached to a headband work best. Last but far from lease, give their sweet little mugs the look of a teddy bear with a bit of face paint. They’ll look adorable and those little bears crawling around your party will add to the overall décor and “bear” ambiance.

If you're thinking about dressing your little one in a Teddy Bear Costume, here are several great options for you to consider.


Give your designated party room a fun and festive transformation and bring the teddy bear atmosphere to life. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:
  • For a Picnic Teddy Bear Party decorate in red and white. For a traditional Girl Teddy Bear Party use pink and white and for boys use blue and white. You can also use teddy bear brown and tan.

  • Add paw prints all around the party area. Cut out paw prints and then tape them to the walls, the floor and even the tables. You can even have paw prints on furniture or on the doors. Kids will have fun looking at all the fun bear paw prints everywhere throughout the party area.

  • Make a teddy bear cave for your little guests to explore. You can use some rolls of brown butcher paper or even some brown blankets and a few chairs to make your own little cave. Add some fun teddy bears and other toys to the cave and let your little “bears” have fun playing in the cave.

  • You can use a huge teddy bear (one that you have or you can buy one) along with a checkered red and white tablecloth to set up a photo area. Not only will it be a great place to take photos, but it will add to the party décor as well. Hang the tablecloth on the wall and put the hugest teddy bear you can find in front of the tablecloth. You can add other teddy bears if you want. Let parents bring their little ones over to have their picture snapped with the big bear and the checkered tablecloth will be the perfect background.

  • A fun centerpiece idea is to take a stuffed bear and a jar that says “honey” on it, placing the bear so it looks like he is holding the honey. You can even tie a couple balloons to the bears paws so it looks like the bear is holding onto the balloons.

Teddy Bear Party Decorations

  • Instead of tables for your little guests, you can spread out some pretty picnic blankets on the floor of the party area. Put stuffed bears on the corners to hold the corners down. Then parents can sit on the blankets with their little ones as they enjoy the tasty foods.

  • Teddy bear signs will also help you add to the party fun. Create signs from paper in your party colors. Then you can come up with creative, bear themed sayings to put on the signs. For example, you could write “Have a Honey of a Time,” “Welcome – We’re Beary Glad You’re Here,” “Park Your Paws Here,” or any other fun ideas your little bear brain might think of using.

  • Decorate and accent your ceilings to give little ones a bit of eye candy in the upwards direction. Streamers and clusters of balloons are of course party staples that will jazz up a room in a colorful way without having to spend too much money. You can twist two colors of streamers together or just one. Also, tie off some colorful ribbons to the balloons for added zest.

  • Gather as many teddy bears and other stuffed animals as you can to serve as accents to your shelves, mantels, tabletops, etc.

  • If you don't want to bother with having to wash a tablecloth, then go with a fun disposable option. You can get one that has your theme printed on it or go with a solid and add a colorful table runner down the center. To give it a bit more stability from little hands pulling it off the table, tie the corners with colorful curling ribbons to coordinate with your theme.

Teddy Bear Party Decorations

  • Use party colors to select plates, cups, napkins, and utensils.

  • Transform solid colored party hats into a teddy bear delight by adding some teddy bear stickers, ribbons, and glitter. Don't forget to jazz up a few hats for your stuffed bears who will be attending the party.

  • Of course your party tables will need some centerpieces. Start with a wicker basket, hang a couple of colorful cloth napkins over the edges, add a bit of shred, a fun and favorite teddy bear, and accent with balloons and ribbons.

  • Add teddy bear birthday banner on wall.

  • Get a teddy bear calendar and laminate the pages to use as placemats and favors for your guests to take home.

  • Hang teddy bear posters on the walls.

  • Attach Teddy Bear and 1st birthday mylar balloons to birthday teddy's high chair and helium balloons in party colors to guests' chair.

  • Make paper bees from construction paper and hang from ceiling with curling ribbon or use fishing line if you want it to look like they are flying.

  • Place largest teddy bear at entrance to house and attach helium balloons to the arm.

  • Be sure to greet guests in teddy bear style with a walkway of paw prints that lead them to where all the fun begins.

  • Don't let guests pass the party house by--be sure to put a big bouquet of balloons outside with a fun sign to let everyone know where your little cub's party is being held.


Here's an entire page with nothing but Teddy Bear Games and Activities, such as:
  • Exciting Teddy Bear Parade
  • Hot Teddy Bear
  • Teddy Bear Story Time
  • Teddy Bear Coloring Placemats
  • Teddy Bear Bucket Toss
  • Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunt
  • Edible Teddy Bear Oatmeal Play-Doh
  • Pudding Art
  • Honecomb Necklaces


GRILLED BEAR SANDWICHES - Using a bear shaped cookie cutter, cut out slices of bread and slices of cheese. Place a bear shaped slice of cheese between two pieces of bear shaped bread. Then, grill up the sandwiches. Arrange them on a platter and they’ll not only taste great, but they’ll add something “beary” special to your food tables too.

BEAR PORRIDGE – Make up some oatmeal (which is perfect for little ones) and use a bit of food coloring to make it a pretty, fun color. Serve it up with a sign that says “Bear Porridge.”

TASTY BEARY JELL-O – Make up Jell-O in a fun berry flavor. Serve it up in small bowls with a bit of whipped topping on top for a “beary” delicious berry treat.

HONEYED CHICKEN TENDERS – Make your own chicken tenders. Take strips of chicken, cutting them into smaller bit sized pieces. In a small bowl, combine ¼ cup of teriyaki sauce and ¼ cup of honey. Whisk together until well mixed. In another bolw, place some bread crumbs. Dip chicken pieces into the honey mixture, then coat with the bread crumbs. Bake at 425F for 15 minutes, ensuring chicken is done. Serve with honey mustard sauce on the side.

Teddy Bear Party Food Ideas

TEDDY GRAHAM S'MORES – Teddy Grahams are delicious, but make them even tastier by turning them into s’mores. Instead of melting everything together, make a s’mores trail mix with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and the Teddy Grahams.

BEARY TASTY YOGURT CUPS – Many little ones enjoy yogurt, buy little yogurt cups in berry flavors and serve them up to your young guests. Even parents will enjoy the cool, berry taste of the yogurt cups.

TEDDY BEAR MUNCHIES – Cut up fruits and veggies, such as apples, carrots and other options kids like. Label them as “Teddy Bear Munchies.”

BABY BEAR PUNCH - Mix together 1 can of Hawaiian punch and a 64-oz bottle of ginger ale or Sprite. Add an ice mold that has pieces of fruit frozen into it for a fun visual appearl


teddy bear party
Photo courtesy of: Kristin A.
CUPCAKE MINI BEARS – Make double the amount of cupcakes as you have guests, since you’ll need two cupcakes for every “mini bear.” Bake chocolate cupcakes and then remove the liners. Frost half of the cupcakes on top using some chocolate icing. Then, place one of the unfrosted cakes on it upside down. Use a toothpick to secure the two cakes together. Frost both cupcakes on every side using some chocolate icing. Using Oreo cookies, break cookies in half, adding to the top of the bears as ears. Use small candies to create a mouth, nose and eyes. They’ll make adorable cakes to serve at the party, or you could send them home as cute party favors.

CUPCAKE BEAR FACE – This is such an easy idea for a teddy bear cake. Bake enough cupcakes for all your guests, making a few extra. Place them on a big piece of cardboard covered with foil and arrange into the shape of a teddy bear had. Frost 2 cupcakes in blue for the eyes, do 2 cupcakes in pink for the ears, and another cupcake in pink for the nose. Ice the rest of the cupcakes in brown. Using a bit more pink icing to draw a mouth coming down from the pink nose.

Teddy Bear Party Cake Ideas

3-D TEDDY CAKE – Buy a 3-D teddy bear pan, which is easy to find online. Follow directions included to make the cake and then decorate it according to the included directions as well. Make sure you have a base for the cake, such as a piece of cardboard that is covered with parchment paper or foil.

HONEY JAR CAKE – Bake a cake in a Pyrex bowl. Decorate it with pale yellow icing. In white, write the word, “Honey” on the side of the “honey jar.” Add a happy birthday message to the cake as well. You could even use a darker yellow icing on top of the “jar” to make it look like honey is in the jar. Arrange the cake next to a bit teddy bear on your food tables to make it look like the cake is the bear’s jar of honey.

For some more teddy bear party ideas for cakes, check out our TEDDY BEAR CAKES photos and how-to tips. They are nothing less than fun and fabulous!


Fill cellophane bags with mini teddy bears, snack-size Gummy Bears or Teddy Grahams. Teddy bear stickers, teddy bear coloring book, and bubbles.

Teddy Bear Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Teddy Bear Party Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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