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Fun And Fabulous Teddy Bear Party Games
To Make Your Teddy Bear Picnic Party Beary Special!

If you have decided to have a Teddy Bear Picnic Party for your child, click on over to discover some fun ideas that will help you to make a beary special picnic party for your little cubs. Once you have your party particulars figured out, you will want to be sure to plan some teddy bear games to insure everyone has a good time and a few laughs.

As you work on creating that fun-filled teddy bear party for your child, scroll on down this page to check out some teddy-tastic party games that will compliment a teddy bear party nicely. You will soon discover these games have a teddy bear picnic flavor to them and will have your little cubs celebrating in teddy bear style!

Create a fun-filled teddy bear picnic theme party and you'll have all your beary special guests celebrating in teddy bear style! Here's some games with a teddy bear picnic flavor to consider:


TEDDY BEAR CAVE - Make a teddy bear cave by covering tables with brown blankets, sheets, or paper. Add toys and let kids play and explore.

TEDDY BEAR PICNIC PARTY HATS - Give each child a small cone hat and have them decorate it with teddy bear stickers, pom-poms, buttons, sequins, etc. Upon completion, they can adorn their teddy bears with the hats.

DRESS YOUR TEDDY - Before party, cut out teddy bear shapes from brown card stock. A cookie cutter works great. Then create various teddy bear clothes, e.g., vests, shorts, shirts, dresses, bows, ties, shoes, etc. from fabrics, scrapbook paper, or construction papers. Give each child a glue stick, a pair of wiggly eyes, a brown or black pom-pom for the nose, and a red mouth from yarn or construction paper. Have kids decorate their bears.

TEDDY BEAR PAWS #1 - Either purchase hand print kits or make your own clay or plaster to create a memorable "paw print."

TEDDY BEAR PAWS #2 - Create bear paw prints with black paint on a smooth rock. Have child dip each of their fingers into paint and then press onto rock. Paint black circle in center for bear paw pad.

TEDDY BEAR PARTY GAMES - BEE TOSS - Paint 3 terra cotta pots yellow. Write "HONEY POT" on each pot with a thick, black Sharpie or paint it on with black paint. Make bee bodies with yellow felt. Glue or sew black stripes on yellow felt. Sew edges leaving an opening so you can fill them with beans or split peas. Glue or sew opening. Add eyes. Line up the pots at various distances and have kids throw bees into honey pots. Various point values are assigned to each pot based on distance. The child who gets the most bees into the honey pots with the highest score, wins!

TEDDY BEAR HUNT - Fill large plastic Easter eggs with treats and prizes. Decorate eggs with teddy bear stickers. Hide the eggs and let the kids find them. Keep a few extras on hand, in case some of the kids have trouble finding any eggs so you can give them their fair share.

TEDDY BEAR PARTY GAMES - DON'T SPILL THE HONEY - Divide the kids into 2 teams and give each team a large serving spoon and a bowl of unpopped popcorn (honey). When you say go, 1 child from each team scoops out a spoonful of popcorn, runs to the finish line, and puts their popcorn into an empty bowl. They run back to the starting line and hand-off the empty spoon to their teammate who repeats the process. Whoever gets all of their popcorn to the other side first wins. If children are a little older, if they spill any popcorn on their way to the finish line, then they must bend over and pick-up the kernels, place them back into their spoon, and proceed to the finish line.

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