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If the time has come to celebrate birthday #1, then you might want to consider a Teddy Bear Party. It certainly makes for an adorable 1st birthday celebration, especially when all the kids favorite teddies are also invited to the party. But don't let your planning stop here, be sure to have a few teddy bear party games at the ready.

To help you out a bit, I created this game and activity page which provides great activities for little tots to play and will work nicely with a Teddy Bear party theme. These games are geared toward little ones and also provide ample opportunities to play with mom and/or dad in a fun and constructive way. So, if you are throwing a Teddy Bear Party for your little teddy's 1st birthday and haven't got all of your fun-time, play-time games figured out, then allow me to throw a few your direction and see if any of the following sounds like something you'd like for your little teddy guests to enjoy:


EXCITING TEDDY BEAR PARADE – Make sure that you have plenty of teddy bears on hand for this game and you will want some musical instruments as well. Great musical instruments include tambourines, maracas, kazoos, and other easy to play instruments that kids will enjoy. Give each child a bear as well as a musical instrument. Then, play some cool teddy bear music and have kids walk around in a parade (or have parents help them) as they play their noisy instruments. The kids will enjoy making noise and parading around with the cuddly teddy bears.

HOT TEDDY BEAR – For this game, you will need one teddy bear that is small enough for your young guests to easily handle. Seat your young guests in a circle, having them sit in their parent’s lap if they aren’t big enough to sit well on their own. Play some fun music and then have them pass the teddy bear around the circle, much like the old game favorite, hot potato. However, for this game, when the music ends, the person holding the teddy bear gets a prize. Continue playing the hot teddy bear game until all your little guests get to win a cool teddy bear themed prize.

Teddy Bear Games & Activities

TEDDY BEAR STORY TIME – Kids of this age really love it when someone reads to them and it’s great for their development as well, so make sure you have a teddy bear story time at your teddy bear birthday party. Pick a fun teddy bear themed book and read it expressively to your young guests, but choose a book that is not too long so you do not lose their attention. Some great story book ideas to use for your teddy bear story time include “Where’s My Teddy,” which is written by Jez Alborough, an old favorite, “The Teddy Bears Picnic, “written by Jimmy Kennedy,” “Going on a Bear Hunt,” written by Michael Rosen, and another fun book, “That’s Not My Teddy,” which is a touchy feely book by Fiona Watt.

TEDDY BEAR COLORING PLACEMATS – Find some teddy bear themed coloring pages and print them off for the web, or you could copy some pictures from teddy bear themed coloring books. Give each child two coloring pages and some crayons, having them color the pictures. They may need to have some help and supervision from adults to color the pages. Then, they can add some teddy bear themed stickers to their coloring pages as well. Once the little ones finish coloring, place a piece of thin cardboard in between the two pages that they colored, gluing the pages to the cardboard. While the kids are busy with something else, use contact paper to cover each of the “placemats.” When it is time to eat, let kids use their cool placemats. They can be wiped off when kids are done eating and then sent home as a cool favor that they can use again and again.

Teddy Bear Games & Activities

TEDDY BEAR BUCKET TOSS – Take a plastic bucket and tape a picture of a teddy bear on the outside or sit the basket between the legs of a big teddy bear. Give each child some small bean bags. Have them stand (with some help) or sit about 3 feet away from the bucket. Allow them to throw 3-5 bean bags at the bucket, seeing how many they can get inside of the bucket. If they aren’t too coordinated, you can let them crawl up to the bucket and place the bean bags right inside of the bucket.

TEDDY BEAR SCAVENGER HUNT – Find some small teddy bears (not small enough to be a choking hazard) and before you start the party, hide several of the teddy bears around the party area on the floor where it will be fairly easy for your young guests to find them. When it’s time, have your little guests crawl around the party area looking for the teddy bears. Once one child finds a teddy bear, they get a prize and no longer have to keep searching. Make sure every child finds a teddy bear, even if they require some help from the adults to do so. Have cool prizes or simply let the little ones keep the teddy bear that they found as a fun, cuddly prize.

Teddy Bear Games & Activities

EDIBLE TEDDY BEAR OATMEAL PLAY-DOH - Make some baby play-doh which consists of 1 part flour, 2 parts oatmeal and 1 part water.

Let babies eat and play with dough. Have Cheerios, corn flakes, Rice Krispies, graham cracker teddys, animal crackers, raisins, coconut, and sprinkles available to mix into dough.

PUDDING ART - Give each baby some pudding and wax paper and let them create a picture and eat their art work as they go along.

HONEYCOMB NECKLACES - Let the baby bears create edible necklaces with string and honeycomb cereal or Gerber Graduates Wagon Wheels.

first birthday party gamesMore 1st Birthday Party Games - These games have nothing to do with a Teddy Bear Birthday Party, but they are perfect for little tots to play, learn from, and enjoy.

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