Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

by Hailey Hamilton
(Albertville, Alabama)

Tiny Teddy Bears Make It Terriffic!!

Tiny Teddy Bears Make It Terriffic!!

It was a big deal when my baby boy turned one and I wanted to throw him a first birthday party that would be fun for the little ones and all the adults that attended with their babies. I had a tough time coming up with a theme, but finally I decided on a teddy bear party. After all, my son loves his teddy bears, his room is decorated in teddy bears and teddy bears are just so cute and cuddly, making the perfect theme idea for a one year old.

Decorating for the teddy bear party was so easy. I pulled out a lot of the decorations from my son’s bedroom to help decorate. Since it was all about teddy bears, I had several friends with small children bring all the teddy bears they had on hand to add to all the ones I had. I used teddy bears around the room for the little ones to play with and added them around the room and to tables to add to the overall teddy bear décor. I even found some great wall clings that were teddy bear themed to go on the walls.

To keep all the little guests busy, I had Berenstain Bear movies and books available. I had my husband read a book to everyone and then while we helped the little ones enjoy the birthday feast, we kept the Berenstain Bear movies on to keep them happy.

I’ve never decorated a cake myself, so I was a bit leery of trying this for the first time. I wanted a cake that went with the teddy bear party theme, but I also wanted to keep it simple enough that I could accomplish it. I decided to go with a chocolate layer cake – after all, most kids just love chocolate cake. I iced the layer caked with chocolate icing. Instead of trying to create bears myself, I bought cute fondant bears that were premade from a local cake baker and added them to the top of the cake so each piece of cake had its own little tasty bear.

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