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If sophistication, dressing up, having a spot of tea and a crumpet or two sounds like a good time to you, then you might want to plan a tea party to entertain all your hoity-toity friends. Even if your friends aren't pretentious, haughty or prone to putting on airs, they will all probably still enjoy an afternoon of high tea.

Below you will find some great ideas that will help you create a wonderful tea party for all your adult friends. In fact, this is the kind of affair that the men could easily attend--okay they might come kicking and screaming, but done right they too can have a good time. I have developed this page which contains lots of great ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

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DOILY INVITATION #1 - Provide your party info to your guests by writing the info onto one side of a heart-shaped white doily. If you know how to do calligraphy all the better. Run a colorful ribbon through the holes on the outer edge and tie it off with a sweet little bow.

DOILY INVITATION #2 - Write party details on a white paper doily, decorate with tea-related stickers, laminate, put it into a pretty colored envelope and then either hand-deliver it to your guests or mail it out.

POSTCARD INVITATIONS - Send postcards which depict teapots, teacups, or tea-related pictures as your invitations. Include pertinent tea party info of date, time, location, RSVP, tea party attire required, etc.

Tea Party Ideas For Invitations

TEAPOT & TEACUP INVITATIONS - Either purchase or cut out teapot and teacup-shaped cards and write party details on the back.

POP-UP INVITATIONS - Here's some cute tea party invitations that will have your guests "popping" with delight!

TEA BAG INVITATIONS - Either use a die cut or cut the silhouette of a cup and saucer from card stock. Write party details on card stock, attach to a tea bag, and send them on their way to your guests.


Guests should come dressed for a proper tea; this will add to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the party as a whole. Ladies should wear wide-brim hat with flowers and tea-length dresses. Men should come in suits or could even sport an 1800's dress coat and pants.


Tea Party Ideas For Decorations
  • Decorate a birdcage with flowers to coordinate with your color scheme and hang from your ceiling or set it upon a high small table as an accent.
  • Decorate room with vases of freshly cut flowers and/or rose topiary centerpieces.
  • Play soft, classical music in the background.

  • Scatter tablecloth with flower petals.

  • Use china cups and saucers. If you don't have enough for all your guests, you can request they each bring a set.

  • Be sure to have decorative serving pieces, e.g., sugar tongs, sugar bowl, creamer pitcher, and serving trays.

  • Be sure to cover teapots in decorative cozies to keep the tea hot.

  • Place lighted trees and archways around your party room to add ambiance.

  • Hang white glittered hanging dots as pictured above in your doorways to add a delicate feminine touch.

  • Place lighted candles in party colors throughout the party room.

  • Float lighted candles in shape of flowers in large bowls throughout party room.

Floral Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party Ideas For Decorations
  • Fill large, shallow glass bowls about halfway full of water. Add flower petals to the bowl, such as rose petals. Then, place a small floating candle in the bowl. Right before guests arrive, light the candles. They’ll add some mood lighting and the petals floating in the water with the candles will look elegant and beautiful.

  • Using plain white fabric, cut out some daisy shapes, making sure the daisies are larger than dinner plates. In the center, sew or glue on a round piece of yellow fabric. Make sure that the edges are trimmed and you may want to hem the edges for a nice finish. Use the daisies as placemats for your guests.

  • Make different kinds of flowers out of tissue paper, being sure to make them in several different colors that go along with your color palette for the party. Place tissue flowers on food and guest tables artfully.

  • Cut floral fabric into long, wide strips and tie to the back of the chairs.

  • If you decide to create a floral-related birthday tea party, select dark purple tablecloths, lavender overlays, and white dishes.

  • Place vases of lavender throughout the room or select flowers in shades of lavender.

Spring Birthday Tea Party

Tea Party Ideas For Decorations
  • Make a pretty centerpiece for your spring tea party by using pretty flowers and a teapot. Find a large, pretty teapot for the main attraction of the centerpiece. Place the teapot on a nice serving tray. Surround the teapot with flower petals. Then, place a bouquet of spring flowers in the teapot. Place in the center of one of your party tables, tying a pretty floral balloon to the teapot if desired.

  • For place cards, purchase small potted flowers and carefully paint the name of each guest on the pots. Place at place settings as place cards. Then, at the end of the party, let guests take home their personalized flower as a party favor.

  • Dogwood is one of the first flowers to bloom when spring arrives. Cut some dogwood branches and use them to line your tea party tables. You could also put them in a very tall vase and add to your tea table.

  • Purchase small flowering plants. Head to a local thrift store and purchase teacups in different styles in sizes. Plant flowering plants in the teacups and then place on tables and around the party area for a touch of spring.

  • Pink is always a great color for tea parties. Use dark pink tablecloths with light pink overlays, and dishes with pink roses.

  • Decorate room with vases filled with various pink flowers.

Fall Birthday Tea Party

  • Make leaves using cardstock in fall colors, such as gold, brown, red and orange. Write the name of each party guest on a separate leaf. Laminate the leaves and then use them as place cards for your fall birthday tea party.

  • For a pretty centerpiece, place tall sticks of cinnamon inside a teapot. Place the teapot on a tea serving tray, and then cover the tray with autumn leaves and flowers, making them go all around the teapot. You can place some Indian corn around the centerpiece as well.

  • Take a pumpkin and cut off the top. Hollow out all the pumpkin and seeds. Fill the pumpkin partway full of water. Then, put pretty mums in various fall colors in the pumpkin, arranging them for a beautiful fall bouquet.

  • If you are fortunate to have a fireplace, then keep it lit to add to the ambiance. If you don't have one then opt for lots of candles.

  • Contrast gold and red or burgundy dishes and linens.

  • If you opt for a formal sit-down affair, write guest's name on paper leafs, laminate, and use as a place card.

Summer Birthday Tea Party

Tea Party Ideas For Decorations
  • If you’re holding the summer tea party outdoors, hold it in the evening and decorate the area with pretty Chinese paper lanterns. You can add some LED lights to them, adding beautiful, soft light to your tea party.

  • In warmer climates, you may want to hold the party indoors. Bring the outdoors inside with you by surrounding the party area with pretty flowering plants or potted trees.

  • Add pretty galvanized buckets to tables, filling them with summer flowers.

  • Consider creating an outdoor oasis for your summer tea party, setting up a giant umbrella over the guest tables so they are shaded from the sun. Add colorful candles, such as citronella candles to keep bugs away while adding bright colors to the décor.

  • Contrast pale green and yellow linens and dishes.

  • Decorate room with vases of multi-colored floral arrangements.

Winter Birthday Tea Party

  • At the place settings for your guests, place large red paper doilies and use them as placemats for guests. You can laminate them with contact paper if desired to make them sturdier.

  • Bring in some bare tree branches and add white lights to the branches. Place them around the party area for some lovely lighting and a wonderful winter feel.

  • Make a centerpiece with pretty evergreens. Fill a large bowl with evergreen branches, placing a pretty red or green teapot right in the middle of the bowl. Add a few pinecones and some holly berries to the centerpiece. Sprinkle with some fake snow.

  • To make your party area cozy, add plenty of candles around the party area, but keep them mellow so they won’t overwhelm the delicious smell of tea.

  • Contrast navy and white linens and dishes with silver accents.

  • Hang glittery white snowflakes from fishing line across the ceiling at various lengths.


Setting aside a portion of your party time to include some Tea Party Games and Activities will help to keep your guests entertained and add to the overall tea party experience. This is especially true if you have a wide range of guests who don't know one another that well. The above link will take you to the page of the games listed below and provide you with all the info you need to incorporate them into your party.

  • Pip, Pip, Cheerio--what Did You Say?
  • Name That Tea
  • Tea Party Bingo
  • Board Games

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PINWHEEL SANDWICHES - Cut crust from whole wheat and white bread. Spread your favorite filling onto each slice of bread. Cream cheese or chicken salad are great filling choices. Roll bread up tightly. Cut each slice into quarter sandwiches and secure each quarter with a pretty theme toothpick. Cover and keep chilled until ready to serve.

FRUIT TRAY - Provide a tray of strawberries, sliced kiwi, grapes, balls of melons, blackberries, and raspberries. Serve with whipped cream.

FINGER SANDWICHES - Cut crusts from a variety of breads. Make sandwiches of ham and Swiss cheese; turkey and Colby Jack; etc. Add a little mayo, lettuce, etc. Cut each sandwich into fourths and insert decorative toothpick to hold together.

CRACKERS & CHEESE - Provide a tray of Pepperidge Farm crackers, along with a selection of various spreadable cheeses.

MINI CROISSANTS - Provide various cream cheese fillings, butter, jelly, and honey to be spread on mini croissants.

MINI QUICHE - Mini quiche with various fillings.

SCONES - Serve various scones with Devonshire clotted cream.

TRUFFLES - Sweet and elegant chocolate truffles placed on small doily-covered plates.

MINI TARTS - Mini cherry, peach, apple tarts.

VARIOUS TEAS - provide hot water and various tea bags and/or loose tea leaves. Provide slices of lemon, cream, honey, and sugars.


TEA PARTY CAKE - Cover a sheet cake with pale pink frosting. Pipe on a ruffle border in yellow. Pipe on dark pink flowers with green leaves in the 4 corners. Add the "Happy Birthday" message and decorate the top with a mini porcelain tea set.

TEAPOT CAKE - Bake 2 cakes in 2 bowls and 1 cupcake. Level out the top of the cakes and frost the cakes together to form the teapot. Level out top of cupcake and frost. This is the teapot lid. Shape a handle and spout and a round lid from marzipan and tint to desired color with food coloring. Attach handle, spout, and lid to cake. Decorate teapot with edible candies.

TEA PARTY CUPCAKES - Make or buy pastel cupcakes and insert them into these cute little tea party-ready cupcake wrappers.

To garner a few more ideas to help you ultimately create great TEA PARTY CAKES, I have gathered together some wonderful photos of cakes that would be very suitable for your high tea party.


If you would like to give your guests a party favor or two so they have a little something to remember their fun afternoon, the following are a few tea party favor ideas that might be of interest:
  • A floral teacup and saucer.

  • Small white basket filled with various tea bags, some English biscuits, and clotted cream.

  • Small potted plant with decorative foil and ribbon tied around the bottom of the plant.

  • Fill a cello bag with some loose tea and a mesh tea infuser ball.

  • Ceramic tea bag caddy with a tea bag or loose tea.

  • Decorative teacup and saucer with a tea light inside of the cup.

Tea Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Tea Party Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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