Tea Party Ideas - Tea Party Cake

by Tiffany
(Santa Barbara)

Colorful & Fun Tea Party Cake

Colorful & Fun Tea Party Cake

I recently threw a tea party birthday party for a girlfriend of mine and made this delicious cake. I had fun incorporating a lot of pretty spring colors and spent a good bit of time creating the colorful flowers that made the cake so special. The shape of the cake was easy to create. I used a round cake pan to create the bottom. Once the cake was done, I split it in half so I could add a filling in the middle. I used a small round pan for the top layer of the cake, also cutting it in half to add filling.

While I used yellow fondant for the background, you could use any color you like to make it go along with your own tea party ideas. The cake itself was white cake with delicious raspberry filling. It took some work, but all the compliments I got made it worth the extra effort.

If you need a few other tea party ideas, I decorated cupcakes to look like a mini version of the cake. Then I boxed them up and sent them home with my guests as party favors. To show off the cake, I used similar colors around the party area for decorations, making the cake the center of attention. All the girls had a great time and were really excited to take home their own mini version of the cake to enjoy later.

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