Tea Party Ideas - Elegant & Chic Birthday Cake

by Nivia A.
(Fleet, Hampshire)

The Cake Presentation Looks Like A Tea Party Hat

The Cake Presentation Looks Like A Tea Party Hat

If you wish to make this cake, the following steps will help you achieve that goal:

- Cover the cake in white sugar paste and try to get the top edge of the cake as sharp as possible.
- Cut a strip of paste as long as the circumference of your cake. I used a ribbon tool cutter.
- Make a bow
- Glue the strip into position and the bow as well
- Cut a round circle and place in the middle of the cake
- Add some flowers or roses plus the age of your client.
- Done!
- Cover the board by rolling the paste very thinly and creating some pleats and movement.

- This cake was inspired by another lovely cake designer. Her design is different from mine, and just seeing one of her cakes makes my imagination bloom :)
- The client also wanted a girly but serious cake.

- I used a Victoria sponge cake recipe filled with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

To see other beautiful cakes that may inspire you, please click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/44762208@N06/show/

One look at this cake and it literally screams “elegant tea party.” You may want to try making your own version of this cake using the excellent instructions offered by Nivia. Of course, you can use your own color scheme on the cake to make it go with your tea party color palette.

You may also want to get some tea party ideas for décor from this stunning tea party cake. For example, consider decorating for the party with flowers, ribbons and pearls. The lovely pink and white used in this cake is sure to make a great color palette. However, you can decorate with other colors, such as pale blues, deep rose or even pale purples. It is easy to find live flowers and pretty ribbons in any of those colors and fake pearls will look great with any of those colors as well.

If you need some fun tea party ideas for games, consider putting a bunch of fake strings of pearls in a jar. Before you put them into the jar, count the pearls on the strings. Display them in a beautiful jar and have guests try guessing how many pearls are in the jar. The prize goes to the person who guesses the number closest to the actual number of pearls in the jar.

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