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If you have decided to host an elegant Tea Party for your "high society" friends or perhaps not so high society, but nonetheless friends, then you might want to venture over and check out these great tea party ideas. If you are thinking that a spot of tea might be nice while you play some games, then you are in the right place, as you must be looking for some party games that would complement an adult tea party.

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An adult tea party can be quite fun and it's a perfect theme for anyone who loves the Victorian era. Also ladies, if you enjoy dressing up with large, picture hats and lacy dresses and having your man in a pin-striped suit, this may be the party for you. So, if you have decided to have a Tea Party birthday, here are some great game options to check out that would be a perfect add-on to this type of party:


TEA LEAVES PICTIONARY – If you need tea party games for adults, adults are sure to enjoy playing this tea-themed version of Pictionary. Before the party, create some cards that have tea-themed words on them. Break up your tea party guests into several different teams. Give each team a selection of tea leaves and open a few cheap teabags to give them some finer “leaves” as well, which are a lot simpler to make into shapes. One team member will draw a card and then they have to use the leaves to make a picture and the team tries to guess what the word is. The person “drawing” cannot talk. You will be amazing at the pictures created from tea leaves and everyone will have a fabulous and hilarious time.

TEA TRAY MEMORY GAME – Another idea for tea party games is to play the tea tray memory games. Find a nice tea tray and put a variety of tea themed items on the tray. Items you can place on the tray include notebooks, sugar packs, teabags, tea leaves, teacup, bookmark, pen, teaspoon, tea saucer, mini candle, etc. Cover the tray with a tea towel. Uncover the tray and go around showing guests the tray, letting them look at the tray for a several seconds. Then, after covering the tray again, give each person a pen and paper and give them 2 minutes to write down as many things as they can remember. See who can remember the most tea items correctly and award that person a prize.

READING THE TEA LEAVES GAME – Some people think that you can see the future by reading the tea leaves after drinking a cup of tea. You can have some fun using this idea. Have everyone drink a cup of tea, leaving just a bit of liquid on the bottom, and then when they are done, swirl the dregs around a bit and then turn cup upside down on the tea saucer. The liquid should drain out and then the cup should be placed right side up again. Look at the tea leaves to see if shapes can be seen and have guests have fun making up funny predictions for other guests based on the things that they see in the tea leaves. It will be funny to see what people come up with while you play this game.

PIP, PIP, CHEERIO--WHAT DID YOU SAY? - Since tea time is big in England and my husband, his mother, along with many of their other relatives were born in England, I have had many opportunities to hear the cockney of the British, thus the following game.

Give everyone some paper and a pen or pencil. The game starts out by having someone call out, one by one, the following list of items. As this is done, everyone will write down what they think the British word or phrase is for whatever you have called out. Whoever has the most correct answers is the winner.

English Expression

1. Brilliant
2. Shut up
3. Good-bye
4. Cup of tea
5. Cookie

6. Trash
7. Diaper
8. Bribe
9. Useless, junk, trash
10. Bothered

11. Desire
12. Sell
13. Full of beans
14. Elevator
15. Call me

16. Really upset
17. Bad luck
18. Put in prison
19. Very good
20. Friend

21. Gullible
22. Good job
23. Steal
24. Cheap
25. Crazy

British Translation

1. Ace
2. Belt up
3. Pip, pip, cheerio
4. Spot of tea
5. Biscuit

6. Rubbish
7. Nappy
8. Bung
9. Duff
10. Fagged

11. Fancy
12. Flog
13. Loads of energy
14. Lift
15. Give us a bell

16. Gutted
17. Hard lines
18. Her Majesty's pleasure
19. Jolly
20. Mate

21. Mug
22. Nice one
23. Nick
24. Peanuts
25. Potty

Tea Party Games

NAME THAT TEA - Make a wide variety of different teas. Pour a small cup of tea for each guest. A demitasse cup and saucer work well for this event. Have your guests try and figure out what kind of tea it is by the smell, taste, and viscosity.

TEA PARTY BINGO - Cut out of cardstock a large teapot shape and mark off squares to create your bingo surface. Write tea party-related things in the squares like teabag, teapot, teacup, saucer, crumpets, flowers, doily, etc. As you play the game, use tiny pastel-colored mints to cover the squares.

BOARD GAMES - Set up tables with checkers, Scrabble, chess, dominoes, Yahtzee, decks of cards, etc. and let your guests mingle with one another and play a few games.

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