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Sweet 16 cakes are considered to highly important to the parents and guardians that are planning a 16th birthday party, as well as to the young ladies that are celebrating this very important age in their lives. So, if you're planning a Sweet 16 soiree, keep reading and check out the great cake photos and discover how you too can easily make a cake.

Sweet 16 Cakes – Creating a Memorable Birthday Celebration for the Young Lady in Your Life

The sweet sixteen birthday party is a milestone event that celebrates a young girl turning sixteen years of age in the North American region. These parties are also provided to teenage girls in Canada. While it is true that many families are now throwing these types of parties for males that are turning sixteen years old, they are most commonly provided for girls. These parties may be casual, or they may be semi-formal. In some instances, the parties are formal.

We have posted numerous images of sweet 16 cakes on this page. We would like to invite you to browse through these photographs for inspiration on creating your own cake for a sweet 16 birthday celebration.


sweet 16 birthday cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Cakes by Lindsey U.


sweet 16 birthday cakes images
Photo courtesy of: Designable Dream


sweet 16 birthday cakes images
Photo courtesy of: L3 Cake Creations


sweet 16 birthday cakes images
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sweet 16 birthday cakes images
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Cake Submitted By:
Sydney - Macon, Georgia
Christina's Sweet 16

sweet 16 birthday cakes

It was my daughter's 16th birthday, and I had been taking a fondant cake decorating class in my spare time. So this cake turned out way better than expected!

The cake itself is a 14-layer buttercream cake. I would recommend putting cake in refrigerator for a day or two before decorating.

I decorated this cake using fondant and color gels. The fondant was store bought. I used food color gels to color my fondant. I then covered the cake in pink fondant. I then did cut outs of green and balls of black fondant to design the cake.

It was a huge hit.


Now that you have observed the many different varieties of sweet 16 birthday cakes, it is time to consider how to create your own. The first step is to determine the color scheme that you are utilizing for the birthday party celebration. Most parties integrate combinations of pink, white, and black; however, there are other popular color schemes such as purple and black and blue and black. Once you have determined what colors you will use, you must consider how many guests will be attending the celebration and how much money you have to purchase special supplies for the cake design, such as cake pans and toppers. If you are interested in getting started right away, you may utilize the following instructions to create a memorable birthday cake:

Instructions on How to Create Beautiful Pink and Black Sweet 16 Cakes

Items Needed:

  • Square Cake Pan
  • Square Cake Tray
  • 2 Boxes White Cake Mix
  • Black Gel Paste
  • Hot Pink Fondant
  • Black Fondant
  • Pink and Black “16” Cake Topper

Step 1: Combine the white cake mix batter with the black gel paste to create black cake batter.

Step 2: Place the batter in the pan and bake it. Once the cake is finished baking, be sure to allow it to cool.

Step 3: Cover the cake tray with black fondant.

Step 4: Place the cake on the tray.

Step 5: Lay out the pink fondant in strips and cut out black fondant strips. Lay them side by side and mesh them together to create one large pink and black fondant piece. Then, place the piece over the entire cake.

Step 6: Top the cake with the “16” cake topper.

Creating sweet 16 birthday cakes is a fun undertaking; however, great care, consideration, and patience is required to create a cake that will add a touch of fun to a sweet 16 party. By using the pictures on this page and the instructions that we have listed for inspiration, you are sure to uncover the inspiration required to create beautiful sweet 16 cakes.

Once you have made your cake, be certain to take pictures. Then, come back to this page and submit your pictures to us via the submission link that we have posted. In addition to this, you may share your tips and your stories on how to create sweet 16 birthday cakes!

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I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Sweet 16 birthday cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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