Survivor Party

by Diane T.
(Fresno, CA)

Cochran: I Didn't Mentally Prepare For This For 11 Years To Draw A Rock Out Of A Bag--I Will Figure This Out!

Cochran: I Didn't Mentally Prepare For This For 11 Years To Draw A Rock Out Of A Bag--I Will Figure This Out!

I planned a survivor party and it was a blast!

I made the invitations on brown colored scrapbook paper. I crumpled the paper and burned the edges to make it look worn and old.

As guests arrived, I gave them each a straw hat and a colored bandanna to signify their team.

I begged and borrowed and a bought a couple of palm trees to decorate the party area. I hung a fishing net on the wall and attached plastic fish to it. I also put up a lot of tiki lights.

We played several games. The one that was the most fun and challenging for some was the Eating Contest. I placed individual food items into Ziploc bags and put all the bags into a large grocery bag. While blindfolded, each person had to reach in, pull out a bag, open the Ziploc and then eat his or her item. Once that person finished eating their item, the next person on the team would do the same. The first team who ate all their food first was the winner. I used things like dill pickles, blue cheese, peeled grapes, cooked spaghetti and sauce, spicy deviled eggs, grapefruit juice and prune juice. We also had a scavenger hunt and played survivor trivia.

For food, I served rice, seafood and virgin daiquiris.

Now that survivor party sounds like one that I’d love to attend. I love the game idea that Diane provided. What a cool idea. I came up with a fun little twist to her game to try if you are looking for survivor party ideas for games. Start with the food items in a bag, making sure they cannot be seen. Split up into two or three teams, depending on how many people you have at the party. Then, blindfold the first contestants on each team. They should be given a bag to open and then they have to eat the food without being able to see it. The twist – they have to guess what they are eating. The next team member cannot go on until that individual guesses what they are eating. The team to finish all the items first wins.

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