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Fun And Fabulous Survivor Party Ideas
To Help Your Guests "outwit, Outplay & Outlast" One Another!

For someone who enjoys the outdoors and having exhilarating adventures, a survivor party is the perfect adult birthday party theme. “Survivor,” the show, started out as a reality show a few years ago and it quickly became a big hit.

Of course you'll want to set the proper Survivor mood and make your party feel like it’s straight from the show. To help with this endeavor I'll be providing you with a few survivor party ideas. As you begin to plan your party for your tribe of friends, you’ll want to be sure to create your own little Survivor island to ensure everyone definitely has a blast.

If you need a bit of help to get the planning started, here are some excellent survivor party ideas you can use for decorations, invitations, favors and more. Use a few of these ideas or use them to help you come up with your own for the perfect survivor birthday party. Calling all tribes--let's get ready to plan a party!


When you send out your party invitations to guests, you'll want to be sure that your invites give them a nice preview of your Survivor party theme. Although it’s possible to purchase great premade invitations that will fit in nicely with your Survivor theme, you can also have some fun making your own invitations with these great survivor party ideas for invites.

One great idea for DIY invitations is to make a cute tiki torch invitation, which can be made out of brown cardstock.

You may also want to make invitations that look like a beach scene. Start by using some ocean colored cardstock and then add sea shells and other sea life clip art to the invitation to make it look like the ocean and a beach. You can even add some glue and then sprinkle on some sand to help create an authentic-looking beach.

Another great idea is to create an exotic island invitation. Create an island scene with palm trees, sand and maybe even some exotic animals. Don’t forget to add in the party specifications as well.

It’s nice to use some creative wording inside your invitations as well. Here are some fun wording ideas that will go with your Survivor theme:

- Will you survive (Name’s) big birthday party?

- Come join the tribe for (Name’s) Survivor party.

- Visit the (Last Name) Island and see if you can survive.

To make it really feel like a survivor party, have your guests dress up like survivors. In the invitations, let guests know that they should show up in survivor costumes. Decide on the habitat and then guests can choose appropriate costumes that coincide.

For jungle habitats, guests can wear khaki shorts, safari hats, sandals, scarves and rubber shoes.

If you’ll be going with a beach habitat, guests can dress up in beach shorts and other beach survivor style costumes. Of course, these costumes should look a bit on the ragged and dirty side, since guests are supposed to be surviving in the wild.


As you’re deciding on the right survivor party ideas for decorations, remember that you want guests to feel like they’ve really entered into the “Survivor” show. While you probably can’t afford to have your party on a deserted island or in the middle of a jungle, you can decorate the party area to reflect these locations. Decide on your specific habitat, such as a beach, deserted island or a jungle habitat. Then you can choose decorations that go with the specific habitat you have chosen for your party.

Instead of using tables and chairs, go with bamboo mats laid out on the ground or the floor. Guests can sit on the mats during the party. After all, what survivor would have tables and chairs? To continue the survivor theme, you can take notes from the show and have two tribes at your party. Decorate an area for each tribe, giving each tribe their own banner so they know where they are supposed to be during the party.

If you’re going with a beach or island survivor theme, set the mood with some shells, sand and maybe some tiki lamps. Some palm trees will add to this atmosphere as well. In the background, a CD of ocean waves crashing in will really make guests feel like they are deserted on an island or a beach.

For a jungle habitat, use plenty of greenery to make the area feel like a jungle. Hang real ivy and vines around the area or you can find plastic vines and ivy to hang up. Fake snakes, lizards and other wild animals can be put around the area to really make it feel like a jungle.


Have fun planning some games for your survivor party. You want to keep everyone busy with games and activities that go along with your theme. When guests show up, allow them to start by coming up with tribe names if you’ll be having two tribes at the party.

You can also offer face paints that they can use to decorate themselves up so they can identify with their own tribe.

One survivor birthday party game idea is to have a worm eating competition, done with gummy worms of course. See who can eat the most gummy worms in two minutes.

Another fun idea is to have a limbo contest. You can get a limbo contest and see how good your guests are at shimmying under the limbo stick.

If you have a swimming pool, swimming relay races make for great survivor theme games as well.

Since many of the Survivor shows end up being held in tropical or exotic locations, some of the best survivor party ideas for food include exotic foods. After all the fun and games, everyone is sure to be hungry.

Use dishes that make use of various tropical and exotic fruits, such as mangos, coconuts, pineapple and more.

Of course, seafood is a great food option to serve as well. Serve cocktail shrimp, different types of fish, oysters, clams, crab cakes, and other seafood dishes.

Grilling your food is a great idea, since it goes along with the survivor theme. Not only can you serve up some exotic foods, but you should make sure you serve those foods in an exotic way as well. Instead of plates, use big banana leaves or plates that look like leaves. Shells can be used instead of cups. Have everyone eat on their bamboo mats for a survivor style way to enjoy all the great food.

For the drinks, serve up tropical style drinks, such as pineapple orange juice, mango punch, or even some tasty and cool fruit shakes or smoothies.


Your survivor party isn’t complete without an amazing cake. If you’re making the cake yourself, consider making an island scene sheet cake. Decorate the edges to look like water and then decorate an island with palm trees made out of icing.

Another great idea is to decorate a large sheet cake as a jungle theme, which will be a great choice if you’re going to have a jungle habitat for the party. You can also purchase cakes decorated with jungle, beach or island themes.


Send all your survivors home from the party with some great favors to thank them. One fun idea is to send everyone home with packs of gummy worms, bears or other gummy candy.

Lucky bamboo plants make an exotic favor that guests will be able to enjoy for a long time to come.

Tins of salt water taffy are sure to be well received, as are bags of seashell shaped chocolates which you can easily make or buy.

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Do you have some favorite Survivor party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Survivor party cakes and costumes.

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