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Fun And Fabulous Surprise Party Ideas
To Help You Create A Great Surprise Adult Birthday Party!

If someone you love is having a birthday, it’s fun to surprise them with a surprise birthday party. It’s always exciting to see the shock on someone’s face when they have been surprised by all their friends and family members.

Planning a surprise party can be fun and exciting, especially with the many great party ideas that you can use. Everything should be geared to surprise and celebration. If you need some great surprise birthday party ideas to help you get the planning started, check out some of the following ideas and tips that can help you decide on invitations, decorations, the menu, guest favors and more. Start planning as soon as possible by using these ideas to help you surprise that special person who deserves a wonderful birthday party.

Whatever you choose remember to have your guests arrive early and hide their cars so the unsuspecting honoree doesn't get a clue of what's about to happen.


Start planning your party by coming up with some great surprise party ideas for invitations. Of course, you’ll have to keep the party under wraps, so you have to be pretty sneaky with those invites. As you decide on your invitations, make sure that they communicate to guests that the party is supposed to be a surprise to the guest of honor. You don’t want someone to accidentally let the party plans slip before the big day rolls around. If you don’t have time to create your own party invitations, the great news is that it’s easy to find invites themed for surprise parties. Buy them at party supply stores or use a website that allows you to create your own from premade templates.

Of course, if you have the time and creativity, making your own DIY invites can be fun as well. One idea is to make your invitations on the computer. A good word processing program or a card making program can allow you to design the perfect invitation in a short amount of time. The great thing is that you only have to make the invitations once. Then, you can print off as many copies of the invites as you need.

If you want to hand-make the invites, start with a piece of cardstock in any color. Fold the cardstock in such a way so two sides open to reveal the middle of the card. Write your party details on the inside, warning your guests not to “spill the beans” to the guest of honor.

First of all, regardless of which theme you select you'll want to be sure that you request all of your guests arrive at least 30 minutes early and park their cars elsewhere so not to tip off the guest of honor.

THEME PARTY IDEAS - You might consider hosting a theme party as the basis for your adult surprise birthday party. You could have the theme center around the interests of the guest of honor. For example if the honoree likes movies you might want to have a Hollywood party. If they're an avid sports enthusiast you might want to focus on that with a golf, basketball, football, or whatever theme coincides with their addiction of choice.

KIDNAP PARTY - You could always kidnap your guest of honor. Blindfold them if they are okay with that and transport them to the secret party location. However, before selecting this option you better be sure that they have the type of personality that would enjoy a "kidnap" escapade.

RESTAURANT DINNER PARTY - Rent a party room at the birthday honoree's favorite restaurant. Be sure to arrive early or enlist the assistance of friends and family to decorate the party room for the big event.

COSTUME PARTY - Have everyone not only wear costumes but also wear masks to conceal their identities. The birthday "boy" or "girl" will not only be surprised by having a party thrown in their honor but will also have to figure out just who's behind those Foster Grants and then some.

FAUX DINNER FOR TWO - Tell your birthday person that you're going to take them out for dinner to celebrate their birthday. Start out with just the two of you. Then have a couple show up "unexpectedly" and casually invite them to join in. Then a few minutes later have some others arrive and continue in this way until everyone is present. You might even have some people already at the restaurant but seated in such a way that they can't be identified. Get in cahoots with the restaurant staff and have some friends come up to the table dressed in appropriate "work attire" as if they're working at the restaurant, i.e., a bus boy, waiter, waitress, etc. It'll be fun to see just how many people have to show up before the birthday person realizes they're all at the restaurant in their honor


While you don’t have to have costumes for your surprise party, it can be a lot of fun for your guests to dress up. One of the great surprise birthday party ideas for costumes is to have guests show up dressed as characters from the guest of honor’s favorite movies or favorite cartoons. These costumes are sure to make them smile when they realize they’ve been surprised.

Another costume idea is to have your guests dress up as clowns to jump out and surprise the guest of honor. Of course, make sure your guest of honor isn’t deathly afraid of clowns first.

Remember, you don’t have to have costumes for a surprise party. Since the guest of honor won’t know about the party, think about what they’ll be wearing and have guests dress likewise. No one will want to be surprised with a party when they are dressed down and everyone else is dressed formally. Make sure guests dress in a way that will make the most important guest feel comfortable during the party.


If you need some surprise party ideas for the party, you’ll find that you can go with general birthday décor for this type of a party. You can make the party area more festive with some well-placed decorations. You’ll definitely want to have a big “Happy Birthday” banner to hang up to surprise your guest of honor. Add some pictures of your guest of honor around the party area as well, such as blown up pictures or photo posters. You may even want to have a laptop displaying great photos of them with a nice PowerPoint presentation.

You can choose a specific color scheme for the party based upon the favorite colors of the individual having a birthday. Of course, you can also just incorporate many different brilliant colors that are sure to make everything feel festive and exciting.

Use plenty of streamers and balloons to decorate the area. A balloon wall or balloon arch can be used to add special effects to the area.

Pay attention to your table décor as well. Use festive centerpieces, such as flowers or candles. Confetti can be sprinkled on tables to make them look great too. Birthday party themed paper goods can be used, which will add something special to the décor as well.

Let everyone have some fun with great games and activities. One of the fun surprise birthday party ideas for activities is to setup a sound system and allow guests to enjoy singing karaoke. Have plenty of songs that guests know so they can sing the night away.

A great game idea is to make a trivia game out of facts about the guest of honor. Use questions like the following for the trivia game:

- When were they born?

- What is their favorite food?

- What is his/her middle name?

- What are some of their pet peeves?

- Etc…

Another great activity idea for your surprise party is to have all your guests share a nice story or anecdote about the guest of honor. It’s sure to be special and touching. You can have your guests write down the story and email it to you before the party. Then, print out each story.

During the party take photos of each guest. Have the photos printed out, then create a board or poster that includes the photos of each guest with their memory or story next to the photo. No doubt, the guest of honor will love having this as a special keepsake to remind them of this great party.

Plan out a tasty menu for the surprise party. The best surprise party ideas for food will depend on the party you’re throwing. If the party will be more formal, go with a formal dinner.

For a casual party, you can go with finger foods and tasty snacks for everyone to enjoy.

A potluck dinner is a great option if you’ll be having a huge party and it allows everyone to help out and contribute something to the surprise party.

If you decide on a specific theme for your party, then you can go with food ideas that go along with your theme.


A nice cake is sure to be the centerpiece of your surprise birthday party. When deciding on the cake, consider going with a cake design that goes along with the likes of your guest of honor. For example, if they love golf, a golf themed cake is the perfect option. If they really like horses, use a horse theme for the cake. Have fun making your own cake or have a bakery make it for you.

Since all the guests helped you pull off a great surprise birthday party, make sure you send them home with a nice thank you gift when the party ends. One of the great surprise party ideas for favors is to give out personalized candy bars. They are tasty and you can have them personalized specifically for the party. Goody bags full of candy, cookies or other tasty treats are sure to be well received.

YOUR Favorite Surprise Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite surprise party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your surprise party cakes and costumes.

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