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A Superhero Birthday Party is sure to create super-duper fun! You can either create your party with a general super hero theme or focus on one character and build your party solely around that hero. Both options work out great; it's obviously all up to you and your super-duper kiddo!

To help you create a Pow-tastic party that will instantly zap your guests when they arrive, I have developed this party page of super hero birthday party ideas. Follow this guide and your friends will think you have super powers when it comes to creating super parties! Get ready to snag a few ideas so you will be ready to invite all of your super friends to your super hero party to help you save the day! An action-packed party will have them saving the world in no time.

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SUPERHERO COMIC INVITATIONS - Remove several pages from superhero comic books. Then Whiteout the words in the speech bubbles. Make color copies of the pages. Write in the party details in the speech bubbles and mail to your guests.

NEWSPAPER INVITATIONS - Cover a piece of construction paper or cardstock with various newspaper clippings. Glue them down in a haphazard fashion, but ultimately cover the entire piece of cardstock. Fold in half. On the front, write a headline warning everyone of the evil that lurks inside of their city and the villain's evil intent to destroy the world. Examples: The Joker has escaped the custody of the Gotham City Police. Batman and (your child's name) need your superhero help! Add the party details.

SUPERHERO CAPE INVITATIONS - Create a superhero cape template and make several copies onto black, blue, red, yellow cardstock. Place the child's initial in bold print in the center of the cape. On the back write or type party details and mail to your guests.

BATMAN MASK INVITATIONS - Create or trace a batman-shaped mask onto black cardstock. Write the superhero party details on the back with a gel pen--silver works great.

MARVEL SUPERHERO PARTY INVITATIONS – Consider making party invitations that highlight some of the most popular Marvel superheroes. Start by making invitations out of black cardstock. Then, find pictures online of different Marvel superheroes and print them out. Cut out the pictures and add them to the front of the invitation. Great Marvel superheroes to add to your invitations include Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Thor, the Silver Surfer and Wolverine. On the front write, “You’re Invited to a Party with Superheroes!” Be sure to add all the party details inside of your superhero invitation.

SUPERHERO WORD INVITATIONS – Another great invitation idea for your superhero party is to make superhero word invitations. Start with brightly colored cardstock in colors like yellow or red. Cut them out in a jagged shape to look like the word bubbles used in superhero comic books. Write superhero words on the front of these invitations, such as “BAM!” or “POW!” Then, flip the invites over and add all your party info to the back.

SUPERHERO FIGURE 3D INVITATIONS – Of course, if you want a fancier, 3D party invitation for your superhero party, these invitations are perfect. Purchase mini superhero figures, such as mini figures of Spiderman, Batman, the Hulk, etc. Make small invitations out of cardstock that include your party info and punch a hole in a corner so the invites can be attached to the small superhero figure. Place in small boxes to mail or deliver to your superhero party guests by hand.

Suggested Wording For Invitations

Superman, Batman, And Spiderman Too
Want To Celebrate That Special Day With You!

Come to (Name)'s (age) Birthday Party
R.S.V.P. To SuperMom (Name) at (Phone Number)


This is the kind of party theme that screams for your guests to come dressed in their favorite superhero costume. This will continue to reinforce the superhero party theme and set the mood with all the super-power looming in the air.

If you don't require costumes, then you might want to make various colored capes to coincide with a specific superhero and give them out to all your guests as they arrive, along with masks, gloves, and whatever props you see fit. Create an area where you can put removable tattoos on your guests or warrior face paint.

To make your capes, use your child's size as a guide, and cut a rectangle of fabric in the appropriate color. Add stick-on felt letters or stars. Create a casing at the top of the cape and feed a piece of ribbon or cord through it for the tie.


If your party has a general super hero theme, then you may select your child's favorite superhero colors to use as a guide in decorating. If you are leaning toward a specific super hero, then you would want to select the colors most associated with that hero.

Batman party - black and yellow
Incredibles party - red and black
Spiderman party - red and blue
Superman party - red, blue and yellow
  • Line your walkway with a disposable tablecloth and glue large question marks (represents the Riddler) made out of cardstock to it. In the alternative, you could use large S's for Superman, or Batman Logos.

  • Use your child's superhero toys as room decor, as a part of a centerpiece, or for guests to play with.

  • Create your own skyline scene to use behind your party food tables. You can purchase these scenes online, but it’s also possible to make your own by starting with dark blue butcher paper, adding black buildings to create the skyline. Add yellow and red lights to buildings to really make it look like a city skyline.

  • Purchase inflatable superheroes that go with your party scene and add them around the party area. They really add to food tables and make great centerpieces as well. Instead of inflatables, you could always purchase superhero themed wall clings and hang them on the walls of the party area. Later, take them down and allow your child to hang the wall clings in their bedroom.

  • Find some superhero buckets, which can be purchased online. Add them to your party tables and fill them with candy, chips and other foods. They make great serving bowls that add to your superhero party décor.

  • Instead of using confetti on your tables, find many tiny superhero figures and place them all over tables. Kids will enjoy playing with them while they enjoy their superhero food. You could even let kids pick a couple figures to take home as favors, which means your superhero figures will do double duty at your party.

  • Make black bats out of cardstock and then hang them on the walls or attach some fishing line and hang them off the ceiling.

  • Cover tables with disposable tablecloths and use paper plates with superhero design.

  • If you decide not to use a superhero party design, then select plates, cups, napkins, and utensils all in your party colors.

  • Take a white disposable tablecloth and glue sheets of comic strips all over it.

  • Create placemats by laminating superhero comic book pages.

  • Decorate walls and the front door with posters of various superheroes.

  • Greet guests with a "Welcome to Metropolis" or "Welcome to Gotham City." sign hung at the entrance.

  • Create wanted posters with photos of your superheroes villains. Examples: The Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, The Joker, Green Goblin, Lex Luthor, Doctor Octopus, etc.

  • Hang action signs or signs in the shape of cartoon speech bubbles on your walls that say: POW!, BAP!, BAM!, BLAMO! ZOWIE!, KABLAM!, KAZOINK! OOF!, ZAP!, etc. You could also throw in a few signs that say things like "No Villains Allowed", "Bad Guys Keep Out", etc.

  • You could also make the action signs noted above out of posterboard and glue them to cardboard to add stability. Then attach them to yard stakes and line your walkway.

  • To create kryptonite, paint large rocks lime green and cover with a layer of clear sparkle paint.

  • Make Superman's tall buildings out of Styrofoam and place around the room or make the buildings flat and create a wall mural of a city.

  • Make superhero party standees by cutting out poster pictures of the characters and mounting them to cardboard. Make a cardboard stand to support them and decorate the party room with them.

  • Make superhero standees as noted above and staple to yard stakes. Then adorn your walkway with them.

  • Tie balloons to your mailbox, tree, or car antenna in your party colors to alert guests of your party location.


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Now that you have some creative ideas for your invites, costumes and decor, I'm going to move on to the game zone. I have a separate page that contains all my Superhero Games and Activities. You'll find the following superhero theme games:
  • Superhero Obstacle Course
  • Save Gotham City
  • Pin The Logo On Batman
  • Coloring Pages
  • Joker Says
  • Kryptonite Hunt
  • Superhero Pinata


POWER SANDWICHES - Prepare sandwiches using various fillings and cut into fourths. Add a sign that says "Power Sandwiches."

SUPERHERO SANDWICHES - Make a large sandwich using French bread or sourdough. Cut it lengthwise and fill with various meats and cheese and cut into 1"-sized sandwiches.

SUPERHERO PARTY SANDWICHES - Make sandwiches and cut them into diamond, star, lightning bolt, etc. shapes.

SUPER SPIDERMAN MINI PIZZAS – Start out with English muffins for the base of these pizzas. Cut English muffins in half and then top them with some pizza sauce. Use pieces of shredded mozzarella cheese to create a web on the top of the pizza. Then, use larger pieces of sliced cheese to create Spiderman eyes. Use tiny pieces of olives around the eyes to outline them and make them stand out. Kids will love eating these Super Spiderman mini pizzas.

BATMAN CHEESE BURGERS – Grill up some hamburgers for the party. While the burgers grill, take slices of cheese and use a small batman cookie cutter to cut the batman shape out of cheese. Place the cutout on one side of the burger and the rest of the cheese on the other side. Kids will love seeing the cool batman shapes and burgers are always a great choice for kids.

KRYPTONITE JELLO SQUARES – Follow the recipe on the Jell-O box to make your own Jell-O blocks, but make them out of green Jell-O. After the Jell-O sets, cut the green Jell-O into squares. Place the squares on a serving dish and make a sign that labels them “Kryptonite Squares.”

SPIDY SALAD - Your favorite macaroni or potato salad.

BATS IN A BLANKET - Slice hotdogs lengthwise, but do not cut completely through them. Fill with a strip of cheese. Unroll refrigerated crescent rolls and separate the triangles. Roll a hotdog up into each triangle and bake as directed in the crescent roll package.

POWER DRINKS - Serve Gatorade and add pop rocks as you serve them. This will cause the drink to spit, pop, and crackle.

BAT PELLETS - Chocolate covered raisins.

CATWOMAN CLAWS - Buggles. Kids love to put these on their fingers and they will look like claws.

CARROTS & POWER DIP - Cut carrots into sticks or serve mini carrots and Ranch dip.

GREEN GOBLIN DIP - Guacamole and chips.


SUPERHERO WORDS CAKE – Bake a double layer round cake and pick out a fun flavor for the cake. Once the cake is baked and cool, combine the layers, attaching them with some buttercream icing. Then, frost the entire cake with a thick, white buttercream. Use bright red icing to create some jagged word boxes. Then, using some yellow icing, write words in those boxes, such as “KABAM!,” “POW,” “BOOM,” “BAM,” etc. You’ll have a stunning cake that won’t take you hours to make.

EASY SUPERMAN CAKE – To make this cake, you’ll need to start with a double layer round cake and you’ll also need to bake a square cake. When the cakes are done, place the double layer round cake on a cake serving platter, attaching them together using some icing. Ice the double round cake in bright yellow. Then, take the square cake and cut it into a triangle. Place the triangle on top of the round cake layer, using icing to attach. Ice the triangle cake in blue icing on the sides and yellow icing on top. Make some bright red icing and use it to make a border around the triangle on top. Then, add a Superman “S” in the red icing on top of the yellow icing. The cake will look fabulous!

SUPERHERO SHEET CAKE - Decorate the sides of a sheet cake with red, blue, and yellow sprinkles. Top with various superhero cake topper. Then add some more sprinkles on top.

SUPERHERO-SHAPED CAKES - Opt for using one of Wilton's Spiderman, Batman, or Superman cake pans and decorate according to pans' directions.

SPIDERMAN CUPCAKES - Make cupcakes and frost. Then pipe out spider webs and spiders on top of each cupcake.

SUPERHERO EMBLEM CUPCAKES - Whip up your kid's favorite cupcakes and then frost them all in appropriate superhero colors. Pipe out a Batman logo or Superman "S".

It's always fun to look at cakes that people have created; it helps us all get ideas for our own. To kick-start your cake decision, I created the SPIDERMAN CAKE, SUPERMAN CAKE, and WONDER WOMAN CAKE pages, all of which contain really great and simply amazing cakes!


Purchase some superhero party designed favor boxes or bags, or make up your own. The quickest way to do this is to add some superhero stickers to cello or paper bags and tie them off with ribbons--red, blue, yellow, black, orange, and/or green are all superhero colors. Fill them up with superhero stickers, small super hero figurine, tub of green goo slime, superhero coloring book and crayons, a superhero book or puzzle.

Superhero Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite superhero party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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