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Shazam! Calling all superheroes! If you have decided to throw a Superhero Birthday Party, then I have to assume that your child likes to do things that are action-packed. To help you in this regard I have put together this page of superhero party games that will help you save the day.

Up, up, and away! These dynamite games are sure to provide your little superheroes with plenty of action-packed adventure. In fact, I have it on good authority that you are going to be voted super mom of the year!


SUPERHERO PARTY OBSTACLE COURSE - Tell the kids they have to go through the obstacle course in order to catch the Joker, Riddler, or any other villain you want to mention. Obstacle ideas for creating your course:

Tunnel - Use a play tunnel or a series of play tunnels that are fastened together. Create a tunnel by using a large refrigerator box or several cardboard boxes taped together. Place a sheet over a table and hang streamers off the ends of the tablecloth to the floor.

Tight-Rope – Lay down a strip of masking tape, draw a chalk line or use a board, requiring kids to walk heel-to-toe across the “tight rope” to the other side. Stepping off the line disqualifies the player.

Hula Hoop Alley – Take several hula hoops, laying them out on the ground. Have kids have fun jumping in and out of them as the work to get through all the hoops.

Ladder Run – Take a long wooden ladder and lay it down on the ground. Let kids try stepping through or running through the rungs of the ladder carefully.

Table Crawl - Place a tarp on the ground. Then place a table on top of the tarp. Cover a table completely with blown up balloons that have been tied together with string or yarn. Wrap the legs with foam padding. Encase the entire tabletop and sides with balloons. Secure them to one another using additional yarn, string, and tape. Fill the inside with balloons. The kids will have to crawl through the sea of balloons to the other side. As a guide, a 3' by 6' table will require about 100 balloons.

PVC Pipe – Take several buckets of sand, inserting some pieces of PVC pipe into the sand like poles. Set up the buckets in patterns, having kids run while weaving in between the poles in a zig-zag manner.

Leaping Tall Buildings - Paint various sized food boxes gray and tan to create your buildings. If you're feeling creative, paint on some windows and doors. Set them up for kids to "leap" over.

Squeeze Through – Take a couple plywood pieces and secure thick pieces of foam to each piece with some glue. Make a stand for the plywood sheets, placing them very close together. Have kids try to squeeze through.

Beanbag Balance - Have them place a beanbag on their heads and run to a specific location.

Beanbag Toss - Have them throw beanbags until they get one into a bucket.

Various Activities - Hopping, skipping, running, jumping, etc.

SUPERHERO GAMES - SAVE GOTHAM CITY - Take pictures of various villains, e.g., Penguin, Riddler, Bane, Catwoman, Joker, etc. and laminate them and hide the pictures around the party room. Tell your guests they must hunt down these villains to rid Gotham City of these evil-doers.

SUPERHERO GAMES - PIN THE LOGO ON BATMAN - This game is played like pin the tail on the donkey. Hang a poster of Batman on the wall. Be sure to select one that has a nice big bat logo in the middle of his chest. Create as many bat logos as you have kids out of felt. Attach double-stick tape.

SUPERHERO PARTY COLORING PAGES - Provide coloring pages and crayons or markers and let your little ones color their favorite superheroes.

JOKER SAYS - This game is played like Simon Says.

SUPERHERO GAMES - KRYPTONITE HUNT - Paint a bunch of small rocks green and hide them. Give each child a plastic baggie to use for picking-up the "Kryptonite" so they don't have to touch them, or else their super powers will be drained from them. Also, give them a bag to put the "kryptonite" that they find.

SUPERHERO PARTY PINATA - Have a pinata in your child's favorite superhero shape.

PRINTABLE GAMES – Check out this site with fabulous Print & Play Birthday Party Games, which are sure to add plenty more fun to your party.

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