Super Sliding

by Azalea Olivia Alvarado
(Gilman, IL)

Slumber Party Pillow Fight

Slumber Party Pillow Fight


Each person has to have a sleeping bag and make sure they are the slippery kind. You also need to have some stairs to slide down. With the help and under the supervision of parents, have one kid sit on a sleeping bag at the top of the stairs and slide down the stairs. Be sure there are pillows on the floor to ensure a safe landing and that there aren't too many stairs and that they aren't too high. The first person to say, "red white and blue" gets to go next.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Good slumber party games are a great way to keep your teen guests out of trouble, so make sure you have plenty of games to keep them busy through the night. This cool idea from Azalea is a great game to use, but it made me think of a few more if you still need some more slumber party ideas.


If you’re brave, this game is sure to be a hit. Have each guest bring a cookie recipe and have plenty of ingredients on hand to make the cookies. Hold a big bake off to see who makes the best cookies. Everyone can mix up their favorite cookie recipe and once the cookies are done, any siblings and adults in the house will be the judges, deciding which cookies are the best in a blind taste test.


Another cool idea for slumber party games is the Pillowcase Guessing game. You’ll need a pillowcase and a variety of objects from around your home. Place an item in a pillowcase, allowing each guest to feel the pillowcase without looking into it. They have to guess what the item is just by feeling the item through the pillowcase. Have several items available so you can play numerous rounds of this game. Make sure you don’t include items that will make noise and give their identity away.

Of course when all else fails, yell "pillow fight" and let everyone have at it! This is a fun way to use up a lot of energy in a somewhat controlled fashion.


You could also have teens play the Bedtime Story game. Have guests sit in a circle. Then, have one of the guests begin telling a bedtime story. Have someone be the “conductor” of the story (an adult) who will point to random people in the circle to have them continue telling the story. Keep pointing to random teens every few seconds to keep the story going. It will be hilarious to hear what kind of a story all the teens come up with in their collective, off the cuff effort.


If your guests enjoy a little teamwork, perhaps breaking them into groups and sending them on a fun indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt is something you might want to consider. Customize your hunt with a few mouse clicks and your crew will be on the hunt leaving you to have a few quiet minutes to yourself. Click below to check out your options!

Treasure Hunts at
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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