Super Bowl Party Games To Kick Off Your Party! 

Fun And Fabulous Super Bowl Party Games
To Pump Up The Atmosphere!

First of all, if you have decided to take the plunge and host a Super Bowl Theme Party, you will want to be sure to schedule some party games to entertain everyone while awaiting the "big" game.

To help you in this regard, I have put together this page of touchdown-worthy games. They all have a football or Super Bowl theme to them, so they are sure to score big points with your guests and compliment your Super Bowl party. Don't fumble it by forgetting to plan some games and then try to punt at the last minute. Start scrolling now and you'll be ready for the kick-off on Game Day!

Super Bowl Party Games

FOOTBALL, OF COURSE - Have your guests arrive early enough that they can play a round of football before the "Big Game" starts. At half-time, you can also have your guests toss the ball around, especially if you have kids--burn off excess energy.

Super Bowl Party Games

PASS THE CUP - You can play this game with quarters, dollars, or whatever denomination your wallet allows. Put everyone's name on slips of paper and put all the slips into a bag. If you have children present, you can let them take turns pulling out the slips. After each slip is pulled, it goes back into the bag. The first name pulled designates the play that will win the money. For example, "Touch Down", "Field Goal", "First Down", etc. When the designated play occurs in the game, the next slip of paper pulled out of the bag shall be the winner. The game continues throughout the Big Game until your guests don't want to play any longer.

Super Bowl Party Games

KNOW YOUR PLAYERS - Create a list of questions for your guests, especially the kids, to answer.

Examples Of Questions To Answer Before Game Begins:
  • Which team will be the winner?

  • What will be the final score?

  • Which team will score first?

  • Will the game go into overtime?

Examples Of Questions To Answer After Game Begins:

  • Which player weighs the least?

  • Which player weighs the most?

  • Which player has the longest name?

  • Which player has the shortest name?

  • Which player is the youngest?

  • Which player if the oldest?

  • Which player has the lowest number on his jersey?

  • which player has the highest number on his jersey?

  • What are the teams' mascots?

  • What are the names of the quarterbacks?

  • Which player scored the first touchdown?

  • Which player scored the first extra point after a touchdown?

  • Which player was the first to fumble the ball?

  • Which team called the first time out?

Super Bowl Party Games

SUPER BOWL TRIVIA - This is where you separate the men from the boys, and hope a woman pulls it off. Create a list of football trivia questions for your guests to answer. The person who gets the most right, shall be the winner. Football lends itself to quite an array of trivia options, since you're hosting a Super Bowl theme party, here are a few questions with a focus on Superbowl trivia to help get you started.

  • Who was the MVP of the first Super Bowl? (Bart Starr)

  • Who was the youngest player to play in the Super Bowl? (Jamal Lewis 21 years old)

  • How long was the longest run from scrimmage in Super Bowl history? (74 yards by Marcus Allen)

  • In 1994, which Dallas cowboy had his helmet stolen at the Super Bowl? (Emmitt Smith)

  • Which team first won five Super Bowls? (San Francisco 49ers)

  • What was the first team to have two players score three touchdowns in a game? (San Francisco 49'ers Ricky Walters and Jerry Rice)

  • What was the first wild-card team to win a Super Bowl? (Oakland Raiders)

  • Which team has played the most Super Bowls (Dallas Cowboys - 8)

  • Who holds the record for most consecutive completions in a Super Bowl? (Joe Montana)

  • In what year was the first Super Bowl played? (1967)

    Who holds the record for most passing yards in a Super Bowl (Kurt Warner - 414 yards)

  • Who was the first starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl in his only year with a team? (In 2000, Trent Dilfer played for the Ravens)

Super Bowl Party Games

GUESS THE MVP - Prior to the game, have everyone write down their guess for the game's MVP. At the conclusion of the game, whoever guessed that player wins a prize. If more than one person guessed that player, pick numbers for the "playoff" to determine the final winner.

MVP SELECTION - Depending upon how many people you have at your party, write down the names of all the starting players, key players, all the teammates, and fill in with cartoon characters' names on separate slips of paper. Everyone draws a slip of paper at the beginning of the game. Whoever holds the name of the MVP at the end of the game shall win a prize.

Variation: - If your guests want to make this a game of chance, they can each put in a quarter, a dollar, or five dollars and the winner takes the pot.

Super Bowl Party Games

BALLOON FOOTBALL - Divide your guests into teams and give each team a football-shaped balloon or a brown balloon. On "Go!", the first person of each team bats the "ball" in the air to the finish line and back to their teammates. The next person in lines repeats the relay. The first team to get through all of their teammates shall be the winners. Be sure to have extra balloons on hand, in case someone drops their balloon on the ground and it breaks.


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