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If you are throwing a St Patricks Day Birthday Party or perhaps a St. Paddy's Day family and friends get together, then you will probably want to make sure that you plan some activities and games that are marked with 4-leaf clover fun!

To help you out a wee bit, I have developed this games and activities page that have a St. Patrick's Day theme. I have it on good authority that these games are jig-worthy and your guests won't need the luck of the Irish in order to play. So gather your fellow leprechauns, be sure they are all donning their best green, and let's get ready to par-tay St. Paddy's Day style!


ST. PATRICK’S DAY WORD GAME – Before the party, come up with several words that cannot be used during your St. Patrick’s Day party. Good work ideas include “St. Patrick’s Day,” “Green,” “Blarney,” “Lucky,” “Rainbow” and “Leprechaun.” Put these words on big posters to hang up at your party. You can place them on separate posters or all on one poster. As guests arrive, let them know that they are not allowed to say these words. Give all guests a green St. Patrick’s Day button to wear. However, if they say one of the words on the list, the person who catches them gets to pinch them and take their green button. Continue the game to see who gets the most buttons by the end of the party.

LEPRECHAUN HOPSCOTCH – Make a hopscotch board out on the sidewalk by the party area using some green sidewalk chalk. Instead of using boxes, use shamrocks to make the hopscotch board. Instead of a rock, you can use a gold coin. Then, let kids play the game like traditional hopscotch for some St. Patrick’s Day fun.

St Patricks Day Games

FREEZE JIGGING – Have a CD of Irish jig music to play at the party. Get kids out on the dance floor and have them “jig” to the music. However, when you stop the music, everyone has to freeze. The person who doesn’t freeze is out. Keep the kids jigging to the music until only one person is left. That person wins a prize.

IRISH LEPRECHAUN RACE – Before the game, come up with two different leprechaun costumes. To make your own costumes, you’ll need green clothes and some fun leprechaun hats. Place the two costumes in two separate bags. To play the game, divide kids into two teams. When the game begins, the first team member on each team has to don the entire costume, race to the finish line, race back and then take off the costume, giving it to the next person. The next person does the same thing. Everyone continues until one team finishes and wins the race.

St Patricks Day Games

FUN ST. PATTY’S DAY PARADE – Kids will love having their own parade to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure you have plenty of props so kids can dress up. Good props to have on hand include bagpipes, toy instruments, kilts, leprechaun hats, Irish banners, wool caps and any other props you can think of. Let everyone dress up and then parade through the party area.

TRAP THE LEPRECHAUN – Before the party, you’ll need to get a large refrigerator box, making sure that all the kids can easily crawl through it. Make sure to open the front and back of the box to make a tunnel. Have the kids get down on their hands and knees in a line. Play some fun Irish music and have kids start crawling through the “Tunnel.” When you stop the music, the kids at the back and front of the box have to close the box to trap the “leprechaun” in the box. If that player can get out fast enough, they aren’t trapped. However, if they get trapped, they are out. Keep the game going until you only have three people left (you’ll need that many to try to trap someone). Give the last three people a fun St. Patrick’s Day prize.

St Patricks Day Games

SHAMROCK FIND - Cut shamrock shapes out of green construction paper and hide them before the party. Have your guests go on the hunt and whoever finds the most shamrocks, shall be the winner and receive a small black pot filled with chocolate gold coins.

Variations: Use foil-wrapped chocolate coins, small Blarney Stones (smooth rocks) painted green, fool's gold which is small rocks painted gold.

PIN THE STEM ON THE SHAMROCK - Make a huge shamrock out of green poster board and stems from brown poster board. Use double-stick tape on your stems. Blindfold one of your guests with a green piece of fabric, give them a spin or two, and turn them loose to attempt to pin the stem on the shamrock. Whoever pins their stem the closest to the actual stem shall be the winner.

St Patricks Day Games

MUSICAL SHAMROCKS - This game is played like Musical Chairs. Make large shamrocks out of green felt and place them in a circle on the floor. As you play Irish music, have the kids walk around the shamrocks. When you stop playing the music, all the kids need to try and stand upon a shamrock. Whoever is unable to get to a shamrock first is out. The game continues until only one child remains, who shall then be the winner.

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POT O' GOLD TOSS - Set up various sized pots and assign 1, 2, and 3 point values to each pot depending upon the size. Make shamrock-shaped bean bags from green felt by sewing the edges together and filling with split peas or dried beans. Contestants have three chances to get their bean bags into the pots. Whoever has the most points shall be the winner. If you have a tie, then you will have toss-offs until your ultimate winner emerges.

GREEN, GREEN & MORE GREEN - Whoever wears the most green wins a prize. You can also award prizes for the funniest green outfit.

St Patricks Day Games

SAFE CORNERS - Place a picture of a shamrock, leprechaun, pot o' gold, or a rainbow on four large poster boards and write these words on four index cards. Hang each of the pictures in one of your party room corners. As you play Irish music in the background, everyone walks throughout the area or room where the game is being played. As you stop playing the music, everyone must go and stand in one of the corners. Draw one of the index cards from a green top hat or bag. For example, if the "SHAMROCK" card is drawn, everyone standing in the shamrock corner shall be eliminated. Put the "SHAMROCK" card back into the container. Keep playing until there is only one person remaining.

ST PATRICKS PARTY MEMORY GAME - The first person starts by saying, "I went to a party and brought a shamrock." The next person says, "I went really fun party and I brought with me a shamrock and a vase of green and white flowers." The next person says that same phrase and then adds an additional item that they brought to the party like a vase of green and white flowers. This game continues in this way with each of your game-playing guests reciting the previous list of items brought to the party and adding one of their own. To give the game the St Paddy's Day twist, everything mentioned must be green, white, or St Patricks Day related.

St Patricks Day Games

IRISH DANCING - Go to a local dance studio and see if you can hire a couple of teenagers to teach your guests the Irish jig or Irish step dancing.

ST PATRICKS DAY GAMES - HOT CAMERA - Use a digital camera or your camera phone. The first person to have the camera will set the timer and begin to pass the camera around the circle of your guests. The camera must be passed at arm's distance with it facing each person. Play Irish music in the background. When the timer goes off, the camera will take a picture. The loser must then enter the center of the circle, do an Irish jig, and then after their dance rendition they are out! Keep playing in this fashion until only one person is left in the game--the winner.


FUNNY LEPRECHAUN GOLD HUNT – Turn a simple treasure hunt into a hilarious St. Patrick’s Day game with this hilarious game that will keep adult guests laughing. Before the party, hide a lot of gold covered chocolate coins. Make sure you hide them all over the party area. It’s a good idea to hide about 5 coins for each guest who will be at the party. However, on the back of the coins, you will put a little piece of paper with instructions that the guest has to do to keep their coin. For example, one coin might say, “Sing at the top of your lungs for 20 seconds if you want to keep this coin” or a coin might say, “You have to do an Irish jig to keep the coin.” It will be crazy with everyone doing hilarious things to keep their coins. See who ends up with the most coins at the end of the hunt.

PEEL AN IRISH POTATO GAME – You’ll need plenty of cheap potatoes (just call them Irish potatoes) and several potato peelers. Then, let guests take turn seeing how fast they can peel a potato (try to make sure potatoes you use are about the same size so no one has an unfair advantage.” Be sure to time each guest and you can make this faster by having several people do this at once, having a person to time each of the “peelers.” Take the top 3 best times and have a potato peel-off. Give them each a potato and see who finishes the fastest. Proclaim the winner the best “IRISH POTATO PEELER!” and give them a fun prize.

St Patricks Day Games

IRISH TRIVIA TEAM GAME – Before the party, come up with about 30 different Irish trivia questions, making sure you get all the answers. Then, play the game in teams. Divide adult guests into two teams. Go back and forth between teams, asking them an Irish trivia question. Give them 30 seconds to answer. If they can’t answer, the question goes to the other team so they have a chance to answer. The team that gets the most questions right wins.

IRISH LIMERICK WRITING CONTEST – Give all of your guests a piece of paper and a pen. Give them several minutes to write their own Irish limerick. After five minutes, have guests take turns reading their limerick. However, they have to do so in an Irish accent. Have three people judge the contest and give scores between 1-10. The person with the best combined score wins the Limerick contest.

St Patricks Day Games

DANCE A JIG CONTEST – Have some upbeat Irish music on hand for this contest. Have 2-5 people act as judges for this contest. In groups of 4-6 guests, have guests hit the dance floor, dancing their best jig in 30-60 seconds. Have judges score each of the dancers (put numbers on the dancers backs so judges can easily pick out dancers on the dance floor). After all the guests have danced, see who ends up with the best total score. If it’s a tie, have a jig-off contest.

DRESS A LEPRECHAN GAME – For this game, make sure you put together two bags or green clothing and St. Patrick’s Day themed items, such as Leprechaun hats, shoes, etc. Divide the adults into two different teams. Give each team a bag of clothing. Have each team choose a Leprechaun. Give them 5 minutes to dress their Leprechaun seeing who can use all the items in the bag in that period of time. Guests will be laughing as they try to put all the clothes on their team’s “Leprechaun.

When you want to continue the friendly competition that has been occurring with other St Patricks Day games, but you desire to dial the activity down a bit, then you might want to turn your attention to some St Patricks Printable Games which can be a blast. This site offers lots of fun, family-friendly games from which to select.

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