Sports Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

These Bowling Party Ideas Will Surely

These Bowling Party Ideas Will Surely "Strike" Fun At Your Party!

This is a sports cake that combines golf and bowling. The bowling ball and pin are made from rice crispy treats that have been shaped and formed and then covered in fondant and hand painted. The cake consists of two tiers which are also fondant covered and then hand painted.

Using rice crispy treats to form the bowling pin and ball is just so creative! Love this idea for creating cool bowling cakes. This exciting, unique cake just got my brain going with some great bowling party ideas you can use to make your party extra special.

The rice crispy bowling ball on the cake gave me some cool bowling party ideas for food. Why not serve up rice crispy treats as a part of your menu. However, shape them into bowling ball shapes to go along with your bowling party theme. The kids are sure to love these “bowling balls” of rice crispy goodness.

Are you trying to decide on decorations for the party? One fun idea is to purchase some plastic bowling sets and use the balls and bowling pins to help you decorate the party area. They aren’t dangerous or heavy, so the kids can play with them as well. In fact, if you purchase some of these sets for decorations, consider purchasing some extra sets that you can use for some fun games. You may even want to purchase a small set for each of your party guests, giving them out at the end of the party as a cool party favor that the kids can enjoy again and again.

Need some cool bowling party ideas for games? Consider playing pin the ball on the bowling pin. Draw a huge bowling pin on poster board and put it up on the wall. Make smaller bowling balls, making enough that every guest will be able to have one. Play the game like pin the tail on the donkey. However, in this game, the one who gets the ball closest to the bottom of the pin to “knock it over” will win the game.

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